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Photo Kings is the top provider of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver photography services. We help individuals, small businesses, corporations, & government organizations take and edit stunning photographs. Our team consists of over the best photographers across Canada, and their diverse skillsets have allowed us to satisfy nearly any photography need, from requests as uncommon as wildlife photography to those as common as wedding photography. Want an incredible customer experience, gorgeous photos, and affordable rates? Request a quote from our team!

Our Story

At Photo Kings, our goal is simple. We want to help you capture moments that will last a lifetime. We’ve shot in every kind of climate, on every kind of day, for every kind of client.

No matter what, when you work with Photo Kings, your we’ll go the extra mile. It’s not a maybe. It’s an absolutely. With us, you get exactly what you pay for – and then we double it. Every time.

For us, it’s all about your experience. And that starts the second you reach out to us, and continues long after your wedding photo shoot is over. We want to take care of everything for you. In other words, we don’t want you to have to lift a finger.

Planning a photo shoot (…especially a wedding) can be quite stressful. For me personally, the first 100-ish events I threw, I couldn’t actually enjoy myself. I had spent all this time planning every detail, only to be consumed by the stress on the day of.

But the whole point of having a photographer is to help you relax, have fun and to be completely present in the moment.

Our job is to capture those perfect moments that say it all. From the photos to the equipment, and everything in between, Photo Kings is going to take care of everything. All you have to do is focus on having fun and being present in the moment.

About Us

Our team is located across Canada in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. With decades of experience between our photographers and thousands of events under their belts, we’re so excited to bring our experience to your photo shoot.

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