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6 Small Wedding Venues in Winnipeg For An Intimate Celebration

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
An outdoor wedding setting in Winnipeg.


Getting married soon and deciding against a big traditional church venue with hundreds of guests? Then chances are, small wedding venues are the perfect place for you!

Small and intimate wedding ceremonies, after all, have an undeniable charm… the biggest of which is that you’ll be able to save on tons of money! (hey, those floral arrangements don’t come cheap) 

So, if you’re looking for the best small wedding venues in Winnipeg, then we’re already wayyyy ahead of you, because we’ve picked out the cream of the crop, including their available wedding spaces, amenities, and even guest capacities.

Sounds good? Let’s get right to it! 

Table of Contents

1. The Pavilion at Assiniboine Park

Let’s start this list of small wedding venues in Winnipeg with a wallet-friendly classic: Assiniboine Park’s Pavilion! Quaint, charming, and filled with lush greenery all around, the Pavilion is a wonderful wedding venue for couples that want to experience the wonderful effects of being around nature on their wedding day, all without spending too much! Plus, we think the venue’s large windows make them really excellent for taking wonderful wedding photos!

There are plenty of small wedding venues in Winnipeg to pick from.

Wedding Spaces

  • Indoor ceremony space with a capacity of up to 100 guests.
  • Outdoor garden area for romantic ceremonies, cocktail hours, and other wedding-related activities.

Wedding Amenities

  • Bridal suite for getting ready.
  • Audiovisual equipment for speeches and presentations (prepared a wedding speech yet?) 
  • Catering services with customizable menus.
  • Budget-friendly packages that offer good flexibility.

2. The RancheHouse

Barn weddings are all the rage these days, probably because the theme lends itself well to smaller, intimate weddings. If you’re considering this as well, then The RancheHouse is easily one of the best small wedding venues in Winnipeg you can find. Rustic yet refined with modern amenities, this venue provides a tranquil atmosphere for couples that want a countryside celebration. You can even take a dip in the pristine Bow River if you want to!

One of the garden-themed small wedding venues in Winnipeg.

Wedding Spaces

  • Cozy indoor space for small ceremonies and receptions.
  • Outdoor patio with scenic views for cocktail hours and wedding games.

Wedding Amenities

  • On-site catering with farm-to-table options for your wedding buffet.
  • Rustic decor and furnishings for a charming ambiance.
  • Ample parking for guests.
  • Surrounded by the rolling foothills of Alberta.

3. The Gainsborough Room at Fort Garry Hotel

Next up on our list of small wedding venues in Winnipeg is one for the history buffs: the Gainsborough Room at Fort Garry Hotel! One of Canada’s most historic railway hotels and built back in the early 90s, this hotel now boasts classic-style architecture with luxurious amenities, all while remaining easy on the wallet (and on the eyes too!)

Table setting on one of the small wedding venues in Winnipeg.

Wedding Spaces

  • Grand ballroom with ornate details for ceremonies, receptions (capacity up to 80 guests), and reception parties, so make sure to hire your own Winnipeg wedding DJ to take full advantage of the facility! 
  • Intimate lounge area for cocktail hours.

Wedding Amenities

  • Professional event planning and coordination services to make your day easier.
  • Gourmet catering options with fine dining experience thanks to renowned chefs.
  • Valet parking for the convenience of your guests.

4. Pineridge Hollow

For some reason, countryside venues and intimate weddings go together like peanut butter and jelly on a sandwich, so the next venue in our list is Pineridge Hollow! Bordering on the beauty of Birds Hills Park, Pineridge Hollow combines modern comforts with rustic charm, all while the cozy atmosphere should give your Winnipeg wedding photographer a romantic backdrop for all of your photos!

A couple celebrating in one of the small wedding venues in Winnipeg.

Wedding Spaces

  • Outdoor garden space for ceremonies and receptions.
  • Indoor dining area with inviting and warm decor.

Wedding Amenities

  • Farm-fresh cuisine using local ingredients and supporting the community.
  • Decor rentals for personalized styling.
  • On-site accommodations for guests.

5. Qualico Family Centre

For our next favorite small wedding venue in Winnipeg, let’s head back to Assiniboine Park and find the Qualico Family Centre, which offers a contemporary and versatile venue for small weddings. What makes this venue appealing for us is despite its very wallet-friendly rates, it still offers a sleek, luxurious design and scenic views of the park, making it great for an intimate, afternoon wedding.

A bride walking up the altar on her wedding day.

Wedding Spaces

  • Flexible indoor space with panoramic windows (capacity up to 120 guests).
  • Outdoor terrace for al fresco ceremonies and other wedding-related festivities.

Wedding Amenities

  • State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.
  • Customizable wedding packages with flexible rates.
  • Experienced event staff for seamless coordination and a smoother wedding planning process.

6. The Manitoba Club

As one of Winnipeg’s premier private clubs, The Manitoba Club provides a refined setting for intimate weddings. Add its historic charm and authentic attentive service, and you are guaranteed an unforgettable experience for you, your partner, and all of your guests!

One of the many outdoor small wedding venues in Winnipeg.

Wedding Spaces

  • Elegant ballroom with classic decor (capacity up to 100 guests).
  • Intimate dining rooms for smaller gatherings.

Wedding Amenities

  • Full-service catering with customizable menus.
  • Fine wines and spirits selection.
  • Exclusive use of the venue for wedding events for added privacy.

7. The Gates On Roblin

Last but not least on our list of top small wedding venues in Winnipeg is the famed Gates on Roblin! A century-old estate that’s been transformed into a prestigious restaurant, this venue offers a romantic and picturesque venue for small and intimate weddings. Plus, you know what they say, the couple that eats together, stays together!

Consider booking during the off-season to get more discounts in your small wedding venue.

Wedding Spaces

  • Outdoor gazebo for ceremonies surrounded by nature.
  • Indoor dining area with rustic charm.

Wedding Amenities

  • Gourmet catering with farm-fresh ingredients and top chefs.
  • Professional event planning services.
  • On-site accommodations for out-of-town guests.

Tips For Choosing Small Wedding Venues In Winnipeg

A reception table at one of the weddings in Winnipeg.
  • Budget-Friendly Options – Since we’re talking about budget-friendly small wedding venues in Winnipeg, make sure to look for places that offer customizable packages. Additionally, consider booking during the weekday or during the off-season for more potential discounts.
  • Intimate Atmosphere – Seek venues that align with the intimate vibe you desire for your wedding. Consider factors like decor style, lighting, and overall ambiance to create a cozy and romantic setting. Try to look for venues that offer exclusive use as well, as the added privacy will surely help.
  • Guest Comfort – Ensure the venue can comfortably accommodate your guest count. Check for amenities such as parking facilities, restrooms, seating areas, and accessibility for all guests, including elderly or differently abled individuals.


  • Location and Accessibility – Choose a venue that is convenient and easily accessible for both you and your guests. Consider proximity to hotels, airports, public transportation, and any special requirements for guests traveling from out of town. If the venue itself is far, consider picking a venue that also offers guest accommodations as well! But keep in mind that doing so might lead to more expenses.
  • Vendor Coordination – Ask if the venue offers assistance or recommendations for coordinating with vendors such as florists, photographers, caterers, and entertainment services. Seamless vendor coordination can alleviate stress and ensure a smoother wedding day experience.


  • Backup Plan for Weather – Discuss contingency plans with the venue in case of inclement weather, especially for outdoor ceremonies or receptions. Ensure there is a suitable indoor alternative or provisions for tents or shelters if needed. Nobody wants to bathe under the rain on your wedding day!
  • Venue Restrictions and Policies – Familiarize yourself with the venue’s policies regarding noise levels, alcohol service, curfew times, and any restrictions on decor or activities. Understanding these guidelines upfront can prevent surprises later in the planning process.


  • Plan a Personal Visit – Finally, make sure to schedule a site visit to experience the venue firsthand. Pay attention to details such as layout, acoustics, natural lighting, and the overall feel of the space to ensure that it really fits your vision for the wedding. 

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, there are a good number of excellent small wedding venues in Winnipeg that you can book for your intimate wedding! Keep in mind that, while small, these venues still make up for it with their facilities, amenities, and services, so your wedding should still feel bigger and more magical than it is! 

But what’s a great wedding venue without a wedding photographer to capture your day forever? For that, our team at Photo Kings would like to lend a helping hand!

As the largest provider of photography services here in Winnipeg, we specialize in providing excellent photography packages, top-rated photographers, high-quality equipment, and even leading customer service at great rates!

So, to make sure your big day is captured perfectly forever, make sure to hit us up for a quote, and we’ll get back to you quickly to plan that big day of yours!

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