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10 Best Poses For The Perfect Underwater Wedding Photoshoot

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An underwater wedding photoshoot is a great option for couples who want something more unique.


Before anything, congratulations on the upcoming wedding! 

We know how deep your love must be for each other to finally decide to tie the knot, so we’re thinking, why not celebrate with a shoot that’s literally deep: an underwater wedding photoshoot! 

Sure, it’s not technically as “deep” as your actual love and affection (swimming pools have to follow regulation!), but it’s also perfect for couples who want a whiff of fresh air on their wedding photoshoot. 

So, if you want to push the limits of creativity as a couple, then here are our 10 favorite creative poses for an underwater wedding photoshoot! Additionally, we also included some dos and dont’s when planning an underwater wedding photoshoot to keep you and your husband-to-be safe.

Take a big gulp of air, and let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. The Mermaid Embrace

Every woman dreamt of becoming a mermaid at one point in their life (Ariel after all, is an ICON), so let’s start the underwater wedding photoshoot with a pose inspired by that: the mermaid embrace. Just face your partner and wrap your arms around them for the perfect underwater photo. You can also make eye contact for extra intimacy, all while your hair and dress gracefully flow in the water!

2. Floating Kiss

What’s better than kissing your partner? Kissing your partner underwater of course! (at least, in photos). So, as you and your partner hover weightlessly in the water, lean in for a gentle kiss. Simple but romantic, just like how we like it!

3. Dancing With The Fish

Next, it’s time to go full mermaid mode (without the tail and a talking crab beside you) by gracefully swimming through the water with your partner, as if there’s fish all around you! Of course, you can also go for the real thing by taking this photo in the actual sea, but the dynamic nature of the photo should be enough to make a stunning shot even if you’re only in a swimming pool.

4. Underwater Veil Dance

If you want to add a touch of drama in your underwater wedding photoshoot, consider the famous underwater veil dance. This is done by letting your veil flow freely in the water as you hold hands with your partner. You can even go solo in some shots, just to further emphasize yourself and the dress you’re wearing!

Wearing a flowy dress is recommended for an underwater wedding photoshoot.

5. Sunburst Silhouette

If you’re looking to add a dreamy and ethereal quality to your underwater wedding photoshoot, then time the sunlight and let it filter through the water! Not only will this highlight the contour of your bodies in the water, but it will also add a much-needed splash of golden colour! You can even go the extra mile by waiting for the sunset before taking these photos!

6. Ring Exchange

If you and your partner can do it, then a ring exchange pose in the water is one of our favorite underwater wedding photoshoot ideas. Simply “stand” underwater and exchange rings with each other. Just remember that it takes careful coordination and communication to be able to pull off!

7. Underwater Ballet

Now’s the time to put those childhood ballet lessons to work! While in the water, simply elongate your bodies and gracefully extend your limbs to mimic classical ballet movements. When done properly, this pose creates a sense of fluidity and sophistication, which is why it’s one of our favorite poses for wedding photoshoots underwater.

8. Candid Fun

Here’s another simple pose you can try underwater: simply have fun! Whether this means swimming together and looking at each other, or smiling at the camera while striking funny poses together, you can never go wrong with some candid shots of you enjoying underwater! So get ready to flash those pearly whites and say cheese! (wait, actually don’t say cheese underwater…)

9. Reflections

Take advantage of the reflective surface of the water to capture stunning images for your wedding photoshoot. Sure, it’s not technically “underwater,” but trust us when we say that this classic photoshoot trick won’t fail you… and we all need to come up for air too!

10. Whimsical Underwater Jump

Finally, conclude the photoshoot with a burst of joy and playfulness! Simply hold hands and jump together into the water as the photographer captures your candid expressions mid-air! And when you’re done, maybe slip into something more pool-friendly and celebrate with an actual swim alongside your partner, you deserve it!

Jumping together in the water is also a great pose for an underwater wedding photoshoot.

Underwater Wedding Photoshoot Dos And Don'ts


  • Plan Ahead: As fun as it may sound, you can’t just show up in the pool with your partner to have an underwater wedding photoshoot. Instead, schedule the shoot when the sun is out to get the best visibility in your photos. 

  • Coordinate Attire: Coordination is key in wedding photoshoots, underwater or not. For this particular one, though, opt for lightweight fabrics or an underwater photoshoot wedding dress that can easily flow in the water. Pick clothes with simple designs too, just to make sure the focus is on you. 

  • Use Professional Equipment: Next, make sure the photographer you’re hiring is using high-quality underwater photography equipment. Luckily, professional photographers these days usually have this at-hand (just like us at PhotoKings.ca 🫣), so you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking (because we’re already here 🫣). 

  • Safety First: Of course, make sure you also hire some safety divers to assist you and your photographer. We also recommend conducting a safety briefing and practicing emergency procedures before the photoshoot. Additionally, this is the time to establish clear signals for communication underwater.


  • Underestimate the Challenges: While it’s certainly doable even for beginners, remember that underwater wedding photoshoots come with unique challenges, so make sure you’re prepared. Additionally, avoid complex poses without proper planning beforehand. 

  • Ignore the Importance of Timing: Don’t underestimate the importance of timing for underwater photoshoots. Avoid rushing through poses as well, and really take the time to capture the perfect moment. 

  • Ignore the Time of Day: Lighting also plays an important factor, especially more so in an underwater setting where shadows are even harsher. That’s why planning the time and poses beforehand is very crucial. 
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Final Thoughts

And that concludes our list of the best poses for an underwater wedding photoshoot! 

Whether you decide to follow our list or be creative and make your own poses, we hope it’s at least helpful, and that you were able to pick up a thing or two. 

Either way, an underwater wedding photoshoot offers a unique way to capture the love you have for your partner in dazzling photos… while also fulfilling your mermaid dreams for a day!

But just in case you don’t have the perfect photographer for your shoot yet, then how about working with us at PhotoKings.ca? As experts in the photography business, we’re no stranger to unique and challenging shoots, and we certainly want to help bring your mermaid dreams to life!

We also provide excellent customer service and meticulous attention to detail, making us the go-to choice for anyone seeking premium photography services.

So, call us at 1 (800) 496-3379 to get started, and we can’t wait to see you underwater!

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