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Photo Kings Review: Mattea and Tyler

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Mattea and Tyler during their wedding.

Wonderful Photo Kings reviews and feedback keep our grind going, so let’s check these ones given by Mattea and Tyler during their big day! Here’s a quick recap and observation of the magic that happened that day! 

It all started as the sun began to rise on a particular day back in October 2023, casting a golden glow over the picturesque landscape, our team of Montreal Photo Kings photographers was already eagerly prepared, ready for a day of love, laughter, and unforgettable moments. It was Mattea and Tyler’s wedding day, after all, and the light and breezy sunny weather is shaping up to be the perfect backdrop. 

Tasked with covering the entire event, the day started early for our top-rated photographer Oksana Teres, their equipment meticulously checked and packed. We arrived at the venue, a charming garden nestled amidst towering trees and blooming flowers, a dream setting for a romantic ceremony. The gentle breeze carried the scent of fresh blooms, adding a touch of magic to the already cool air, as we prepped and took photos of everybody (especially Mattea with her bridal portraits!) getting ready.

Mattea and Tyler's top-rated wedding decor!

As Mattea arrived, adorned in a lovely classic gown and pearl necklace that shimmered in the sunlight, we couldn’t help but marvel at her radiance. Our lenses focused on every detail—the delicate lace, the sparkle of jewels, and the joy in her eyes as she prepared to say “I do.” On top of that, we also made sure to capture candid moments of anticipation and excitement, as well as posed portraits that showcased the love between Mattea and her partner Tyler. At this point, we were already getting some positive Photo Kings reviews and comments, so let’s keep going! 

On top of that, Tyler’s own preparations are just as great, and our photographers made sure to capture all of it as well, even cracking a joke or two and sharing some lighthearted conversation and comments to help ease off some of those wedding jitters (hey, it happens to the best of us!). In our opinion, building rapport with the people we work with is very important!

Once that’s done, it’s time to tie the knot! The ceremony itself was a heartwarming affair, simple but wonderful. Our Photo Kings team moved seamlessly, capturing intimate moments shared between the couple, the tears of joy from family members, and the laughter of friends as they witnessed the two souls exchange their vows, say “I do,” and seal the union with a kiss. Based on our observation, everyone at the guest list enjoyed the ceremony!

Mattea during the getting ready part, where she was giving our team some positive feedback and opinions!

Right after that was the reception dinner and cocktail hour, where our team shifted the focus not just on the newlyweds, but also on all of their guests enjoying themselves! Food was aplenty, and based on the smiles and happy conversations caught by our lenses, it was also just as good! We even heard some extra good feedback and opinions for our work.

When the sun started setting, signaling the start of the reception party, our team at Photo Kings shifted focus to the celebration ahead. Once the newlyweds’ Montreal wedding DJ put on some jams, the venue transformed into a lively space filled with reception music, dancing (lots of it!), and heartfelt speeches. Our team moved efficiently, capturing the energy and excitement of the evening—the twirl of dancers, the clinking of glasses in toasts, and the infectious smiles of guests having a grand time. Everything felt electric, and our team made sure that the photos capture that feeling and excitement completely, right until all of the songs have played and the party has winded down to a close.

As a photography service, our goal has always been to make sure that Mattea and Tyler’s big day is as magical as they had envisioned. And well… it seems like we can pat ourselves on the back for a job done right! 

Once the party is done, the couple took us aside to personally thank us for our services and give us a quick positive critique. According to Mattea, “I loved my experience with Photo Kings. You guys were awesome, you were quick to answer, and you were very personal in handling my wedding. We had tons of fun, and I would definitely recommend you.”

On top of that, she even recommended us to her sister-in-law who’s getting married soon, so we’re looking forward to hearing from her to see what we can for her upcoming big day! Of course, we’d love to see Mattea again that day! All in all, that’s another addition to our growing list of Photo Kings reviews and testimonials! 

And speaking of reviews and testimonials, we can confidently say that Mattea and Tyler’s experience with Photo Kings mirror that of past clients like Emily and Nemo, and Melanie and Miguel, both of which enjoyed outdoor wedding celebrations covered by us! 

Of course, these Photo Kings reviews not only means so much to us, but also a great reminder of our team’s purpose, why this has become our mission, and why we aim to go above and beyond with each client. After all, everybody has their own unique love story, one that we think needs to be documented in all of their lovely glory! 

So, if you’re on the hunt for a photography team that will go above and beyond for your big day (or if you’re Mattea’s sister-in-law!), our top-rated team at Photo Kings Montreal is always ready to lend a helping hand any way we can. With wonderful Photo Kings testimonials like that of Mattea’s and other couples providing their own Photo Kings reviews, you can trust us in capturing that lighting in a bottle that is the magic of your wedding day for years to come.

And just in case you want a little more extra, then our rank team at Video Kings are also ready to assist and make your event all the more memorable! 

So, give us a call today for a quote, and our expert Photo Kings Montreal team will be right with you!

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