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How Much Does A Montreal Wedding Photographer Cost?

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A newlywed couple getting photographed by one of our Montreal wedding photographers.


Looking to get married in the picturesque city of Montreal? Then you’ll need a wedding photographer to forever seal the deal (via photographs, of course)! 

Kidding aside, it’s no secret that hiring a wedding photographer is one of the most significant investments you can make prior to your big day. After all, after months of planning, your actual wedding day can be over before you know it… and you certainly want to capture those moments!

This is where your Montreal wedding photographer comes into the picture (literally!). As the master behind the lens, your photographer is in charge of capturing all the special moments you’re busy living in, so you never forget them.

That said, many couples wonder the cost behind all of this. So, how much does a Montreal wedding photographer cost?

In this write-up, we’ll answer just that… and so much more. Keep reading! 

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Montreal Wedding Photographer?

Now, let’s go down to the nitty-gritty and talk costs! Typically, you can expect to pay anywhere between $1,500 to $3,500 for a Montreal wedding photographer, depending on a few key factors.  

For example, a beginner photographer offering only the most basic of services can charge much lower than the rates above, while an experienced photographer that includes other services can go beyond the $3,500 price ceiling. 

Of course, there are also other considerations like travel fees, post-production work, equipment quality, and the photographer’s demand and reputation, as well as photography packages that can help you save in the long run. 

Now, let’s talk about the factors that affect the overall price of your Montreal wedding photographer.

Factors That Affect Montreal Wedding Photographer Pricing

“Now I know the average price, but why do I need to pay that much?” you may ask. 

To answer your query, we’ve listed down the most important factors that go behind the pricing of wedding photographers in Montreal. By learning these, you and your partner should be able to make an informed decision and properly balance your budget for your big day (and honeymoon after!) 

A newlywed couple getting photographed by our Montreal wedding photographer.

1. Photographer Experience and reputation

The biggest factor that will influence the price of you Montreal wedding photographer is easily their overall experience and reputation. After all, established photographers are known for a reason, and that’s because they offer a track record that proves how good they are behind the lens! As such, expect to pay a heftier fee when booking an established photographer. 

Tip: With so many things you have to spend during the wedding, booking a budget-friendly option can be tempting. But if you’re gonna splurge on something, opt for your wedding photographer, as the resulting photos are one of the few physical things that will last long after your wedding! That said, there are still budget-friendly photographers who can produce great results. 

2. Package Inclusions

Another factor that will influence the rates of your Montreal wedding photographer is the services that they’ll include, usually offered as a package deal. While it varies, this usually includes extra services like engagement sessions, longer photo sessions, second shooters, or premium products like custom-made albums and prints. 

Tip: When opting for a package, make sure that it offers your specific needs, so you don’t end up paying for something that you don’t really want!

3. Coverage Hours + Overtime

Of course, when you hire a wedding photographer in Montreal (or anywhere else really), you’re also paying for their time. This means that the longer the duration of your photographer’s coverage, the more you’ll need to pay. Naturally, overtime charges will also apply if your photographer stays beyond the initially agreed-upon timeframe. Usually, you will need to pay anywhere between $200 to $400 per hour, depending on your photographer.

Tip: Make the most of your hours with the photographer by opting for a pre-wedding photoshoot instead! This way, you can take all of the shots and poses you want without fussing about your actual wedding. 

4. Travel Fees

Opting for a destination wedding? Well then, expect to factor in some additional travel fees for your photographer as well! Usually, this includes their transportation and accommodation, as well as other expenses they may require. 

Tip: Looking to save some dough? In that case, consider hiring some local photographers on the location of your wedding. Of course, make sure to check their portfolio and experience as well. 

5. Editing and Post-Production Work

The job of a photographer doesn’t stop once the wedding is done. There’s also the time and effort invested into post-production like editing and making your photos pop, both of which impact the overall cost. Think of it like a chef carefully finding the perfect taste, or a producer fine-tuning an artist’s recorded music. 

Tip: Want your photos to come out looking a certain way? Then make sure to discuss any requests with your photographer before they start the editing process! Asking for revisions after the photos are done is possible of course, but will cost you extra as well. 

6. Equipment Quality

Finally, the final cost of your Montreal wedding photographer is influenced by the quality of equipment that they’re using. After all, high-end cameras and peripherals like lighting equipment and lenses don’t come cheap at all! That said, the better equipment, the better the image quality will be, so don’t be afraid to splurge a little! 

Tip: Do some homework of your own by checking out some camera equipment! This way, you have an idea on whether the photographer you hired is using quality equipment or not. 

How To Find The Best Montreal Wedding Photographer: Tips and Tricks

Now that you know the factors that affect Montreal wedding photographer pricing, here are some tips to keep in mind before you start looking for the perfect one for your big celebration! 

A newlywed couple walking out of the wedding ceremony.

1. Make a Budget, Stick To It

Start by making a realistic budget based on the factors that we included above, as well as the price range that we mentioned at the start. Then, once you have made an initial budget, tweak it a bit more, make sure it aligns with your overall budget for the wedding, and stick to it! 

This way, you will end up saving some money that you can then add to your honeymoon expenses *wink wink*

2. Check Packages

While there are photographers that charge by the hour, there are also those that offer package deals for their clients. So, if you’re looking to go down the latter route, then make sure you check several packages and compared the services offered in each.

3. Check Photographer Experience and Portfolio

Next, take some time to review the portfolio and experience of your photographer candidates. This way, you can carefully gauge their style and expertise, and whether they are capable of executing the type of photos that you want during your big day. What’s more, keep in mind that while more experienced photographers may charge higher fees, their skills and output should be worth the investment! 

4. Discuss Post-Processing Timeline

Another aspect to keep in mind is the photographer’s post-production process. For example, if you want to immediately get your photos, then expect to pay a lot more for their service. However, if you’re perfectly fine waiting, then you should be able to find a more budget-friendly deal.

Either way, discuss this aspect with your photographer especially if you’re planning some post-wedding plans, like some souvenirs or thank-you cards for your guests. 

5. Consider Local Photographers

Getting married in Montreal? Then we suggest looking for a local Montreal wedding photographer in order to help save on costs. This helps you save on some travel and accommodation costs. Plus, if you’re having a destination wedding in Montreal, then a local photographer will be more familiar with the location, and that impacts the type of photos you will get! Of course, helping support the local community is always a good thing. 

6. Inquire About Backup Plans

A good photographer is always ready for the unexpected, so make sure you ask yours about their backup plans in case something comes up during your wedding. This includes unexpected weather changes, personal emergencies, and equipment failure. By having a reliable backup plan, you get another layer of reassurance that your big day will go smoothly… at least in terms of photography! 

7. Book Early

Remember: the early bird gets the early photographer! So, when looking for the right photographer to book, make sure that you do so months in advance. Not only will this help you remove an important item in the wedding checklist easily, but it also increases your chances of getting a better deal from your photographer, and who doesn’t want that? 

8. Check Client Reviews and Testimonials

Last but not least, check on your photographer’s past clients for reviews and testimonials. Here, you can gauge their overall client experience and professionalism. Additionally, make sure you keep an eye out for reviews that mention their pricing, so you can compare whether you’re getting the best value for your money!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the average price of a Montreal wedding photographer will cost you anywhere between $1,500 to $3,500, and how much you’ll end up paying depends on factors like equipment, experience, coverage, and extra services.

As such, understanding the cost of these wedding photographers and following our tips should help you find the perfect one for your big day! 

Ultimately, however, the right photographer is one who will align with your vision and needs, and that’s something we can offer here at Photo Kings!

As the go-to source of photography services in Montreal, Vancouver, and Toronto, we cater to individuals, small businesses, corporations, and more and help realize events of all kinds. What’s more, our team comprises the best photographers across Canada, all of which are ready to help capture all your moments during your big day!

So, hit us up for a quote and let us at Photo Kings turn your moments into timeless memories!

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