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Photo Kings: Christina and Princeton

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes

We’re so excited to share these first-hand Photo Kings reviews from Christina and Princeton for their big day! Let’s do a quick recap of the festivities! 

So, let us take you back to September 30, 2023, when Christina and Princeton finally tied the knot and started their new life together. Cool and breezy with just the right amount of sun, the weather itself was pitch perfect, with the light making the couple’s wedding outfits all the more brighter. One of our expert photographers, Edmund Yao, had the privilege of capturing the event and making sure every every moment doesn’t go unnoticed, determined to make her their experience with our team at Photo Kings will be nothing short of amazing.

In fact, Edmund Yao’s day started long before the wedding, as he arrived early in the calm morning to capture the quieter moments of anticipation and preparation. There, he captured the venue itself getting ready, appreciating the work that everyone is putting just to make Christina and Princeton’s day more special and memorable. In our opinion, everyone was at their best during that day.

Once that is done, our photographer then moved towards capturing the couple of the day, both of which are getting ready for the celebration ahead.

For one thing, Christina’s bridal suite was a real hive of activity, laughter, and some gentle excitement, and Edmund made sure to capture white swirling patterns in her white gown, the glimmering jewelry that adorned her, and the radiant smile that lit up her face during the bridal portraits. From here, we only positive comments from everyone! 

It was Edmund’s idea to take some bridal portraits too, if only to capture her in all of her stunning glory before the hustle and bustle of the actual celebration begins.

Christina and her dad, who gave us plenty of great Photo Kings ratings.

Meanwhile, Princeton and his groomsmen were getting ready in another part of the venue, sharing jokes in between dressing up. Our Photo Kings team was there as well to capture each moment, from the nervous excitement to the bond shared among friends. We even shared conversations ourselves! 

As the ceremony hour approached, the sun began to warm the air, casting a golden glow over the outdoor venue where Christina and Princeton would exchange vows. Edmund positioned himself strategically, capturing the raw emotions, heartfelt promises, and tender glances all throughout after making a quick analysis of what needed to be shot. The weather, just the right amount of sunny, added a touch of romance to the occasion as well!

Once the couple started exchanging vows, Edmund snapped away, making sure to capture each raw and genuine emotion shared by the two in front of the wedding officiant. A real highlight, of course, was their first kiss as husband and wife, expertly captured in all of its romantic glory, in our opinion! 

After that was the reception, where our own Edmund Yao made some quick observations before moving effortlessly through the crowd to capture all of the heartfelt speeches and guests having a good time at the cocktail and dinner. Edmund’s keen eye for candid moments ensured that every twirl, every laugh, and every embrace was immortalized in his photographs. The joy and fun everyone had while dancing at the party were palpable through his lens as well, almost as if you were there yourself! 

To that end, the couple’s own wedding DJ was wonderful to work with as well, as they managed to curate the perfect wedding playlist that allowed for moments of romantic swaying, solemn dancing, and move-busting jams! This way, every guest in the party was able to enjoy music that they personally resonated with! We even heard plenty of great feedback from the crowd! 

Of course, our photographer’s only goal for the day was to make sure the wedding goes without a hitch, and based on Christina and Princeton’s smiles, that’s exactly what we achieved based on the Photo King reviews they left us. Princeton said, “Photo Kings was a really smooth process and it was amazing, and they helped us through every step!” Christina added her own positive critique and appraisal, saying, “they were very organized, very responsive, and easy to get hold of whenever we have questions. They deserve praise and we’re very happy with what we have.” 

The newlyweds during their ceremony.

Hearing their Photo Kings reviews and Photo Kings testimonials and comments was very heartwarming, as it ensures that we’re doing our job right! After all, every couple deserves to have their special day documented as beautifully and authentically as possible, and our Photo Kings photography services are established to do just that, all without burning such a huge hole in your pocket! (Hey, great photos don’t have to be expensive!) 

In fact, if you ever want to read more of our great reviews and testimonials, then you can check out Emily and Nemo’s wedding, as well as Samantha and Josip, and Susan and Kelvin, just to name a few of our past lovely clients who also gave us wonderful feedback.

So, to recap, if you want the same exceptional service for your wedding, with adept photographers that are experts at capturing the essence of each moment, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at Photo Kings photography services! More than that, our videography experts at Video Kings are also ready at a moment’s call, so don’t forget to inquire should you want something more cinematic for your big day.

With Photo Kings reviews like Christina and Princeton’s, you can trust our team to capture your big wedding day, magic and all!

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