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7 Wonderful Engagement Photo Locations In Winnipeg For You To Visit!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Engaged couple together.


Planning to tie the knot soon? Well then, you know what that means: an engagement photoshoot! 

Now, fun photos and poses aside, engagement shoots in general are recommended as they not only help you get comfortable with your partner in front of a camera, but make for some real good memories too! 

Plus, it’s also good practice for your actual wedding photos, and it’s also a chance to celebrate this milestone in your life and relationship! 

But when you’re in the wonderful city of Winnipeg, where exactly do you go for your shoot? Well, that’s where we come in, because we’ve picked out 6 of the best engagement photo locations in Winnipeg for you today.

Sounds good? Let’s go check ‘em out!

Table of Contents

1. Assiniboine Park

Let’s start with one of our personal favorite engagement shoot photo locations in Winnipeg: Assiniboine Park! 

Featuring expansive greenery, serene ponds, and lush gardens, this park essentially has all of the romantic atmosphere you could ever want in your engagement shoot… so much so that you can even marry your partner here! (we’re not kidding, Assiniboine Park is also one of our favorite wedding venues in Winnipeg!) 

As for the photo spaces, this park includes open meadows, flower gardens, and even tree-lined pathways, while available amenities include benches, gazebos, and picnic areas. As for pricing, professional photography permits start at $50 for two hours so you don’t have to worry about any high fees!

Parks are one of our favorite engagement photo locations in Winnipeg.

Extra Tips

  • Opt for soft, natural colors in your outfits to complement the park’s surroundings. Wear complimentary outfits alongside your partner as well! 
  • Capture intimate moments amidst the park’s tranquil ambiance.
  • Check the park’s schedule for any events or maintenance that may affect your shoot.

2. The Forks

Want a waterfront location for your engagement shoot instead? We got you! Another one of our favorite engagement shoot locations in Winnipeg, the Forks features a blend of history and modernity, with extra riverside views of the Red and Assiniboine rivers as your dynamic backdrops.

Photo spaces include river walks, bridges, historic buildings, and green spaces, while available amenities include areas, cafes, and public art installations that can add so much character to your photos. And the best part? While some commercial shoots may require permits, the venue itself is free for photography, so make sure to bring along your Winnipeg wedding photographer for the ride!

Waterfront locations are also great engagement photo locations in Winnipeg.

Extra Tips

  • Capture the sunset or sunrise for breathtaking and atmospheric waterfront shots.
  • Incorporate local elements like boats or river activities for a lively and more dynamic touch.
  • Be mindful of crowds and plan your shoot during quieter times.

3. Exchange District

Fancy stepping into the past for your engagement shoot? If that’s the case, then you’d love Winnipeg’s very own Exchange District! A neighborhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba, this district offers a unique backdrop filled with alleyways, heritage buildings, and artistic murals. As for the amenities, there are plenty of cafes, galleries, and urban backdrops that not only provide depth, but also provide other things for you to visit with your partner! 

As for photography permit rates, they vary based on the location and duration, so make sure to ask beforehand!

The district is one of the most iconic engagement photo locations in Winnipeg.

Extra Tips

  • Explore the district’s hidden gems for unexpected photo opportunities and shops! 
  • Incorporate the district’s vintage charm into your outdoor poses and expressions.
  • Be respectful of private property and obtain permission for indoor shots.

4. Kildonan Park

Do you know that according to studies, spending some time amidst nature is helpful to your well-being and mental health? That’s right, so why not have your engagement shoot amongst nature at Kildonan Park! Filled with lush greenery, scenic trails to explore, and charming footbridge over a serene and peaceful pond, this park’s photo spaces include wooded areas and open meadows! There are also benches, gazebos, and picnic spots, all of which are free to use for your engagement photoshoot!

A couple taking engagement photos at the park.

Extra Tips

  • Coordinate outfits that reflect the park’s natural beauty.
  • Capture candid moments of laughter and love in the park’s tranquil settings. Remember to just relax! 
  • Respect park regulations and keep the area clean during your shoot. Leave only footprints, you lovebirds!

5. Leo Mol Sculpture Garden

Want a touch of sophistication and elegance in your engagement shoot? Then head on over to another one of our favorite engagement photo locations in Winnipeg: the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden! A modern botanical oasis, this garden features exquisite sculptures amidst meticulously landscaped grounds.

There are also floral displays, water features, and shaded pathways, as well as some  benches, gazebos, and seasonal blooms enhance your photos (so get those engagement poses ready!). Rates for professional photography permits start at $40 for two hours, which we think is a great deal!

A newly-engaged photo having a photoshoot in Winnipeg.

Extra Tips

  • Use the sculptures as unique backdrops for artistic and romantic shots.
  • Visit during different seasons to capture the garden’s changing beauty.
  • Coordinate with the garden staff for any specific guidelines or restrictions.

6. St. Boniface Cathedral

Listen, you can’t beat the classics, and when it comes to one of our all-time favorite engagement photo locations in Winnipeg, nothing compares to the St. Boniface Cathedral. Historic, majestic, and grand, this cathedral exudes timeless romance, so much so that we’re not surprised if you end up getting married here too! 

Photo spaces include the cathedral grounds, rose gardens, and panoramic views of the Red River, while amenities like benches, pathways, and historic monuments all add extra charm to your photos. Rates for professional photography permits start at $50 for two hours.

A couple taking sunset photos together.

Extra Tips

  • Plan your shoot during quiet hours to enjoy the cathedral’s peaceful ambiance.
  • Incorporate the cathedral’s architectural details into your photos.
  • Be mindful of any religious ceremonies or events that may impact your shoot. Best to pick days where the cathedral is quiet and empty!

7. FortWhyte Alive

Nature lover and looking for an outdoor adventure? If so, then we’re sure you’d love a glimpse into Manitobar’s pristine wilderness in FortWhyte Alive! The Bison Prairie, with its sweeping grasslands and majestic bison, provides a rustic and adventurous backdrop for your photos. The boardwalk trails, wetlands, and serene lakes offer diverse settings for captivating engagement shots, so get those hiking boots ready! You might even end up climbing a mountain for your shoot!

A couple taking photos in the wilderness.

Extra Tips

  • Dress in appropriate outdoor attire to make sure you’re comfy.
  • Be careful! And make sure to always respect the great outdoors.
  • Explore all of the boardwalk trails with your partner to make the most out of your trip!

Tips for a Perfect Engagement Photo Shoot

A newly-engaged couple.
  • Timing is Everything – Schedule your shoot during the golden hours of early morning or late afternoon for soft, flattering light and enchanting natural ambiance! Never underestimate the power of good lighting!

  • Coordinate Outfits Thoughtfully – Choose attire that complements each other and harmonizes with the chosen location’s aesthetics, reflecting your personalities and style.

  • Personalize with Meaningful Props – Incorporate props or accessories that hold sentimental value or represent your journey together, adding a personal touch to your photos.

  • Embrace Emotions – Relax, enjoy the moment, and let your genuine emotions shine through. The more authentic and heartfelt the photos, the better!
  • Communicate with Your Photographer – Finally, make sure to discuss your vision, preferences, and any specific shots you desire with your Winnipeg photographer. Not only will this help build rapport and make you more comfortable, but this will help make the shoot more enjoyable.

Final Thoughts

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And that concludes 7 of our favorite engagement photo locations in Winnipeg! Remember, your engagement is one of the most important milestones in your life, so make sure the venue is just as memorable! 

But just in case you don’t have a Winnipeg photographer yet to capture that milestone, why not work with us here at Photo Kings? As one of the biggest photography providers here in Winnipeg, we specialize in providing expert photographers, high-quality equipment, and leading customer service at great package rates! 

So, are you ready to pose for that engagement shoot? Then hit us up for a quote and we’ll get back to you right away!

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