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10 Winnipeg Wedding Venues For Every Couple And Budget!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A newly married couple taking photos under the sun.


Tying the knot soon in good ol’ Winnipeg? Congratulations! 

Despite being on the more underrated side when it comes to attractions, the city of Winnipeg still boasts plenty of great wedding venues for couples, each with their own unique charm and allure. What’s more, whether you’re seeking a budget-friendly spot or looking to have a grand wedding, there’s no shortage of options to book in Winnipeg. 

So, to help make your wedding planning list just a tad shorter, we went ahead and rounded up 10 of the best Winnipeg wedding venues, spanning across budget-friendly, mid-range, and luxurious categories!

With that in mind, let’s get right to it lovebirds!

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Winnipeg has plenty of wedding venues to offer for different couples.

Budget-Friendly Winnipeg Wedding Venues

1. Assiniboine Park Pavilion

Let’s start our list of Winnipeg wedding venues with one of the best budget-friendly options out there: the Assiniboine Park Pavilion. Now, don’t underestimate this spot! Despite being budget-friendly, the Pavilion itself still understands elegance and sophistication down to a T, all thanks to its Tudor-style architecture and central tower. Of course, the Terrace Room and Tundra Grill are perfect for the reception, while the original 1908 pergolas and pond is a great spot for taking bridal portraits

Tip: Need more savings? We got you! Just make sure you opt for weekday weddings to capitalize on discounted rates and greater availability.

2. The Marlborough Hotel

Another budget-friendly Winnipeg wedding venue, The Marlborough Hotel is situated in the heart of downtown, making it easily accessible for all the people in your guestlist! Not only that, but one look at its historic grandeur and you wouldn’t think that it’s very wallet-friendly! Luckily, it very much is, and the Grand Ballroom inside is just waiting for your wedding DJ to get the reception party started. So make sure you book it asap! 

Tip: Since it’s a hotel, you can try negotiating package deals that include accommodations for out-of-town guests to maximize value!

When it comes to Winnipeg wedding venues, you can't go wrong with its selection of grand hotels.

3. The Viscount Gort Hotel

With its modern, luxurious amenities and customizable packages to help fit all of your needs, The Viscount Gort Hotel caters to couples seeking affordability without compromising on quality. Not only that, but we’re also giving extra points to the attentive staff and flexible options, making it one of our favorite Winnipeg wedding venues, even if you have a bit more to spend. 

Tip: Explore seasonal promotions and off-peak rates for additional savings! 

Mid-Range Winnipeg Wedding Venues

4. The Gates on Roblin

Have some more on the wedding budget but still don’t want to go all-out, well then The Gates on Roblin is the perfect wedding venue in Winnipeg for you! Embraced by scenic countryside vistas, The Gates on Roblin oozes rustic charm, making it perfect for couples who want a little more ‘country charm’ in their celebration. Of course, there’s also the Main Dining Room, which, thanks to its vaulted ceilings, will make you feel like you’re living in a real fairytale, even just for a day. 

Tip: Leverage venue partnerships for discounted rates on services and easier coordination. After all, the less stress on your wedding planning, the better!

There are also plenty of outdoor Winnipeg wedding venues to pick from, like this garden venue.

5. The Greenwood Ballroom

Nestled within the Best Western Plus Winnipeg Airport Hotel, The Greenwood Ballroom offers an elegant yet affordable setting for your wedding festivities, especially if you want your whole day to feel luxurious! What’s more, the venue also boasts tailored packages and attentive staff, helping you get a more personalized experience without making your wallet cry! And well, it’s a ballroom, so we’re sure some Sinatra or Twain would fit perfectly with the festivities *wink wink* 

Tip: Prioritize venue amenities such as bridal suites and catering options to maximize the value of what you paid for!

6. Hawthorn Estates

If you want to glow under the natural warmth of the sun during your wedding, then a good mid-priced venue is the Hawthorn Estates. Situated on a scenic property just outside the city, the estate offers fantastic outdoor wedding locations like the gardens or a gazebo overlooking a pond! All in all, the venue is perfect for any outdoor wedding ceremony, including yours!

Tip: Dress for the occasion by asking your guests to dress in light and flowy clothes to match the overall theme of your outdoor wedding!

A couple getting wed in a rustic venue.

Luxurious Winnipeg Wedding Venues

7. The Fort Garry Hotel

Aiming for real luxury on your big day? If so, then take a gander at The Fort Garry Hotel, which stands as a beacon of luxury in Winnipeg. Revered for its charm, the hotel features a Crystal Ballroom perfect for dancing the night way, while the intimate Provencher Room offers unparalleled elegance for your actual wedding ceremony. Either way, you will surely get your money’s worth with this venue! 

Tip: Secure your preferred date well in advance to avoid disappointment, especially during peak seasons where plenty of couples end up booking this hotel for their own weddings!

8. Pine Ridge Hollow

Thinking of combining nature with luxury? If so, then you can’t go wrong with Pine Ridge Hollow, which offers a luxurious retreat amidst picturesque gardens and woodlands. Of course, a venue as great as this should be used to its full advantage, which is why we recommend hosting your ceremony outside amidst the gardens, while the Loft’s rustic-vibe makes it perfect for the reception and after-party that will follow.  

Tip: Collaborate with the venue’s experienced planners to curate bespoke packages tailored to your preferences. This way, you can really own your wedding day!

There are also plenty of Winnipeg wedding venues that stay luxurious without being too expensive.

9. The Manitoba Club

With its rich heritage and refined sophistication, The Manitoba Club is essentially tailor-made for couples like you who are searching for real luxury. First established as a gentlemen’s club, the venue is now the perfect spot for grand events, including hosting sophisticated weddings. This includes the majestic Grand Ballroom (you know what to do, lovebirds!) and the intimate Library, which we think is perfect for any reception. 

Tip: Explore add-on services such as valet parking and customized menus for a truly bespoke experience!

10. The Winnipeg Art Gallery

Finally, we’re ending our list of Winnipeg wedding venues with a cultural icon in the heart of the city: The Winnipeg Art Gallery! Offering a prestigious and lavish setting for grand weddings, this space features plenty of diversity, including the Rooftop Sculpture Garden and Eckhardt Hall. Either way, this venue is perfect for art-loving couples that want more creative expression on their big day! 

Tip: Inquire about exclusive access to gallery exhibits for a more unique and memorable wedding experience.

Having lots of natural light in your wedding venue is definitely a huge plus.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Wedding Venue In Winnipeg

  • Define Your Vision – Articulate your wedding vision and prioritize elements that align with your style and preferences. Consider factors such as theme, ambiance, and desired amenities. This should help make your wedding feel more personal, no matter what your overall budget is!
  • Budget Wisely – Allocate funds strategically by prioritizing venue aspects that are most important to you. Remember to account for additional costs such as catering, decor, and entertainment. Additionally, having a list of vendors for your wedding early during the planning process will help you plan for costs!


  • Consider Guest Experience – Ensure the venue offers convenience and comfort for your guests, including accessibility and parking options. Consider proximity to accommodations and transportation hubs for out-of-town guests. Depending on your venue, you might also need to book accommodations for your guests!


  • Read Contracts Thoroughly – Scrutinize venue contracts to understand policies, fees, and any restrictions upfront. Pay attention to cancellation policies, payment schedules, and any clauses related to outside vendors. Nobody wants to get surprised with unintended bills!
A couple getting wed in an outdoor ceremony.

Wedding Venue Don'ts To Keep In Mind

  • Underestimating Capacity Needs – Avoid selecting a venue that is too small to accommodate your guest list comfortably. Assess the space thoroughly to ensure it meets your needs without overcrowding. Doing so should help you avoid any discomfort for your guests!
  • Overlooking Hidden Costs – Beware of potential hidden costs such as service charges, gratuities, and additional fees for amenities. Factor these into your budget to avoid surprises later on. Because who wants to get stressed with budget overruns during what’s supposed to be one of the happiest days in your life?


  • Ignoring Flexibility Requirements – Ensure the venue can accommodate your desired layout, decor, and timing preferences. Lack of flexibility could hinder your ability to execute your vision seamlessly. Discuss flexibility options with the venue staff and clarify any restrictions upfront as well!

  • Neglecting Accessibility – Consider the accessibility of the venue for all guests, including those with mobility issues. Ensure the venue is equipped with ramps, elevators, and accessible restrooms to accommodate guests with disabilities.

Don'ts To Remember When Choosing A Wedding Venue

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And that ends our list of the best Winnipeg wedding venues! Whatever your budget or plans may be, we hope our list of the best Winnipeg wedding venues was able to help you decide! 

Selecting the perfect wedding venue is a pivotal step in curating your dream day. By exploring Winnipeg’s diverse range of venues and adhering to these invaluable tips, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on this exciting journey with confidence and clarity.

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