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Photo Kings Review: Melanie And Miguel

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Melanie and Miguel at their top-rated wedding.

Photo Kings reviews keep us going everyday, and this one from Melanie and Miguel sure helped that! 

As a team, we at Photo Kings Toronto have always made it our mission to go above and beyond with every client, so we’re glad to have the privilege of covering Melanie and Miguel’s big day. Now then, let’s have a quick recap and observation of what happened the day! 

It started when the sun gently rose over the horizon of September 29, 2023, our Photo Kings team already geared up for a day that’s to be filled with love and laughter. Today marked the union of Melanie and Miguel, a couple whose love story had captured the hearts of all their friends and family. 

With our expert and top-rated photographer Fong Ho at the helm, the day started early as he arrived at Melanie’s family home to capture the moments of anticipation and excitement as she got ready to walk down the aisle. The soft morning light filtering through the windows created a serene atmosphere, perfect for capturing the simple but intricate details of Melanie’s dress, the sparkle of her jewelry, and the subtle emotions playing on her face.

In fact, we we’re already getting some good Photo Kings reviews and feedback from Melanie and her #GirlSquad at this point, so we’re on the right track! Of course, it’s these kinds of appraisals that we’re always hoping to get with our services. 

Melanie and her dad, photographed by our top-rated expert.

As Melanie stepped into her gown, a vision of elegance and grace, Fong Ho’s camera clicked away, capturing every moment.. Miguel, on the other hand, was getting ready with his groomsmen, sharing laughs and heartfelt moments as they made sure everybody looked their best… Most especially Miguel for his own groom’s photoshoot!

The ceremony venue, a charming and magical garden adorned with vibrant flowers and twinkling lights, set the stage for the big day. Our Photo Kings team positioned themselves strategically, ensuring Fong Ho captured every angle of Melanie and Miguel exchanging vows under the blue sky and promised each other their unrelenting commitment. The weather, light and perfect, added a touch of beauty to the proceedings, further enhancing the emotions shared between the couple and their loved ones… and definitely give our photographer a leg up in the shots he’s taking! We even heard some great comments from the guests while we’re on the job! 

Following the heartfelt ceremony, Fong Ho transitioned into capturing the joyous moments of the cocktail and dinner reception. The clinking of glasses, the laughter of friends and family, and the heartfelt speeches filled the air with warmth and happiness, with our lens ensuring that no smile, no tear, and no loving glance went unnoticed. 

As the evening progressed and everyone was done eating, the festivities transitioned into a lively dance party, with Fong Ho continuing to work his magic behind the lens, capturing the energy and excitement of the newlyweds and their guests as they danced the night away. From the romantic first dance to the energetic beats that had everyone on their feet, every moment was immortalized through our lens… no Photo Kings studio needed whatsoever! 

Of course, the couple’s expert wedding DJ also made sure that the party flows smoothly, throwing in a mix of upbeat party bangers and sentimental jams where the lovely couple embraced each other and slow danced, with our photographer taking photos of candid moments discreetly from the side to help preserve the magic.

Melanie and Miguel gave this couple photo a high rating!

As a photographer, Fong Ho’s goal has always been to make sure Melanie and Miguel’s big day is as wonderful as they had dreamt of together, and it seems like we did the job right based on their testimonials! Right after the festivities, the lovely newlyweds took some time to tell us how much they enjoyed their wedding, even giving our services a thorough analysis and rating (both of which were given flying colors!)

What’s more, we were lucky enough to get great Photo Kings reviews from them. Beaming and excited, Miguel said, “Our experience with Fong has been excellent. We’re so lucky to have them as photographers today. We spent a full day with them and it was incredible.” Melanie also chimed in with a testimonial of her own, saying, “they’re awesome in all aspects. Also gave us guidance because we didn’t know what our good sides are. The photos are absolutely gorgeous and we can’t wait to see them.”

Now, this feedback from the lovely newlyweds mirror the experience of our other previous clients, just like Mattea and Tyler’s outdoor bash, or Christina and Princeton’s solemn indoor celebration, just to name a couple of other Photo Kings reviews we’ve received. 

As a team, these Photo Kings reviews mean the world to us, as it’s a reminder that we’re doing right in our field, and we can’t wait to do more. After all, there’s so many other couples out there that will eventually tie their own knot eventually, and we can’t wait to be there for them when that happens! And hey, more positive Photo Kings reviews sound good to us! 

Melanie and Miguel together.

So, if that sounds like something you and your partner would love for your own big day, then our team here at Photo Kings Toronto are ready to lend a hand! With great Photo Kings testimonials like that of Melanie and Miguel’s, we’re here to make sure your wedding album is as magical as your actual big day. And if you want more than just photos, our videography services at Video Kings are also just a call away! 

More than that, all of our expert photographers and crew here at Photo Kings understand that great customer service goes far beyond just taking great photos and getting a great rating, it also includes taking care of our clients, helping them plan their big day, and make the hassle of having a wedding as smooth and as lovely as possible! It is, after all, supposed to be a celebration of your love for each other! 

So, hit us up for a quote, and our Photo Kings Toronto team will be right with you in a jiffy to see what we can do for you!

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