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10 Of Our Favorite Poses For The Best Beach Engagement Pictures

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Taking photos in a boat is also a great beach couple photoshoot idea.


Halt! ✋ And show us that wonderful engagement ring on your finger??💍 Congratulations!!

(When did this happen and why didn’t you tell us??) 

But now that you’re engaged, what say we go for a romantic photoshoot to commemorate the occasion? Something beachside, perhaps? 🏖️

Coastal-loving couple or not, the beach is easily one of the best places to have an engagement photoshoot, what with its natural light, colorful settings, and jaw-dropping views. Heck, you prolly even have a couple nice memories of visiting the beach with your partner!

So if all of that sounds good to you, we went ahead, asked the wedding experts (us btw), and listed down the best poses for beach engagement pictures you and your husband-to-be can try! We also threw in some beach engagement pictures tips, from attire considerations to what time to schedule your shoot. 

Let’s start, shall we?

Table of Contents

1. Classic Seaside Embrace

Let’s start the photo session with a tried-and-tested classic: the beachside embrace. Simply wrap your around each other and share an intimate and close moment while the photographer works their magic. No need to go crazy with the posing as well, just act natural and relaxed and it’ll look better behind the lens!

What’s great about this classic pose is that while it can essentially be done anywhere, doing it with the waves gently crashing in the background offers a very picturesque setting. Bonus points if you get extra close to the water so some of it can splash on you too! 

2. Toe-Touching In The Sand

Here’s another fun, classic, and easy pose: toe-touching in the sand! You’ll need to go barefoot of course, but what’s the point of going to the beach if your feet can’t be free?

So, stand side by side and touch toes with each other, and then maybe gaze into each other’s eyes or share a nice laugh (there’s a moment of spontaneity for you, mr. photographer!) You can even put your arms around each other for extra closeness and a touch of whimsy ✨✨

3. Classic Couple Walk

Now, time for some movement! There’s plenty of poses you can do, but our favorite (which is coincidentally also one of the easiest ones) is the classic couple walk along the shoreline.

Whether you and your partner are simply holding hands, sharing a laugh, or even lost in a conversation, walking together in the shoreline adds a sense of comfort in such a large frame, kinda like you’re both lost in your own little world together… or walking towards a shared future (just pick whichever sounds more romantic to you ❤️).

Bonus tip: One of you can also look back and smile at the camera, if you want to add a touch of playfulness to the photo!

4. Seaside Silhouettes

One of the best things about beaches are the beautiful sunsets you get, so why not leverage them to create wonderful silhouettes? Simply pose together against that colorful palette of a sky, and let the colors outline your figures as the photographer snaps those pictures. IG-worthy moment right there, folks.

5. Wind In Your Hair

Feel that gentle sea breeze in your hair? Why not use it as a natural prop? Just face the wind and do something natural between you two (like a laugh or even a tender kiss 😍) while the wind gently tousles your hair. Now that’s how you capture a candid and spontaneous moment!

There are plenty of ways to take great couple photoshoots by the beach.

6. Sitting Beach pose

Next, let’s take a short breather from all the walking and hair-tousling and find somewhere nice to sit, like a piece of driftwood, the sand itself, or even a picnic blanket if you brought one. If you can find a local fishing boat you can ask to sit on, that’s even better! Now, just relax, gaze out at sea, enjoy each other’s company, and let the photographer capture those genuine interactions between you two. Nice and easy.

7. Playful Splashing

Feel rested after all that nice sitting? Well then, it’s time to add a touch of playfulness to the shoot by having a splash pose! We’re on the beach already, so let that carefree spirit loose and playfully splash at each other in the water!

You can even completely dip in the ocean if you want, just do whatever feels more fun for you and your partner, and we bet they’ll naturally show in the photos.

8. Lying In The Sand

For a relaxed and intimate pose, have you and your partner lie down on the sand, facing each other or maybe looking at the sky with one of you pointing up (hey look! that cloud looks like… something) This pose is especially ideal if you want to have some close-up shots of your expressions, as the angle adds a sense of closeness and vulnerability.

9. The Lift Pose

What’s better than a classic lift pose? A classic lift pose with the stunning sea as your backdrop, of course! Just make sure to stretch beforehand, because we don’t want anybody falling and rolling over in the sand… or maybe that would make for a fun photo too… 🤔💡

10. Ring Embrace

Finally, take a moment to show off that gorgeous engagement ring. You can go for a classic close-up shot where you’re holding hands and the ring is prominently displayed, or you can go for more fun poses. Whatever pose you end up choosing, the key here is to highlight that symbol of commitment in your finger… and to let everybody know that you’re off to start a new chapter in your life soon. ❤️

A couple having a photoshoot by the beach.

Tips For Taking The Best Beach Engagement Pictures

  • Dress To Impress – Not sure what to wear for your beach engagement pictures? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when picking your outfits:


    • Coordinate Your Colors – Start by picking colors that will complement each other. Some great examples include light pastels and light blues, but you can also go for bolder hues like navy blues, reds, and our personal favorite, emerald greens! 
    • Plain And Simple – When picking an outfit, avoid small, busy patterns. In fact, the less patterns, the better. And you definitely want to steer clear from clothes that have words on them, as this will only distract everyone from looking at you. 
    • Pick Something That Moves – Ladies, pick something that will move with the ocean breeze! This means going for a fabric that is light and billowy, which is perfect for beachside photos.


  • Understand the Lighting –  Be mindful of the lighting conditions, especially during the golden hour, to achieve a soft and warm ambiance. Remember that when you’re shooting outside, timing is everything!


  • Prepare To Get Wet – Taking beach engagement pictures? You’ll most likely get wet, so ditch the nice shoes for now and opt for something that you don’t want getting wet. Beach engagement pictures should be FUN, so the chance of splashing (and getting splashed) are veeeeery high!


  • Add Variety – Beach engagement pictures are often fun and casual, but you’ll want to add variety aside from the water. If you can, pick a beach that has walkable forests, hills, gardens, rock formations, or any other place of interest that will look good in photos!


  • Drone Shots – If you have the budget for it, you can also hire a professional to take drone shots for you! This is perfect for taking really nice overhead and panoramic shots of you as a couple because let’s face it… there’s no selfie stick that’s long enough to take those by yourself.


  • Pick A Nice Location – If there’s a nearby beach where you live, then just go for it! These beaches usually have less crowds, making them ideal for shooting beach engagement pictures. You can also ask your photographer for any suggestions, of course. If you have the budget, however, then here are some of Canada’s best-kept-secret beaches:


  • Be Safe – Last but not the least, be safe! Even the calmest-looking beach can have freak waves, so always stay within a safe distance. Bring tons of sunscreen as well, and always watch where you walk. Nobody wants to step on crabs, sea urchins, or giant sharks, right? You get it.
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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. Taking beach engagement pictures shouldn’t be tricky, and we hope our list of the best poses and tips helped you out on your own shoot! 

It doesn’t have to be perfect too, because the unexpected surprises (and photos) you’ll get will even make this a more memorable experience for you and your partner. 

And here’s another quick tip for you: find the right photographer for the job! The right one will have all the right equipment, techniques, and even suggestions, and we’re proud to say that we here at PhotoKings.ca have that covered. 🫡

Our reputation for excellence and commitment to providing all of our clients with a great photography experience is backed by our years of experience, and we can’t wait to help you take the best beach engagement pictures you can get.

So, simply give us a call at 1 (800) 496-3379 to learn more about our services and get a free quote today! (hurry up, we’re already like, polishing our lens and stuff)

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