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Photo Kings Review: Susan and Kelvin

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
The newlyweds taking photos before giving our comments a great critique!

Earning a wonderful 5-star Photo Kings review is our bread and butter, and we can’t wait to share this wonderful one with you today! With that, here’s a wonderful recap of the events for you to check out! 

The day back in March 2023 began with a gentle coolness in the air, promising a beautiful wedding day ahead. To that end, one of our expert Photo Kings Vancouver photographers was already up and out, ready to capture the big ceremony from start to finish. They even made an analysis of the venue, making sure to take note of the best spots to take photos without interfering. 

As Photo Kings photography services, our resident photographer made sure to arrive early at Susan and Kelvin’s getting ready location, where the excitement and anticipation were palpable. The soft morning light filtering through the windows created a serene atmosphere as our Photo Kings photographer captured the moments of laughter, nervousness, and joy as Susan, her bridesmaids, and family members prepared for the ceremony and festivities planned on the day.

Susan and Kelvin taking outdoor wedding photos, before giving our services a rating!

In the other room, Kelvin and his groomsmen were up to their shoulders in getting ready as well, making sure all of them looked their best for the celebration up ahead. Of course, in our opinion, all of them looked fantastic!  

As the sun rose higher, casting a warm glow over the outdoor ceremony venue, our photographer positioned himself strategically to capture the intimate moments of the ceremony, making sure no detail goes unmissed. The weather, warm and inviting with a hint of wind in the air, added to the beauty of the occasion as the bride and groom exchanged vows and had the first kiss surrounded by their loved ones. Every stage of the day, our team heard great Photo Kings reviews and comments that only pushed them to do even better!

Susan and Kelvin sharing comments while taking photos.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the sumptuous wedding dinner and cocktail hour followed, with our photographer at the helm to capture not only the excited faces of everyone, but also the palpable feeling of joy and laughter in the air. Of course, wedding speeches are also a must on such occasions! Either way, our photographer’s attention to detail ensured that every aspect of the celebration was preserved. Thanks to that, we heard some positive feedback and comments from the guests!

Next up, our Photo Kings Vancouver team seamlessly transitioned to capturing the joyous moments of the cocktail hour and dinner reception. From candid shots of guests mingling and enjoying appetizers to capturing the beauty of the reception décor, our expert’s attention to detail ensured that every aspect of Susan and Kelvin’s celebration was preserved, including the emotional moments, the laughter, and the tears. Lots of tears!

As the evening progressed into a fun-filled dance party, our resident expert continued to work their magic behind the lens, helping create memories that would really last a lifetime! After all, that’s what we as Photo Kings photography services are there for, and that’s what our team strives to achieve with every client that we work with.

On the same note, the couple’s wedding DJ showcased a wonderful playlist for everyone to enjoy, making sure that all of the guests have a song or two that they can resonate with personally.

In reflecting on their experience with Photo Kings, Susan gave us a critique, and had this to say: We just hired Photo Kings as our photographer. The booking process was amazing. We had great service from the beginning. Jordan met with us over the phone & put together a package based on what we were looking for. On the follow up, we had some questions that he helped us answer. He really listened to what we wanted & answered all the questions that we had. By far, he has given us the best service in our wedding planning process!”

In fact, this review from the lovely couple mirrors that of our past clients, like Mattea and Tyler and Melanie and Miguel, just as an example, so please check their feedback and opinion as well! 

Susan and Kelvin playing the piano together.

As a provider of photography services, getting a Photo Kings review like this means the world to us, as it’s proof that we did our job with precision and care, and that another couple’s big day is taken care of!

With that, we’d like to offer our services to any couple that’s looking to capture the magic of their upcoming event, whether it’s a dreamy wedding, an anniversary, a birthday, or even a corporate gathering! Our team of skilled photographers will always be ready to capture all of your moments and turn them into tangible memories you can appreciate time and again! 

And that’s not all, because if you’re looking for something a little more extra and have more room in the budget, then you can also hit our videographers up at Video Kings to make sure your event video is just as magical as your actual day! With five-star rated videographers and top-of-the-line equipment, leave it to us to make sure your theme and vision is not only perfectly understood, but exceeded! 

So, if you want to experience the Photo Kings difference for yourself, hit us up and we’ll get back to you in no time! With our expert team and dedication to providing a great service, you’ll easily see why these Photo Kings testimonials and appraisals are bringing with positivity and 5-star ratings! See you around!

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