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Top 10 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas To Try Before Your Big Day!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple taking pre-wedding photoshoot pictures.


Time. It seems like we can never get enough of it, especially on the days when we really, really need it… like on your upcoming wedding day! 

We’re talking about taking wedding photos of course! And how it can be so easy to get pressed for time when taking your pictures for the wedding album, especially when there’s a schedule you need to follow!

Enter pre-wedding photoshoots! Essentially a wedding shoot before the actual wedding, this rising trend has helped relieve stress on so many couples during their big day, and that can include you!

So, to make sure the focus on your wedding day is you (and your partner), then here are our 10 favorite pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, along with why you need to have your own pre-wedding photoshoot, and some tips to keep in mind.

Let’s get right to it!

Going on a quick nature trip is one of the best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas.

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Visiting the beach is also one of the top pre-wedding photoshoot ideas.

What Is A Pre-Wedding Photoshoot?

Before we proceed to our pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, what is it exactly? And why have one? 

The answer, as we mentioned above, is time! This is because despite so many couples planning everything to a T for their wedding day, they can still end up not having enough time, especially when taking the wedding photos! 

As such, a pre-wedding photoshoot provides couples with the opportunity to take these pictures in a more relaxed setting (without a hundred guests eagerly awaiting for the reception). What’s more, it also lets the couple go absolutely ham with the location, props, and even themes of their wedding photos!

Here are some more benefits you can get from a pre-wedding photoshoot:

  1. Confidence – For many couples, a pre-wedding photoshoot serves as a trial run, helping them get comfortable in front of the camera. It’s an excellent opportunity to build rapport with your wedding photographer, so you don’t end up feeling awkward on the big day! 
  2. Personalization – From the choice of location to the props and outfits, a pre-wedding photoshoot allows couples to personalize their photos!
  3. Use Photos for Wedding Invitations – Couples often use pre-wedding photos for their wedding invitations, adding a personal touch to the invites. It’s a wonderful way to give your guests a glimpse into the tone of the wedding.

Are we good to go? Now then, let’s explore some exciting pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that will make your album truly unique.

Here's another great pre-wedding photoshoot idea: a vintage-inspired shoot!

Cityscape Romance

First on the list of our pre-wedding photoshoot ideas is somewhere close: the urban jungle! After all, who says the city can’t be romantic? Take a trip through your local neighborhood and visit iconic city landmarks, restaurants, and parks to add a contemporary touch to your photos! 

Additionally, you can also use the city lights as your backdrop, or ask your photographer to capture candid moments while you walk through the bustling street or visit your local favorite food spot. Whatever you decide, know that the city is your canvas!

Vintage Elegance

Themed shoots are all the rage these days, so for the next item on our list of pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, why not try it yourself? 

For example, you can pick up some classic outfits that’s reminiscent of a particular decade, head to a location with some vintage architecture (say, like the Old City Hall or the Craigdarroch Castle, for example), and let your photographer play with sepia tones to create a vintage aesthetic. Done properly, this theme adds a timeless aesthetic to your pre-wedding album, so give it a go!

A couple hiking up a mountain for their pre-wedding photoshoot.

Nature's Embrace

Nature lovers? Then why not have your pre-wedding photoshoot somewhere where you can be surrounded by nature? Science says it’s good for our health, after all. For this pre-wedding photoshoot idea, you can opt for a serene beach, a lush forest, or even a picturesque meadow where you can frolic around! Either way, the natural light, vibrant colors, and the beauty of the surroundings will make for stunning, romantic shots.

Adventure Seekers

Adrenaline junkie, are we? So, for our next entry in this list of pre-wedding photoshoot ideas, we challenge you to showcase your adventurous side by opting for an adrenaline-filled shoot! Whether you decide to go for the classic mountain hike or something more extreme like water sports, pick an activity that both you and your partner already enjoy and let your photographer capture all of the thrill and excitement!

Not only will this add so much dynamics to your photos, but you will also end up with a more unique wedding album!

Recreate some of your favorite movie scenes for your pre-wedding photoshoot!

Cinematic Love Story

Admit it, we all love a good romcom, so we’re thinking for this next pre-wedding photoshoot idea, why not be in one yourselves? (or at least, pretend to be…) So, if you have a favorite rom-com movie, work with your wedding photographer to recreate scenes from the film! This way, you can do the iconic Jack and Rose “I’m flying!” scene at the bow of the Titanic without having to worry about any icebergs!

Under the Stars

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for you~” We all love that Coldplay song, so how about a magical pre-wedding photoshoot under the stars? Choose a location away from city lights, and let the stars be the backdrop to your love story. Think soft lighting, cozy blankets, some candles and a cute dinner, and let your photographer work their magic to make you pre-wedding album as dreamy as possible!

Adding some fantasy elements to your shoot is also a great idea!

Up In The Sky

If you’re not content with just looking at the sky in your photos, then why not be IN the sky? Next on our list of ideas for a pre-wedding photoshoot is either a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter ride, or even a cozy airplane cabin to add a whole new perspective in your photos! 

While certainly not the cheapest option in this list, we think the paid-off (read: the photos and the memories) will be well worth it, especially because this is not a celebration that happens often!

Whimsical Fairytale

Who says fairy tales are only for children? Bring your fairytale dreams to life with a whimsical pre-wedding photoshoot. Choose a castle, a garden, or a grand estate as your backdrop, and dress in fairytale-inspired attire. This theme allows for creative storytelling and enchanting visuals that will make you feel like characters in your own love story (which, let’s be honest, you already are!)

A couple having a photoshoot in a barn.

Rustic Charm

Want something simple, intimate, but will still stand out for your pre-wedding photoshoot? Then, for our money, we highly recommend a rustic-themed shoot! Simply opt for a countryside location like a farm or a barn and decorate the sets with some vintage-looking props. It’s that easy! 

In fact, you can even take it to the next step by going all-out with a rustic-themed wedding too!)

Destination Romance

Who says your pre-wedding photoshoot can’t also be a trip? For our final pre-wedding photoshoot idea, why not go on a quick dream getaway!

Whether you visit the seaside or go all-out with a trip abroad, this not only gives you an opportunity to take grand wedding photos, but also enjoy some quality time with your partner!

Enjoying your favorite sport together is also a great way to take your couple photos.

Tips for Planning a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

  • Choose the Right Photographer – Start by choosing the right photographer! Look through portfolios, read reviews, and meet with potential photographers to ensure that they understand the vision that you have.
  • Define Your Style – Before the photoshoot, discuss and decide on the style you want – whether it’s romantic, casual, vintage, or adventurous. This will guide your choice of outfits, location, and overall theme.

  • Coordinate Outfits – Next, pick your couple outfits and make sure they complement each other without being too matchy-matchy. Of course, bringing a change of clothes to add some variety is also recommended!

  • Consider the Season – Unless you’re shooting indoors, keep the season in mind as well when scheduling your pre-wedding photoshoot. Different seasons offer unique backdrops and lighting conditions. Be prepared for any weather conditions and plan accordingly.

  • Be Open to Spontaneity – While planning is essential, be open to spontaneous moments during the shoot. Some of the most memorable photos happen when you let go and enjoy the moment!
  • Communicate with Your Photographer – Finally, talk to your photographer! Share your ideas, preferences, and any specific shots you have in mind. A collaborative approach ensures that you’re both on the same page, resulting in better photos! 
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To conclude this post, keep in mind that a pre-wedding photoshoot is not just a trend, but rather an opportunity to capture you and your partner at your best! 

And speaking of capturing moments, if you’ve yet to find the perfect photographer for your shoot, why not work with us at Photo Kings? As the top provider of photography services this side of the globe, we boast a team of expert photographers from all over Canada! 

So, in case you’re ready to turn those moments into timeless memories, ping us today to get a quote so we can get started immediately!

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