At PhotoKings, we often discuss the importance of the visual appeal of a property. We have found that often times, the way a property is photographed can vastly affect its perceived value. Here are just a few things you can do to improve the visual appeal of your listing:

Take photos during daylight hours. Try to pick a time when there is ample sunlight that will illuminate your home in an attractive manner. If possible, try to avoid taking photos at peak sun hours. The sun can cast unflattering shadows on and around your home.

Take photos from eye level or below eye level if you have tall ceilings or high-backed chairs in your home and would like to showcase these features. These angles will help make your home look larger than it is and help eliminate any unflattering angles or shadows caused by overhead light fixtures.

Make sure all furnishings are neat and free from clutter before you take pictures of them for your listing! They should be cleaned up prior to making any photos public!

Remove all valuables such as money, jewelry, heirlooms, etc. from view before taking pictures inside rooms or outside on the grounds of your property. Having these items visible can make viewers misguide them as to how nice your property really is, or give them personal information you didn’t want to divulge. You want viewers to pay attention to the property – not your stuff.

Make sure each angle shows off some features specific to that room (i.e., built-in entertainment center in a family room) but don’t forget about showing off some other important features (i.e., backyard view). Showing multiple views will give buyers more options as far as how they would like their potential new home displayed on their computer screen, and take both vertical and landscape pictures for smartphone/tablet screens.

Make sure all photos are taken with a DSLR or mirrorless camera; no point-and-shoot or phone pictures please! Point-and-shoot cameras offer lower quality images than DSLRs/mirrorless’ so don’t risk having poor quality photographs for your listing.

Please do not use excessive filters on any photographs used for real estate listings – especially those used for print advertising such as billboards or newspaper ads. Bad filters can make photos look cheaper and are not representative of what you want potential buyers thinking when they see them.

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