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6 Stunning Engagement Photo Locations In Edmonton To Visit Today!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
An engaged couple.


Recently slipped on the ring? Congratulations! 

Now, before you go into full-planning mode for your Edmonton wedding and things get hectic, why not have a little bit of fun with your very own engagement photoshoot? 

After all, engagement photography sessions are not only a way to celebrate your recent milestone, but it’s also good practice for your upcoming wedding photos! You can never be too sure about those wedding jitters, so might as well reduce that stress as early as now! 

And just to further help you out, we’ve also gone ahead and picked out 6 of our favorite engagement photo locations in Edmonton for you, complete with photo spaces, amenities, and some extra tips to elevate your shoot. 

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. Muttart Conservatory

For the first suggestion in our list of engagement photo locations in Edmonton, let’s go right into the heart of the city to find the Muttart Conservatory. A botanical oasis featuring four glass pyramids that showcase diverse plant collections, this wonderful building is chock full of vibrant hues courtesy of the tropical flora, while the pyramids’ architectural elegance set a real unique backdrop for all your wedding poses! And just as a little extra, studies have proven that spending time in nature is actually good for our well-being!

Conservatories are one of the best engagement photo locations in Edmonton.

Photo Spaces:

  • The lush botanical gardens surrounding the pyramids offer a variety of colorful backdrops, from vibrant flower beds to serene water features.
  • Inside the pyramids, unique plant displays and themed environments provide a whimsical atmosphere, perfect for romantic and artistic shots.

Amenities and Facilities for Photos:

  • Admission rates vary, with discounts available for group bookings and photography sessions, making it an affordable yet enchanting option.
  • Indoor spaces offer climate-controlled environments, ideal for year-round photoshoots, ensuring comfort for couples and photographers alike.

2. Fort Edmonton Park

For some reason, there really is just something magical about the days of old… so if you want to have the same vibe on your wedding day, then we’re offering to help you step back in time at Fort Edmonton Park! 

A living history museum that depicts Edmonton’s past through reconstructed historic buildings and immersive experiences, this is certainly one of the most unique engagement photo locations in Edmonton, and offers a nostalgic and charming backdrop for all your engagement photos. 

Step back in time at Fort Edmonton Park, a living history museum depicting Edmonton’s past through reconstructed historic buildings and immersive experiences. From rustic barns to Victorian streetscapes, this venue offers a nostalgic and charming backdrop for engagement photos.

Parks make for great engagement photo locations in Edmonton.

Photo Spaces:

  • Historical buildings like rustic barns and Victorian streetscapes, period costumes, and authentic props add a vintage flair to photos, transporting couples to different eras and creating timeless images.
  • Scenic outdoor areas, including riverside views and wooded trails, provide natural beauty and a sense of romance.

Amenities and Facilities for Photos:

  • Photography permits are required for professional shoots, with rates starting at $100 per hour. However, the unique setting and historical ambiance make it worth the investment, so make sure to bring along your expert Edmonton wedding photographer!
  • Access to period-appropriate props, costumes, and set decorations enhances photo creativity, allowing couples to personalize their shoot.

3. Elk Island National Park

Want a bit of hiking to go with your mountain engagement photos? Then the Elk Island National Park is one of the best engagement photo locations in Edmonton for you! Offering picturesque landscapes, tranquil lakes, and abundant wildlife (enter the majestic elks!), the park’s diverse ecosystems provide endless photo opportunities for you and your partner! Just make sure to bring comfy clothes!

The Elk Island National Park is filled with animals like, you guessed it, elks!

Photo Spaces:

  • Scenic lakeshores, open meadows, and forested trails offer a rustic and romantic ambiance, capturing the beauty of Edmonton’s natural wilderness. Perfect for outdoor lovers!
  • Wildlife sightings, such as bison herds or bird species, add a touch of authenticity and natural charm to photos, creating memorable and unique moments.

Amenities and Facilities for Photos:

  • Park admission rates apply, with seasonal discounts and special event permits available, making it accessible for engagement shoots all-year round.
  • Picnic areas, hiking trails, and scenic viewpoints provide versatile photo settings, allowing couples to explore different scenes within the park while also having some great outdoor fun! 

4. Art Gallery of Alberta and Churchill Square

Blend art and urban landscapes at the Art Gallery of Alberta and Churchill Square, a vibrant hub in downtown Edmonton. The gallery’s modern architecture, outdoor sculptures, and the bustling square create a dynamic backdrop for contemporary shoots, making it one of our top engagement photo locations in Edmonton if you want to soak up some culture!

A couple on an art gallery.

Photo Spaces:

  • Architectural elements, artistic installations, and reflective surfaces offer creative compositions, adding a modern and artistic touch to photos.
  • Urban scenes, including city skylines and street art, provide a trendy and cosmopolitan backdrop, perfect for couples looking for a modern aesthetic.

Amenities and Facilities for Photos:

  • Gallery admission rates vary, with photography policies permitting non-flash photography, ensuring flexibility for photoshoots.
  • Public spaces in Churchill Square provide open-air settings and cultural events for photo variety, adding vibrancy and energy to engagement photos.

5. Old Strathcona District

Discover the historic charm of Old Strathcona, Edmonton’s cultural and artsy district filled with heritage buildings, boutique shops, and lively cafes. Cobblestone streets, colorful murals, and vintage storefronts create a bohemian and eclectic backdrop for engagement photos, all while giving you the chance to support the vibrant local community! What’s not to love?

The Strathcona District is one of the best engagement photo locations in Edmonton.

Photo Spaces:

  • Quaint alleys, artistic murals, and vintage signage offer a unique urban aesthetic, capturing the artistic and cultural essence of the district.
  • Cozy cafes, boutique shops, and street performances add character to photoshoots, allowing couples to blend into the vibrant atmosphere. Plus, you might even discover your new favorite shop! 

Amenities and Facilities for Photos:

  • No admission fees, but permissions may be required for photography in certain private properties, ensuring a hassle-free photoshoot experience.
  • Access to eclectic props, retro-themed settings, and local artwork enhances photo creativity, allowing couples to infuse their personality into the photos.

6. Astotin Lake, Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area

Escape to Astotin Lake at Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area for a beachfront engagement shoot surrounded by nature’s tranquility. The sandy shores, serene waters, and expansive skies provide a scenic and romantic setting for waterfront photos. Plus, it can double as a mini beach vacation with your beloved!

A couple having an engagement shoot in front of a lake.

Photo Spaces:

  • Beachfront vistas, sunset reflections on the lake, and open skies offer idyllic backdrops, creating a serene and romantic ambiance for photos.
  • Wooded trails, picnic areas, and wildlife sightings add natural charm to photoshoots, allowing couples to explore different settings within the park.

Amenities and Facilities for Photos:

  • Provincial park admission rates apply, with seasonal rates and vehicle permits available, ensuring accessibility and convenience for photoshoots.
  • Beach facilities, including picnic tables, changing areas, and scenic viewpoints, enhance photo comfort, allowing couples to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Considerations and Tips for Engagement Shoots in Edmonton

An engaged couple in Edmonton.
  • Seasonal Planning – Consider seasonal changes and weather conditions for optimal lighting and scenery. Spring and summer offer lush greenery, while fall provides colorful foliage, each adding a distinct charm to photos. Heck, you can even take engagement photos during the winter if you want!

  • Permits and Permissions – Obtain necessary permits for professional photography at designated locations, ensuring compliance and avoiding interruptions during the shoot.

  • Outfit Coordination – Coordinate outfits that complement the chosen venue’s aesthetic and season, selecting colors and styles that enhance the overall mood and theme of the photoshoot.

  • Timing – Schedule photoshoots during golden hour for soft, flattering light and captivating skies, creating a dreamy and romantic atmosphere in photos.

  • Photographer Collaboration – Communicate ideas, preferences, and creative concepts with your Edmonton photographer, fostering collaboration and ensuring the vision for the photoshoot is realized.

  • Backup Plan – Finally, make sure to have a backup location or indoor option in case of unexpected weather challenges. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as well! 

Final Thoughts

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And there you have it, six of our favorite engagement photo locations in Edmonton, along with some extra tips to help you make the most out of this milestone with your beloved! 

Keep in mind that no matter the location of your shoot, the important part is to celebrate this time with your partner, all while having some fun before the hectic wedding planning begins! 

But just in case you’ve already decided on a location but still don’t have an expert shooter to bring with you, then our team here at Photo Kings would love to offer our assistance! As the premier provider of photography services here in Edmonton, we specialize in providing expert photographers, high-quality equipment, and industry leading customer service at wonderful rates. You can even see a sample of our photos over at our Instagram page

So, hit us up for a quote or send us a message through our Facebook page, and we’ll be with you in a moment!

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