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5 Fun Poses To Try On Your Wedding Photoshoot With A Horse!

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A newlywed couple having a wedding photoshoot with a horse.

If you’re reading this, then you most likely got engaged recently… and that you’re a horse lover (in that case, congratulations on the former and a big #same on the latter!)

You also most likely wanna have a wedding photoshoot with a horse, and you’re not alone! Seeing as they’re magnificent creatures, it’s easy to see why horses are frequently pictured alongside brides and grooms in wedding photoshoots. 

Thing is, taking wedding photographs with a horse is wayyy trickier than taking the same pictures with your dog.

So, to help you have an easier (and safer!) time, we listed down 5 of our favorite poses for your wedding photoshoot with a horse, as well as some extra dos and don’ts to keep in mind.

Table of Contents

  1. The Tender Embrace
  2. The Noble Steed and the Newlyweds
  3. The Majestic Ride
  4. The Forehead Kiss
  5. The Candid Moments
  6. Dos and Don’ts for a Horse-Inclusive Wedding Photoshoot
Sharing a drink is also a simple pose for a wedding photoshoot with a horse.

1. The Tender Embrace

Let’s start with an easy (but still heartwarming) pose! Simply share a tender embrace with your partner while the horse is standing beside you! This pose not only shows the connection you have with your partner, but also there’s a magnificent horse standing beside you… which we think is super cool. It’s super cool, right??

2. The Noble Steed And The Newlyweds

Here’s another easy one for you horse lovers! Position beside the horse, and have the bride holding a small bouquet while the groom is holding the horse by the reins! If you can, you can even walk the horse slowly together for a more natural and candid photo. Just make sure to be extra careful the whole time!

A simple standing pose works great for any couple doing a wedding photoshoot with a horse.

3. The Majestic Ride

For a more adventurous and romantic shot, consider capturing the couple riding the horse together. Not only does this photo “represent” your upcoming journey through life together, but it’s also… a cool pose, again! You can also try variations of this shot, like having the groom walk beside the horse while only the bride is riding for a touch of chivalry… or just letting us ride the horse instead (we want cool photos too), kidding!

4. The Forehead Kiss

For a classic and intimate pose, have the photographer zooming on the groom gently kissing their bride’s forehead while the horse is either in the background or standing nearby. While it’s an incredibly simple photo, it still provides a sense of protection and tenderness, all while the horse adds a touch of elegance.

Letting the horse roam while the couple is riding also makes for a great shot.

5. The Candid Moments

Some of the most memorable shots come from candid moments. So, allow the horse to roam freely in a controlled environment, capturing spontaneous interactions between the couple and the horse. This is an easy way to show off some genuine emotions, all while you’re having tons of fun with the horse!

Dos And Don'ts For A Horse-Inclusive Wedding Photoshoot

A couple holding hands while riding horses.

Here are some dos and don’ts to keep in mind to make sure your wedding photoshoot is not only fun, but safe the whole time! 


  1. Choose a Trained Horse – Before anything, make sure you pick a horse that is well-trained, calm, and accustomed to large crowds. In addition, the horse should also have a professional handler that will look after it throughout the whole shoot. 

  2. Introduce the Couple to the Horse – Next, introduce yourselves to the horse! These animals, after all, are social creatures, and the horse becoming comfortable with you is just as important with you getting comfortable with it. Not only that, but it also helps build relaxed expressions later on during the shoot. 

  3. Select a Suitable Location – Choose a location that accommodates both the couple and the horse comfortably. Ideally, opt for a spacious and scenic setting that complements the romantic atmosphere of the wedding.

  4. Coordinate Attire – If possible, coordinate you and your partner’s attire with the horse’s harness or saddle to create a more cohesive look. Plus, you wouldn’t want the horse to outshine you during your wedding photoshoot, right?? 

  5. Work with an Experienced Photographer – Finally, pick an experienced photographer (like our team at Photo Kings *wink wink*) who can take on equine photography or one willing to collaborate with a professional horse handler. This ensures that the photographer understands the dynamics of working with horses and can capture your best moments safely.


  1. Forceful Interactions – Always remember to avoid any forceful interactions with the horse. Keep in mind that if a horse feels uncomfortable, it can end up hurting you physically, and we don’t want any of that happening. 

  2. Overcrowded Spaces – As much as possible, keep the photoshoot between you, your partner, the horse and its horse handler, and the photographer. This helps ensure a calm and serene environment contributes to a successful photoshoot, allowing the couple and the horse to be at ease.

  3. Unfamiliar Props – Steer clear from unfamiliar props as well, especially any flashy or noisy ones that can end up startling the horse. Instead, stick to simple and non-threatening props to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved.

  4. Ignoring Safety Precautions – Prioritize safety by following all necessary precautions. This includes having a professional handler present, keeping a safe distance, and ensuring that the couple is familiar with basic horse etiquette.

  5. Rushing the Process – Finally, remember that a horse-inclusive wedding photoshoot requires tons of patience. Avoid rushing the process, and allow ample time for you and your partner, the horse, and the photographer to establish a comfortable rhythm.
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Final Thoughts

With these simple but fun poses, your wedding photoshoot with a horse will not only stand out, but will surely become cherished memories throughout your whole lifetime. 

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