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Photo Kings Review: Emily and Nemo

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Emily and Nemo during their wedding ceremony.

We’re so excited to share these glowing Photo Kings reviews from Emily and Nemo, who gave us the privilege to cover their wonderful wedding day last October 21, 2023! Here’s a quick recap of the day’s festivities!

So, let’s take a quick detour back on that day, when the two finally decided to finally seal the deal and start their life together, with our expert photographer Keira Riske working alongside them. Keira herself is one of our best, able to make quick observations and analysis to find the best angles and positions for photography!

The day itself began with a gentle coolness in the air, a prelude to the warmth and love that would fill the day ahead. Our resident Photo Kings expert Keira Riske arrived early as well, ready to capture the behind-the-scenes moments as Emily and her bridesmaids prepared for the day. The soft morning light filtering through the windows added a touch of serenity to the bustling bridal suite, where laughter and joy can be heard.

In our opinion, Nemo looked his best during this ceremony.

Simultaneously, Nemo and his groomsmen were getting ready, cracking some jokes to help manage the nerves and excitement! Keira Riske seamlessly moved between the two spaces, ensuring that every emotion, from the quiet anticipation to the laughter-filled moments, was preserved in her photographs.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, casting a warm glow over the outdoor ceremony venue, the ceremony officially started, with Emily and Nemo exchanging vows surrounded by their loved ones. Resident Photo Kings photography services expert Keira Riske positioned herself strategically, capturing the tender glances, heartfelt promises, and joyful tears that marked this significant moment in their lives. The weather, warm and bright, created a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, further enhancing the magic of the moment as the couple posed! 

Emily and Nemo sharing a kiss.

Once the deal was sealed, the reception quickly followed, with Keira present at every turn to capture the heartfelt speeches made by family and friends, the clinking of glasses during the cocktail hour, and the joyous atmosphere that filled the dinner reception. Her keen eye for candid moments ensured that every smile, every tear, and every heartfelt embrace was immortalized in her photographs. Throughout the event, guests gave us plenty of positive comments and opinions! 

As the evening progressed into a lively dance party, Keira continued to work her magic, capturing the energy and excitement on the dance floor. The warmth of the evening was matched by the warmth of the love shared between Emily and Nemo, radiating through every frame captured by Keira’s lens.

Emily and Nemo showing off some top-rated wedding poses for their photos!

To that end, Emily and Nemo’s experience with Photo Kings has been nothing short of fantastic, and we had so much fun helping them making wonderful memories (and even leave a glowing Photo Kings review for us!) 

Right from the start, our expert Keira Riske has always made sure the couple’s experience with Photo Kings is nothing short of positive and wonderful, and it looks like she did just that thanks to her and her partner’s Photo King reviews! 

After the wedding, Emily spoke for both Nemo and herself, saying that Keira was “really great, extremely attentive, and had a great eye for detail, making great use of the space in the venue that we’re in.” She also added that Keira was able to “take really good creative photos that we didn’t think of, but we’re sure we’ll enjoying looking at!” 

Emily also has provided us with her own critique for our customer service, saying that, “all the email correspondence leading up to the event was great, with the coordinator extremely responsive and answered emails immediately.” So shout-out to our event coordinator Rachel for that!

Finally, Emily added that, “I didn’t know how weddings worked so it was really great to have the process handled smoothly. It felt like we were really taken care of by a professional. All in all, it was a positive experience, and I’m happy you were able to document all these special moments for us.”

Emily and Nemo posing before giving us some feedback.

Now, those are all such wonderful Photo Kings reviews, and it’s testimonials like these that push us to do better and better with each client that asks for our help! And just in case you want more reviews and top-rated testimonials, you can always check feedback given by our past clients, such as Christina and Princeton and Emily and Raqid, just to name a few wonderful couples. 

So, if you’re looking for a reliable team to handle your event, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Photo Kings Vancouver team! With Photo Kings testimonials and a Photo Kings review like Emily’s, you are assured that your big day is being handled by industry experts who will always put you first. We even have a Photo Kings studio to help with all of your need indoor shoot needs. 

And if photos just aren’t enough, then we also have expert videographers over at Video Kings, all of whom possess years of qualified experience to turn your wedding into a cinematic video that you can enjoy for years to come! And whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a grandiose celebration, all of our experts will be there to provide a hands-on and close-up experience to not only execute your vision, but exceed all of your expectations.

So hit us up for a quote, and we’ll be with you in a jiffy to show why our clients rave about is in their Photo Kings (and Video Kings!) testimonials! 

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