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The Cost Of A Wedding Officiant in Winnipeg: What You Need to Know

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple during their ceremony.


When it comes to planning a Winnipeg nuptials (or any other wedding for that matter!), people rarely think about the cost of a wedding officiant in Winnipeg. After all, it’s much more exciting to pick the wedding dress, the wedding venue, the flowers, and even the type of music that’ll play at the reception party! 

But unless you have a friend who you can officiate that you managed to pull or you’re self-officiating (is that a thing even?), then you need one, and part of that is space in your wedding budget you need to allot for it. 

So, to help you get started, this article will go over the cost of a wedding officiant in Winnipeg, along with the different available packages, extra fees, and even some budget-friendly options to keep your wallet happy. Let’s get right to it!

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The Cost Of A Wedding Officiant In Winnipeg

Now, we know you’re curious! So, let’s talk numbers. In terms of price range, the usual cost of a wedding officiant in Winnipeg is around $300 to $800, depending on the package you acquire.

Of course, different packages have different inclusions, so finding one that fits both your needs and your budget is important. The pricing for these packages also depends on factors like the officiant’s expertise, reputation, and the customization level offered. So, whether you want a lavish ceremony or a simple celebration, there should be one that fits the bill for you!

Different Kinds Of Wedding Officiant Packages In Winnipeg

Now, before you get hitched and officially tie the knot, let’s find the best wedding officiant package that will fit all your needs. Here are the usual packages you can find offered on the market today.

A wedding officiant in Winnipeg.

1. Basic Package

If you are having a smaller wedding or just want to stick to the essentials, then the basic package should fit like a glove. Laying the groundwork for a simple but wonderful ceremony, the basic package usually includes officiant services for the ceremony (to ensure all legal requirements are met with grace), some consultation sessions to discuss your celebration’s structure, and a standard ceremony script. And since it’s a basic package, the prices tend to be very wallet-friendly!

2. Standard Package

If you want to take things up a notch without making such a huge leap in pricing, we’re sure the standard package should be right up your alley. Aside from including everything that the basic package has to offer, standard wedding officiant packages in Winnipeg also usually come with a more in-depth consultation and rehearsal attendance, as well as other elements that enhance your overall ceremony.

3. Customized Package

If you and your partner are looking to go more knee-deep in the waters alongside your wedding officiant, why not go for a customized package? As the name implies, this package can be tailored to meet all of your specific needs and preferences, which leads to your ideal wedding ceremony. And with customized nature, the prices for these packages also vary, usually depending on the services that are offered by your Winnipeg wedding officiant.  

4. Premium Package

Finally, if you want your wedding officiant to be as luxurious as your actual big day, then opt for a premium package. In addition to all of the services included in the standard package, premium packages come with a more elaborate and involved process, as well as additional enhancements like support and guidance, special rituals, and even live music to further sweeten the deal! Of course, make sure you also have the top photography service on standby to capture every important moment!

Additional Fees to Consider Adding

Of course, choosing the right officiant package is more than just sticking to the option that you think is best for you. It also means going through all of the possible charges and fees that can eat up your entire wedding budget. So, to help you be more street-smart when it comes to managing that budget, here are some additional expenses you might encounter when learning about the cost of a wedding officiant in Winnipeg.

The cost of a wedding officiant in Winnipeg depends on the type of service you get.

Ceremony Add-Ons

If you want to add emotional depth to your ceremony, then there are some add-ons to consider, including special readings, rituals, or some symbolic gestures. Of course, they add extra charm to your celebration, all the better for your Winnipeg wedding photographer to capture!

Travel Expenses

We know it took a while to find the perfect Winnipeg wedding venue for your big day, but keep in mind that if it’s outside your officiant’s customer service area, then there might be additional fees incurred on your end. Luckily, all that investment will help ensure your officiant arrives bright and early… leading to a smoother wedding event!

Rehearsal Fees

If you pick a premium or higher-tiered package, then rehearsal coordination is often included in the services. However, if you pick a basic or essentials package, then you might need to pay a little extra for this service. Of course, practice makes perfect, and doing so means having the confidence to not stutter or forget any of your vows during the actual ceremony! Plus, think of it as the wedding ceremony before the actual thing, and doesn’t that sound like a fun bonding moment with your partner? We absolutely think so!

Holiday or Peak Season Surcharges

Last but not least, keep in mind that there may be surcharges if you decide to hold your wedding during the peak seasons or holidays. As such, we actually recommend booking your wedding well in advance to save up on costs. Remember that the early bird will always get the early worm!

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Still looking for more tips to help save? Hey, we get it, wedding costs can pile up so quickly after all! As such, we’ve rounded up some budget-friendly alternatives to help you save a pretty penny… and possibly have a bigger budget for your honeymoon. Sounds good, yes?

A couple during the end of their outdoor nuptials.

Friend or Family Member

We mentioned at the beginning of this blog that you don’t need an officiant if you have a friend or family member who can hold the ceremony… and we actually mean that! Luckily, there are plenty of online services that will help anybody get ordained, so if you want to go a lil’ bit extra on the DIY route, then this is the way to go. Plus, can you imagine just how funny it is getting wed by your buddy John? 😂


Don’t have a friend that can officiate? Well then, why not officiate the wedding yourself? We know it sounds out-of-this-world, but there’s no reason not to try when getting ordained online to officially wed you and your partner is quite easy! Plus, it means saving on extra fees so you can have more budget for the wedding dinner!

Officiant Referrals

Alright, alright, so you want an actual officiant to cover the wedding. We get you! So, why not inquire within your social circle for referrals to ordained individuals? You never know, you might even get reduced rates as a gift to your upcoming wedding!

Justice of the Peace

Last but not least, consider getting a civil ceremony officiated either by a justice of the peace at a courthouse or a public location. This approach not only ensures legal compliance for you and your partner, but will also make you feel like you’re a runaway couple! Now that’s romance!

Final Thoughts

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And that concludes our article on the cost of a wedding officiant in Winnipeg – as well as some extra tips to not only help you find the perfect officiant package, but save up as much as you can while budgeting!

Just keep in mind that regardless of the type of wedding officiant package you get for your wedding, the important part is that you’re finally getting married, and that is always a cause for celebration! 

So, in case you want to make sure all those memories are captured with both style and grace, then make sure to work with our team here at Photo Kings! As the premier provider of photography services here in Winnipeg, our team prides itself in having only the top photographers, high-quality equipment, and industry-leading customer service at great rates! You can even check our Instagram page for some of the previous clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with! 

So, hit us up for a quote, and we’ll be right with you in a jiffy! We can’t wait to talk to you!

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