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Photo Kings Review: Samanta and Josip

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Samantha and Josip at the wedding ceremony.

Photo Kings reviews push us to keep going, and this particular one is the reason why we do what we do! 

So, let’s take you back to October 13, 2023 for a thorough recap, when Samantha and Josip decided to finally meet at the altar and exchange their vows. 

The day started peacefully, with a gentle coolness that would soon be replaced with warmth. Edmund Yao, one of our experts at the Photo Kings Toronto team, arrived early to not only capture the couple getting ready for the wedding, but listen for comments and feedback to help us get the best possible shots for their big day.

First up behind Edmund’s expert lens was Samantha, who Edmund skillfully captured while putting on her makeup and jewelry for the day. The bridal suite itself was bustling, with the morning light streaming through the windows to illuminate the bridesmaids laughing and having fun. Perfect for taking some wonderful bridal portraits!

Samantha and Josip before they gave our services a good rating.

Next up was Josip and his groomsmen, who were all busy sharing jokes and making sure all of their suits were pressed and ready for the ceremony. Edmund navigated this space as well, making sure to capture the nervous excitement that filled the air. Thanks to this, it wasn’t long before we heard great Photo Kings reviews – we’re headed in the right direction! 

Once the sun is fully in the sky, it’s finally time for Samantha and Josip to exchange vows in a heartfelt ceremony surrounded by the warm glow of the sun and their loved ones. Of course, our Photo Kings team expert Edmund made a quick observation and positioned himself strategically, capturing the tender glances, joyful tears, and heartfelt promises that defined this sacred moment. And with the warm and inviting weather adding to the beauty of the occasion, we’re sure those wedding poses will lead to great results!

We have Samantha and few comments before taking bridal portraits.

Next up was the reception party! Filled with love and togetherness, Edmund Yao was present at every turn to capture heartfelt speeches and family photos, no Photo Kings studio needed!  The reception was a celebration of love and togetherness. Edmund was present at every turn, capturing the heartfelt speeches made by family and friends, the clinking of glasses during the cocktail hour, and the joyous atmosphere that filled the dinner reception. His keen eye for candid moments ensured that every smile, every tear, and every loving embrace was immortalized in his photographs. There were even a few guests who gave their own observation of Edmund’s amazing work at the event, giving him plenty of positive ratings as he went along.

As the evening progressed into a lively dance party, Edmund continued to work his magic, capturing the energy and excitement on the dance floor. The warmth of the evening was matched only by the warmth of the love shared between Samantha and Josip, radiating through every frame captured by Edmund’s lens.

The couple's wedding decorations.

Throughout the day, our number one priority was not to get great Photo Kings reviews (those are just bonuses for a job well done!), but make the whole day as stress-free as possible for the couple… and it seems like we succeeded based on the couple’s testimonials and ratings for us! 

In her own Photo Kings testimonial, Samantha said, “Photo Kings is A-MA-ZING! Everything we asked for, everything we wanted, they went above and beyond. The price is amazing for what you get!”

Josip chimed in with his own Photo Kings testimonial as well, adding “you guys have been really patient. I know a lot of things can go different ways, and you guys have made every picture great, better than we expected.” A more-than-fair critique of our hard work!

The couple added more to their Photo Kings reviews, saying that they recommend our Photo Kings photography services “hundred out of 10.” Our own expert Edmund Yao even got a shout-out, with the couple saying, “he listens to you, he listens to what you want, he understands what you want, and everything turns out better than you pictured! We love Photo Kings and we loved Edmund!” So, shout-out for the great work Edmund! Thank you for the work that you always put in!

And just in case you’re looking to read more Photo Kings reviews, you can easily check out Susan and Kelvin’s wedding, or Carolyn and Jeff’s celebration, both of which had fantastic experiences with us! 

The newlyweds taking outside photos.

All in all, these Photo Kings testimonials mean the world to us, as they’re a great reminder of why we offer our services to couples in need, and why we strive to go above and beyond every time a client chooses to work with us. After all, every couple in the world deserves to have one of the most beautiful days in their life captured for years to come! 

So, if you’re on the hunt for a photography team or a top-rated photographer that will go above and beyond what’s expected, make sure to hit our Photo Kings Toronto team up! We have expert photographers that use high-quality equipment, as well as customer service that will always put you first. 

And just in case you want something more than just photos, we also have experienced videographers over at Video Kings that will turn your event into the cinematic spectacle that you’re dreaming it to be! 

With glowing Photo Kings reviews like Samantha and Josip’s, you are assured of a wonderful experience from start to finish! Make sure to contact us to learn more about these highly positive Photo Kings testimonials!

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