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6 Unique Wedding Venues In Winnipeg To Visit Today!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
An outdoor wedding venue in Winnipeg.


Getting hitched soon in Winnipeg and looking for a wedding venue that will scream “unique” and “unconventional?” You’re in the right place! 

After all, Winnipeg itself is a melting pot of unique cultures and locations, so why not have a splash of that uniqueness for your actual wedding day?

So, in the spirit of your wedding, we’ve gone ahead and picked out 6 of the most unique wedding venues in Winnipeg, from warehouse districts, legislative buildings, and even a science complex! 

Sounds interesting? Well then, let’s visit each one right away!

Table of Contents

1. The Warehouse District

For our first suggestion in this list of unique wedding venues in Winnipeg, let’s go to the Warehouse District. Known for its wonderful storefronts, historic warehouses, and trendy vibe, the Warehouse District’s industrial-chic vibe is perfect for couples that want that distinct urban charm in their wedding. It also makes a wonderful backdrop for city wedding photos!

The warehouse district provides plenty of unique wedding venues in Winnipeg for couples.

What Makes It Unique: The Warehouse District’s urban charm and vintage aesthetics provide a distinctive setting for weddings. Exposed brick walls, large windows, and industrial fixtures add character to the spaces, adding an urban vibe to all of your wedding photos.

Wedding Facilities: Couples can choose from converted warehouses and event spaces that offer a blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. Facilities may include industrial-style decor, customizable lighting, and flexible layouts for ceremonies and receptions.

Guest Capacity: Depending on the chosen venue, the Warehouse District can accommodate weddings of various sizes, from intimate gatherings to larger celebrations, so it all depends on your celebration!

2. The Exchange District Rooftops

Want a wedding with a view? Say no more! For this next suggestion in our list of unique wedding venues in Winnipeg, let’s climb up the Exchange District Rooftops, which offers a breathtaking setting for any couple! What’s essentially great about this place is that rooftop weddings don’t need much in the way of decoration, not when your backdrop is already the city behind you! Besides, can you imagine saying your vows against the backdrop of the skyline as the sun sets? We’re sure your very own Winnipeg wedding photographer would love to snap away at that!

Rooftops are also one of the most unique wedding venues in Winnipeg.

What Makes It Unique: The rooftop venues in the Exchange District provide a blend of urban sophistication and scenic beauty. Guests can enjoy panoramic views while celebrating the couple’s special day.

Wedding Facilities: Rooftop venues typically offer outdoor spaces with skyline views, cozy seating areas, and stylish decor options. Couples can create a romantic atmosphere with string lights, floral arrangements, and personalized touches. It’s also ideal for rooftop parties once the wedding DJ turns up the music! 

Guest Capacity: Rooftop venues can accommodate intimate weddings or larger gatherings, depending on the size of the rooftop space and seating arrangements.

3. The Manitoba Legislative Building

Bet you a dollar that you didn’t think we’d include a government building here! Well, for our next suggestion in this list of unique wedding venues in Winnipeg, let’s go over to the Manitoba Legislative Building! 

Built back in 1920, the building is usually used for government meetings, and features iconic architecture and grandeur thanks to its rich history. Luckily, couples can now use that grandeur as backdrop for their very own special wedding day, and you can even book tours after the ceremony as a little treat for the guests. History buffs, raise your hands!

Government buildings can also be a wedding venue.

What Makes It Unique: Couples can exchange vows in the Legislative Building’s stunning spaces, such as the Rotunda or the elegant chambers. The building’s neoclassical design and ornate details add a sense of grandeur to the occasion.

Wedding Facilities: The Legislative Building provides elegant event spaces with historical significance, ideal for formal ceremonies and receptions. Facilities may include audiovisual equipment, catering services, and access to iconic areas for photo opportunities.

Guest Capacity: Depending on the chosen space within the Legislative Building, weddings can range from intimate gatherings to larger events with significant guest lists.

4. The Manitoba Hydro Place

Do you know that there are now eco-friendly buildings that help advance the fight against climate change? If you and your partner would like to be a part of that, then consider booking the Manitoba Hydro Place as your Winnipeg wedding venue! Combining both sustainability and beautiful modern architecture, this award-winning building features innovative design elements and eco-friendly features like greenery, climate control, and even some winter gardens! Easily one of the most unique wedding venues in Winnipeg!

An eco-friendly building.

What Makes It Unique: The Manitoba Hydro Place’s green design and contemporary aesthetics offer a futuristic backdrop for weddings. Couples can embrace sustainability while celebrating their love in a stylish setting.

Wedding Facilities: The building offers sleek event spaces with modern amenities, including sustainable practices such as energy-efficient lighting and climate control. Couples can customize the space with eco-friendly decor and greenery for a nature-inspired theme.

Guest Capacity: Depending on the event space within Manitoba Hydro Place, weddings can accommodate varying guest counts, from intimate gatherings to medium-sized celebrations.

5. The Winnipeg Art Gallery

Art-loving couple or want cultural enthusiast? If that’s the case, then how about getting married in an art gallery? You read that right, because the Winnipeg Art Gallery actually provides a unique wedding experience surrounded by world-class artworks and galleries. Combining artistic ambiance with elegant settings for weddings, this unique wedding venue in Winnipeg will certainly make your photos stand out!

Art galleries also work as unique wedding venues in Winnipeg.

What Makes It Unique: Couples can tie the knot amidst renowned art collections and inspiring exhibitions. The Winnipeg Art Gallery’s modern architecture and artistic flair set the stage for a creative and memorable wedding celebration. Maybe show off those wonderful wedding poses too for the photographer?? 

Wedding Facilities: The gallery offers sophisticated event spaces with artistic touches, such as gallery views, contemporary decor, and customizable layouts. Services may include art-inspired catering options and access to exclusive exhibits for guests, making for a more memorable reception event! 

Guest Capacity: Depending on the chosen gallery or event space, weddings at the Winnipeg Art Gallery can accommodate various guest sizes, from intimate ceremonies to larger receptions.

6. The University of Winnipeg's Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex

For a wedding that celebrates knowledge and innovation (in addition to your love for each other!), consider the Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex at the University of Winnipeg. This cutting-edge venue offers a blend of academic charm and modern facilities, and offers unconventional spaces to make your big day all the more memorable!

A college building in Winnipeg.

What Makes It Unique: The Richardson Complex’s architectural design and scientific theme create a distinctive backdrop for weddings. Couples can embrace a theme of discovery and exploration while exchanging vows in this unique setting.

Wedding Facilities: The complex provides state-of-the-art event spaces with advanced audiovisual capabilities and customizable features. Couples can incorporate scientific elements into their wedding decor and themes, making it a memorable and unconventional experience.

Guest Capacity: Depending on the event space within the Richardson Complex, weddings can accommodate varying guest counts, from intimate ceremonies to medium-sized receptions.

Final Thoughts

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And there you have it – six of our favorite unique wedding venues in Winnipeg! By going over our favorites, we hope that you and your partner can find the best unconventional Winnipeg wedding venue to exchange vows in!

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