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7 Underrated And Small Wedding Venues in Toronto!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Wedding rings.


Planning a small wedding in Toronto? Great choice! 

With inflation at an all-time high, being wise with your finances is always good, especially if you’re planning something as pricey as a wedding ceremony. You’re in good hands too, because while Toronto certainly has its share of grand ballrooms and extravagant venues, there’s also plenty of charm to be found in its more intimate and underrated space.

So, to make sure your wedding remains magical without spending so much, we’ve picked 7 of the most underrated and small wedding venues in Toronto! 

Ready? Let’s have a crack at it!

Table of Contents

1. The Great Hall

Let’s start this list of small wedding venues in Toronto by visiting the Queen West neighborhood to find the historic Great Hall! One of Toronto’s most exotic historic venues, this place boasts a beautiful stage that’s ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions. It’s not too big as well, able to accommodate up to 150 guests for a more intimate affair. And did we mention there’s a stunning rooftop terrace? We think that’s the perfect spot for cocktail hours and taking dazzling wedding photos!

There are plenty of hotels that are also small wedding venues in Toronto.

Wedding Spaces

  • Main Hall: Ideal for ceremonies and receptions, accommodating up to 150 guests. 
  • Rooftop Terrace: Perfect for cocktail hours, outdoor ceremonies, and other wedding-related activities.

Wedding Amenities

  • Bridal suite and groom’s room for getting ready.
  • In-house catering services with customizable menus to help curate the perfect wedding dinner. 
  • Audiovisual equipment for presentations, announcements, and other similar things.

2. The Burroughes Building

Next up, let’s head in the heart of the trendy Queen West district to find the Burroughes Building, another one of our favorite small wedding venues in Toronto! Essentially a converted heritage building, the Burroughes Building offers historic charm with modern amenities. Plus, the ballroom itself (hired a Toronto wedding DJ yet? ) features exposed brick walls and large windows, which can only add a more romantic ambiance to your wedding. Additionally, the venue offers a rooftop patio with panoramic views of the city skyline.

Hotel spaces also double as small wedding venues in Toronto.

Wedding Spaces

  • Ballroom: Rustic charm with exposed brick walls, accommodating up to 120 guests.
  • Rooftop Patio: Scenic views for outdoor ceremonies, cocktail receptions, and post-wedding celebrations.

Wedding Amenities

  • Professional event planning and coordination services for more stress-free experience. 
  • On-site catering with customizable menu options.
  • Complimentary decor options to enhance the ambiance and make your celebration feel more unique!

3. Artscape Gibraltar Point

Want a more contemporary background for your wedding celebration? Then how about a cultural hub surrounded by arts and nature? Well, that’s exactly what the Artscape Gibraltar Point offers! Nestled on Toronto Island, this venue’s Studio space features high ceilings and ample natural light, creating a serene atmosphere for weddings. With a capacity of 80 guests, it’s perfect for intimate ceremonies and receptions. The venue also provides access to outdoor spaces for a waterfront backdrop, making it one of the most underrated small wedding venues in Toronto!

A small barnyard wedding venue in Toronto.

Wedding Spaces

  • Studio: Serene ambiance with natural light, with just enough space to accommodate up to 80 guests.
  • Outdoor Spaces: Waterfront views for ceremonies or cocktail receptions. Perhaps some underwater wedding photos if you’re feeling more daring?

Wedding Amenities

  • Eco-friendly venue with sustainable practices. Because being green is always the way to go! 
  • Accessible by ferry, providing a unique arrival experience for guests.
  • Customizable wedding packages to suit individual preferences and price points!

4. The Richmond

You won’t need to travel far for another one of our favorite small wedding venues in Toronto, as The Richmond is located right downtown! Featuring exposed brick walls and industrial chic decor, this venue is one of Toronto’s most famous spots, so make sure to book early if you’re having your celebration during the peak season! Of course, the venue itself also includes a private courtyard, perfect for outdoor ceremonies or cocktail receptions.

A couple getting married in one of the small wedding venues in Toronto.

Wedding Spaces

  • Loft: Industrial chic ambiance, accommodating up to 100 guests.
  • Private Courtyard: Outdoor space for ceremonies or cocktail receptions.

Wedding Amenities

  • On-site event coordination and planning services, including a dedicated event manager. 
  • Customizable bar packages with premium beverage options.
  • Flexibility to personalize decor and lighting arrangements, plus a professional cleaning service.

5. Arta Gallery

Tucked away in Toronto’s famous Distillery District, the Arta Gallery offers a blend of artistry and sophistication for weddings, making it ideal for couples that want something more than the traditional church venue. Founded back in 2003, the gallery itself features contemporary artwork and high ceilings, creating a unique ambiance for ceremonies and receptions. Plus, its capacity is only up to 80 guests, making it the perfect spot for intimate weddings. 

There are also art galleries that can be booked as small wedding venues in Toronto.

Wedding Spaces

  • Gallery: Artistic ambiance with contemporary decor, accommodating up to 80 guests.
  • Private Patio: Outdoor space for ceremonies or cocktail receptions.

Wedding Amenities

  • Art-inspired decor options for a creative wedding theme, with space for customization and adding your own wedding decor. 
  • In-house catering with gourmet menu selections, so you are assured that the wedding buffet will be great.
  • Complimentary parking for you and your guests’ convenience.

6. The Gladstone Hotel

This next place is not only one of our favorite small wedding venues in Toronto, but is also one the city’s oldest hotels! Featuring Victorian-era architecture and elegant decor, this historic yet trendy venue is as timeless as it gets, especially if you want your wedding to still feel luxurious. And did we mention that the venue features artist-designed hotel rooms? Better make sure you have a Toronto wedding photographer at the ready then!

The setting of a small wedding celebration.

Wedding Spaces

  • Ballroom: Victorian elegance with historic charm, accommodating up to 120 guests.
  • Artist-Designed Hotel Rooms: Unique accommodations for wedding guests.

Wedding Amenities

  • Dedicated wedding coordinator for personalized planning.
  • Customizable menu options showcasing local and foreign cuisine.
  • Optional affordable overnight stay packages for wedding guests.

7. The Carlu

Want your small wedding to remain glamorous? If so, then our last suggestion is the perfect Toronto wedding venue for you: The Carlu! Found right in downtown Toronto (close to Little Italy and the Royal Ontario Museum), the Carlu’s Concert Hall features a marvelous Art Deco design and a grand stage, making it ideal for luxurious celebrations. Plus, the space itself is suitable for slightly larger intimate weddings, while the elegant lounges are all perfect for your pre-event gatherings and the like.

A small field that can be booked for wedding celebrations.

Wedding Spaces

  • Concert Hall: Art Deco elegance with a grand stage, accommodating up to 200 guests.
  • Elegant Lounges: Stylish spaces for pre-event gatherings or cocktail receptions.

Wedding Amenities

  • Experienced event staff for seamless execution of wedding plans.
  • Gourmet catering services with premium menu options.
  • Valet parking and transportation services for guests’ convenience.

Considerations and Tips for Choosing a Small Wedding Venue

A bride at the end of her ceremony.
  • Location – Consider the location of the venue in relation to your guests. Choose a venue that is convenient for most attendees in terms of accessibility and travel time, especially if you have elderly people in your guest book.
  • Guest Experience – Think about the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Choose a venue that offers comfortable seating, adequate facilities, and amenities that enhance the guest experience. Luckily, this is easier to do if you opt for a smaller guest list.
  • Outdoor Options – If you desire an outdoor ceremony or reception, look for venues that offer beautiful outdoor spaces. Of course, make sure these venues also have indoor options in the case of any weather contingency!
  • Privacy – Ensure that the venue provides a level of privacy that suits your preferences. This is especially important for intimate weddings where you want to create a cozy and private atmosphere for you and your guests. No party poopers allowed!
  • Catering Options – Inquire about catering options at the venue. Some venues may have in-house catering services or preferred vendors, while others may allow you to bring in your own caterer. Of course, make sure to pick a venue whose menu options align with your preferences!

  • Technology and Amenities – If you plan to incorporate technology into your wedding (such as audiovisual presentations, a wedding DJ, etc.), ensure that the venue has the necessary technology and amenities to support your needs.

  • Legal Considerations – Be aware of any legal considerations or restrictions at the venue, such as noise ordinances, alcohol regulations, and rental agreements. Ensure that you understand and comply with all necessary requirements if there are any. 

Final Thoughts

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By considering these additional factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing a small wedding venue that aligns with your vision and ensures a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests.

In conclusion, there are plenty of small wedding venues in Toronto for you to pick from if you want a small wedding. And by going over our recommended venues and poring through our tips, you should be able to make an informed decision for your big day!

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So, make sure to hit us up for a quote and we’ll help turn all of your wedding dreams into reality! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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