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Awkward Wedding Photography Ideas For The Camera-Shy Couple!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple exchanging wedding rings.


Camera-shy couple? No worries!

As much as we’d all love to be America’s-next-top-model-levels of ready whenever there’s a camera pointed at us (or maybe that’s just us…), some of us are just camera shy (yes, we don’t know what to do with our hands most of the time too), and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! 

But what do you do when your wedding photographer is ready behind the lens and you don’t know how to pose? You embrace it, of course! In fact, there’s a growing trend in embracing the unconventional and capturing the awkward, yet endearing moments that make your wedding more unique.

So, to help you out, we’ve rounded out some of the best awkward wedding photography ideas that can add a touch of humor and authenticity to your wedding album, if only to make your wedding planning a tad bit easier. 

Ready? Let’s get right to it, you awkward love-birds!

When it comes to awkward wedding photography, the more natural the better!

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A couple enjoying food together after taking funny and awkward wedding photography poses.

First-Look Anticipation

When it comes to romantic wedding couple poses, this is a tried-and-true classic that anyone can easily do. Just stand side-by-side and create a little space between you and your partner, and simply hold their hand! With this shot, you also have the option of looking far away to add some drama, or looking at each other’s eyes for an extra layer of romance! 

Pro-tip: Make sure you pose in front of a great backdrop to make your photo stand out even more!

Ring Fumbling

Here’s another romantic couple pose for a wedding: the classic embrace! Just stand face-to-face with your partner and give each other a warm hug. Bonus points if you really lose yourself in the hug and let the photographer just take lots of candid photos! 

Pro-tip: Closing your eyes and opting for more closer shots will capture the intimacy of the pose better!

Candid Ceremony Shots

This one is also far from being tricky. Simply ask your partner to whisper something in your ear (like an inside joke that you both like!) and let the photographer capture your natural reaction to what they said.

Pro-tip: There are plenty of ways to capture this, but we suggest taking the photo from far away. Not only will this better frame the shot, but it will also help add an air of mystery around the couple, letting the viewer wonder what they’re whispering about!

If you don't know how to pose for awkward wedding photography, then just do a funny picture!

Awkward Family Portraits

For this pose, simply find a spot to lie down and have your wedding photographer take an overhead shot of your faces while you’re close together! Just make sure the lighting is right to avoid any shadows on your face.

Pro-tip: Looking at the camera together will make the shot more intimate, while looking in opposite directions will add a flair of drama. Pick one, or do both!

Dance Floor Mishaps

Nothing like a nice romantic stroll with your significant other, except this time there’s a photographer to capture the moment! To make the photo look more natural, pretend like there’s no photographer as well, and naturally walk together hand-in-hand. 

Pro-tip: It’s a stroll, so make sure the location is just as scenic! You can opt for the local hiking spots, garden, or even a beach. Extra, extra points if the photographer catches the bride’s dress flowing behind them in the wind!

Speech Reactions

Want your wedding photos to look like they’re straight out of a fairytale book (or a Disney movie)? Then go for the classic dip kiss. This one is easy: the groom just dips the bride for a kiss while he supports her back. It may take a few tries until it feels natural, but we swear it’ll be worth it! 

Pro-tip: Timing is crucial for this pose. So, make sure the photographer is ready and try to be as natural with it as possible!

Bouquet Toss Outtakes

Hey, who says your romantic wedding couple poses have to be all serious and solemn? This should be fun, so why not try a fun pose: the piggyback! Not only will this add a much-needed air of playfulness on your wedding album, but it’s also a great reminder of how fun your relationship should be!

Pro-tip: Have the partner run around (carefully) while his bride is riding piggyback. This should make the whole thing more playful, and would give the photographer more opportunities to take candid photos that will look more natural than a fixed pose!

A newlywed couple dancing together.

Cake Cutting Chaos

Of course, you want plenty of smiling faces in your wedding album – but of course, you also want a great money shot of that new wedding ring! So, pose in a way that naturally shows off the wedding ring, and have your photographer zoom in to better capture all of its intricate details, as well as your hands together. 

Pro-tip: Don’t settle for just close-up shots. Instead, get creative with the hand placement and go for a mix of both far away and close-ups pictures.

Unscripted Reactions During Vows

Ah, the first dance. Easily one of the most romantic moments in any wedding, especially if you’re both just lost in each other’s arms! This isn’t exactly a pose per se, but with the right photographer, you can get some really gorgeous intimate shots that you wouldn’t ever want to forget! 

Pro-tip: Use a slow shutter speed to capture the motion and create a dreamy effect of the way both of your bodies are moving. If the bride has a flowing gown, this effect would work well on that too!

Offbeat Exit Shots

Last but not least, just be casual about it! Relax, share a couple of jokes between you and your partner (even your photographer!), put your shoulder around your partner, and take some candid shots! It might not sound like it, but sometimes the more casual shots end up being the best of bunch!

Pro-tip: When taking casual photos like this, pick a spot where there’s plenty of vibrant lighting. This way, the photos, as well as your emotions and genuine reactions, will come out looking brighter and in turn, more inviting!

Funny poses are also a good substitute for awkward poses.

Dos and Don'ts of Awkward Wedding Photography


Communicate with the Couple – Before the wedding day, have a detailed discussion with your wedding photographer about your preferences for awkward photography. Communicate your comfort levels as well, and ask for some suggestions if necessary!

Encourage Spontaneity – Relax, breathe, and allow for spontaneous moments to happen naturally! Keep in mind that some of the best funny shots come from unscripted, genuine reactions. And this isn’t a blog post about awkward photography for nothing! 

Build Rapport – Establish a comfortable and trusting relationship with your wedding photographer. This rapport will make it easier to suggest and capture funny moments without feeling uncomfortable.

Scout the Venue – Familiarize yourself with the wedding venue in advance. Identify spots with good lighting and interesting backgrounds that will look good in photos, goofy they may be! 


Offend Cultural Sensitivities – Be mindful of cultural and religious sensitivities when suggesting or capturing funny moments. Ensure that your ideas align with your background and beliefs.

Overlook Professionalism – While embracing the light-hearted humor in the wedding photos, make sure that you don’t go overboard! This is still your wedding after all, and the resulting photos will be how you remember it! 

Force Humor – Avoid forcing funny moments that feel staged or uncomfortable. Let the humor flow naturally from you and your guests, capturing authentic joy and laughter.

Neglect Traditional Shots – While exploring funny and awkward moments, don’t neglect the importance of capturing traditional shots like vows, ring exchange, and family portraits. Balance is key to creating a well-rounded wedding album.

Disrupt the Flow – Ensure that your celebration flows naturally. Work seamlessly with your photographer to capture candid moments without becoming a distraction. This is part of why it’s so important to hire a professional wedding photographer that knows the ins and outs of events like yours, and one who’s committed to delivering the best possible results!

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And there you have it, our favorite awkward wedding photography ideas to add a touch of humor to your wedding. 

We know losing that camera-shyness isn’t as easy as 123, but we hope the ideas we listed above will not only break the ice, but help you take some funny awkward wedding photos that you’ll treasure in the years to come! 

But just in case you don’t have a wedding photographer yet to help you on your big day, why not work with us here at Photo Kings? As the go-to solution for many, we offer impeccable photography services that will help bring your wedding photos to life, awkward they may be! 

What’s more, we also offer competitive rates on all of our photography packages, and have worked with countless clients to further improve our photo skills. 

So, reach out to us at Photo Kings or request a quote and we’ll immediately be in touch. Happy wedding planning!

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