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Top Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A Budget For The Thrifty Couple!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple saving money by having an outdoor wedding.


It seems like everything is getting more expensive these days, whether it’s groceries, your monthly expenses, buying a home, and even getting married! 

In fact, let’s put an extra emphasis on the last one, because according to Zola, the average wedding in 2024 will cost you around $30,000, which is already a year’s worth of salary for many people! *shudders*

Luckily, you don’t have to go into debt yourself just to make your dream wedding come true, at least not on our watch! ✋😠 So, if you’re thinking of ditching the glass chandelier in favor of the blue sky to exchange your “I Dos” under, then we have compiled a list of the best outdoor wedding ideas on a budget! 

And did we mention that we also threw in some extra tips to make sure your wedding stays wallet-friendly? Because we also threw in some extra tips to make sure your wedding stays wallet-friendly (okay we’re just that excited to say it). 

Alright, let’s begin!

If you're looking for outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, opt for a public park wedding.

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Top Outdoor Wedding Ideas On A budget

Here are our top picks for budget outdoor wedding ideas, because having your dream wedding doesn’t mean breaking the bank! (at least, not while we’re around to help you!) 

Having a picnic-style wedding is one of our favorite outdoor wedding ideas on a budget.

Scenic Public Parks

Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget #1: Host your nuptials in a picturesque public park! For one thing, plenty of parks already offer very beautiful landscapes (for those wedding photos!), ranging from very lush gardens to serene lakesides fit for a fairytale-themed wedding. 

What’s more, permits for park weddings are often much more affordable than private venues, making them perfect for couples that are on a budget. You don’t have to travel far to look for a good park as well, as Yelp provides a good resource for nearby parks that you can look into. 

The best thing about a public park wedding is that since the surroundings already serve as a great backdrop, you can opt for minimal decorations instead. More savings = bigger honeymoon budget!

National Parks

Want something more grand but still budget-friendly for your wedding? Then move past the public parks and opt for a national park instead! Not only will this make your wedding photos absolutely epic (our team at Photo Kings has always wanted to visit a National Park too, so… 👉👈), but it can even double as a mini-vacation of sorts for the whole guest list! 

Of course, it comes with its own set of restrictions, like needing to secure a few permits ahead of time, only having a limited capacity for guests, and only having certain decor that you can bring inside. Still, we think the trade-off is more than worth it, especially if you can say “I Do” in front of such a gorgeous natural landscape. Plus, the permits are also usually very wallet-friendly! 

As for the National Parks themselves, our top picks go to Banff National Park, Kootenay National Park, and Jasper National Park, but you’re more than free to look for other options too! This makes national parks one of our top picks when it comes to outdoor wedding ideas on a budget!

Beachfront Bliss

Lucky enough to live near the coast? Then a beach wedding is the perfect wedding for you! Opt for a sunrise or sunset ceremony for a magical atmosphere without the need for extensive decorations. You can also use seashells and driftwood into your decor, and encourage guests to go barefoot for a relaxed and intimate vibe.

What’s great about beach weddings is that you don’t have to go overboard with the decorations and preparations to make it elegant, as the setting lends itself to a more casual vibe. Throw in a few margaritas and a Hawaiian-themed wedding playlist, and you’re good to go!

Outdoor wedding ideas on a budget? Go for a beachfront wedding!

Backyard Bliss

Planning to get hitched soon but would rather save your cash for the honeymoon instead? Then why get married at home… or rather, in your backyard! Not only is this incredibly cost-effective (who are you going to pay for the venue? Yourself?), but it can also be deeply personal!  

Use string lights, lanterns, and DIY decorations to create a cozy and intimate ambiance. Then, utilize the natural elements in your backyard, such as trees or a gazebo, for the ceremony and reception spaces, and you’re pretty much good to go!

Community Centers and Halls

If you don’t have the space for a backyard wedding, you can instead plan your wedding by looking at your local community center or hall, as these often have affordable rental spaces that can be transformed into your own beautiful wedding venue while still sticking to a more limited budget. 

These spaces often come with basic amenities, and you can personalize them with your chosen theme and decor. Plus, you’ll be supporting local community initiatives, which is always a good thing! 

A couple getting wed in a National Park.

Thrift Store Finds

Of course, when talking about outdoor wedding ideas on a budget, we also have to talk about the decorations. So, scour your local thrift stores and vintage shops for unique and budget-friendly decor items. 

For example, if you want a charming and eclectic atmosphere, you can go ahead and mix and match vintage cases, candle holders, and tablecloths, among other items. Not only will this save you money, but it also adds a touch of character and personality to your wedding, making it more unique and memorable!

DIY Decorations

Now, if there’s no good finds in your local thrift store, you can then unleash your inner creative 8-year-old and embark on a do-it-yourself (DIY) adventure! You and your partner can make your own centerpieces, bouquets, and ceremony arch using affordable materials like wildflowers, twine, and recycled materials. 

Not only will this help save a lot of money (those wedding costs pile up easily, trust us!), but it also adds a personal touch to your wedding and also doubles as bonding time for you and your partner! And isn’t what your wedding should be all about in the first place? ❤️ So get those art tools and start cutting heart-shaped things asap!

Picnic-Style Dining

Instead of the usual formal sit-down dinner, why not consider a picnic-style reception? Lay out blankets and cushions for seating, and serve a variety of finger foods and picnic-style dishes

This relaxed and casual dining option not only saves on catering costs but also encourages a laid-back and enjoyable atmosphere. You can even opt for a potluck or make all of the food yourself!

Building your own decorations is also a great way to save on wedding costs.

Minimalist Invitations

Opt for digital invitations or design simple, elegant paper invitations to cut down on costs. Use eco-friendly materials and consider incorporating your wedding colors and theme into the design. This small change can make a significant impact on your budget.

Seasonal Blooms

For some reasons, flowers always become a point of contention in any wedding. To make this easier for you and your partner, simply choose flowers that are in season for your wedding date! Seasonal blooms are more readily available and typically cost less than out-of-season varieties. Work with a local florist to create beautiful bouquets and arrangements that complement the natural surroundings.

Rent, Don't Buy

Finally, save on expenses by renting items like tables, chairs, linens, and even decor. Many rental companies offer budget-friendly packages that include delivery and pickup, making the process convenient and cost-effective. Oh, and you also get an easier cleanup… so you can get to your honeymoon quicker!

Holding your wedding in your own backyard is a good way to save on costs.

Reminders And Tips For A Budget-Friendly Outdoor Wedding

Check Local Regulations

Before choosing a public space for your wedding, check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits, especially if you’re hosting in a public park or community center. This will ensure a smooth and legal celebration without any unexpected hiccups.

Weather Contingency Plan

Outdoor weddings come with the uncertainty of weather. So, always have a backup plan in case of rain or extreme weather conditions. Rent a tent or have an indoor space available so you’re ready for whatever happens! 

Mind the Time of Day

Choose the time of day for your wedding carefully. Morning and afternoon weddings often require less lighting and can be more budget-friendly than evening affairs. If an evening celebration is your preference, take advantage of natural light for as long as possible before busting out the paper lanterns and fairy lights! 

DIY Catering

If you’re opting for a casual picnic-style reception, consider DIY catering or enlisting the help of family and friends. Potluck-style meals can add a personal touch and reduce the cost of hiring a professional catering service, and it’s also a great way to make sure everyone brings their favorites! 

A couple taking good wedding photos in their garden.

Borrow or Repurpose

Ask friends and family if you can borrow items like decor, furniture, or even attire. Repurposing items you already own or that others are willing to lend can significantly cut down on expenses.

Utilize Local Talent

Support local musicians, photographers, and vendors. Not only does this help the local economy, but it can also lead to cost savings compared to hiring larger, more expensive vendors from afar. For example, our team here at Photo Kings consists of the most experienced local photographers, all for great rates

Keep Guest Count in Check

Control costs by limiting your guest list. A smaller guest count means less space needed, fewer tables and chairs to rent, and a more intimate atmosphere. 

Plan Ahead

Start planning your outdoor wedding well in advance. This allows you to take advantage of sales, discounts, and early booking incentives from vendors. Planning ahead also gives you more time to tackle DIY projects with your partner without feeling rushed.

Embrace Imperfections

Remember that the charm of an outdoor wedding lies in its natural beauty. So, loosen up and embrace imperfections and unexpected surprises! Instead, focus on the love and celebration rather than striving for perfection. It’s your wedding, after all! 

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And there you have it, our favorite outdoor wedding ideas on a budget! 

Trust us when we say that with careful planning, creativity, and a willingness to think outside the box, you can have the outdoor wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank. From scenic public parks to beachfronts and even your very own backyard, there are countless budget-friendly options to explore as long as you get creative enough! 

Of course, you want to make sure that day lasts forever, so why not work with our photography team here at Photo Kings? As the go-to solution for plenty of couples, we offer impeccable photography services at competitive rates, because we want to make sure you don’t go over your budget! 

What’s more, we have years of experience under their belt, and only work with the top photographers in Canada to deliver top notch service and maintain our stellar rating. 

So, contact us at Photo Kings today or request a quote so we can start planning for your outdoor budget wedding asap!

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