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Top Funny Wedding Poses For A Hilarious Ceremony!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A newlywed couple arm wrestling together.


In a nutshell, weddings are one of the most emotion-filled experiences you’ll ever have in life. Starting from the engagement, to the planning, and the rush of the day itself, it’s happy tears all around! That said, who said you can’t be a little goofy on the happiest day of your life? Not us (and you, because you’re here!) because we’re a big believer in funny wedding poses! 

 Yep, you read that right. While your traditional wedding photos capture the elegance of the day, we think there’s always room to inject a dose of humor, if only to make your wedding day even more unforgettable!

So, we’ve gone ahead and listed down our favorite funny poses for your wedding, because why not let silliness have its own moment during your big day!

Ready for our roundup of good-humored poses? Let’s dive right in!

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Jump shots are one of the easiest funny wedding poses you can do.

The Classic Photobomb

Ah, photobombs. Classic, timeless, always hilarious. The sky’s the limit with photobombing, of course, but how about asking the wedding party to strike funny poses in the background while you and your partner are sharing an intimate moment? Or you can even do it in reverse, with you as a couple photobombing simple and normal things that are happening at your wedding! Like we just said, the sky’s the limit!

Epic Face Swap

You read that right! Face swaps are still in, and we think they’re still hilarious! So, why not take advantage of modern technology and have some fun with face-swapping apps. Swap faces with your partner, your bridesmaids, or even your parents for a quirky and lighthearted touch to your wedding album. It’s a great way to add a contemporary and humorous element to your photos, and makes for one of the easiest funny wedding poses you can do!

Funny wedding poses are a great way of adding humor in your photos.

The Jump Shot

Hey, you can’t beat a classic jump shot! Just gather the bridal party and leap altogether in the air for a simple but fun photo opportunity! The great thing about jump shots is that they’re super easy to pull off, and there’s countless poses you can do while up in the air!

piggyback Rides

Elevate your wedding photos, quite literally, with piggyback rides. Have the groom carry the bride or vice versa for a playful and endearing moment. This pose adds a whimsical touch to your wedding album and showcases your sense of humor as a couple, all while adding tons of personality!

A couple having a piggyback ride while taking funny wedding poses.

mismatched Shoes

Running out of funny wedding poses to do? Well then, why not just stand up and simply subvert tradition by donning mismatched shoes. You can even exchange shoes with each other… assuming your partner’s foot can fit into your heels.. Either way, it’s a subtle but effective way to infuse humor into the classic shots of the bride and groom!

Prop Comedy

For another simple but funny wedding pose, it’s time to bring out your inner comedian by using props for your funny wedding pictures! Whether it’s oversized sunglasses, funny hats, or quirky signs, using props can lead to spontaneous and amusing moments. Just be sure to choose items that complement your wedding theme and style (or not, get wild with it if you want!)

A couple using boxes to take funny wedding poses.

Animal Encounters

If your venue allows it, consider incorporating animals into your wedding poses. Whether it’s a photobombing squirrel, a friendly neighborhood dog, or a lazy cat sleeping right in the middle of the altar, unexpected animal interactions can result in genuine laughter and create memorable, lighthearted photos.

dance Floor Shenanigans

There’s no doubt about it, but one of the best places to make funny wedding poses is on the dancefloor, especially when you’re in the middle of busting your silliest dance moves! What’s more, you can even include everyone by encouraging a conga line that winds its way through the reception party! Just enjoy the moment, and know that these candid shots will be something you’ll back fondly on years from now!

Friends sharing a conga line together.

Dos And Don'ts Of Funny Wedding Pictures


Consider Your Personalities – Choose poses that align with your personalities and relationship. Whether you’re goofy, adventurous, or laid-back, let your true selves shine through in your funny wedding poses. Trust us, the photos will come out more natural this way! 

Consult with Your Photographer – Whatever pose you decide to do, make sure you collaborate with your photographer ahead of time! After all, professional photographers can offer valuable insights into what will work well based on the lighting, venue, and overall aesthetic. They might even suggest new funny wedding poses for you to try! 

Test Poses Before the Big Day – Practice your chosen funny wedding poses in advance to ensure they’re comfortable and achievable. This will also help you gauge how much time to allocate for each pose on your wedding day, as well as any props that you might need for the shoot! 

Involve Your Wedding Party – Make your funny wedding poses a group effort by involving your wedding party. Not only will this help you bond before the actual big day, but more people means more funny and wacky wedding poses you can do together! 

Keep It Classy – While aiming for humor, ensure that your funny wedding poses remain tasteful and classy. Avoid anything that could be perceived as offensive or inappropriate, especially considering that these photos will be cherished for years to come.

A couple dressed as ghosts while making funny wedding poses.


Force Poses – Of course, we don’t recommend ever forcing anything. If a pose feels forced or unnatural, it may not translate well in photographs. Focus on poses that come naturally to you and your partner, ensuring that the laughter captured is genuine and authentic.

Overcomplicate Poses – While creativity is encouraged, avoid overcomplicating poses that require too much coordination or take up too much time. Keep in mind the flow of the day and the limited time available for photography. Just sit back and be yourself! 

Neglect Formal Shots – While funny poses are a delightful addition, don’t forget to capture the traditional, formal shots as well. Balance is key to creating a well-rounded wedding album, one that tells the complete story of your special day.

Rely Solely on Trends – While trends can be a fun addition, don’t rely solely on them for your funny wedding poses. Ensure that the poses you choose have a timeless quality, allowing them to remain enjoyable even years down the line.

Forget to Enjoy the Moment – Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy the moment amidst the excitement of capturing the perfect funny wedding poses. Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and the genuine joy and laughter shared will be the most precious memories captured in your photos.

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And there you have it – our favorite funny wedding poses to make everyone LOL at your wedding (in a good way, of course!) 

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