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6 Premier Wedding Venues in Montreal!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Newlyweds during their reception.


About to get hitched in the premier city of Montreal? Great choice! 

Now, we know you’re already excited to exchange vows and tie the knot, but have you already picked from the many wedding venues in Montreal? 

If not yet, then do we have the blog post for you! Because here, we’re going over six of the most distinguished wedding venues in Montreal, exploring their unique wedding spaces and indulgent amenities to help you pull off that perfect celebration. 

Ready when you are, let’s get to it!

Table of Contents

1. W Montreal

If you’re looking for contemporary luxury, then this first entry in our list of wedding venues in Montreal is the perfect spot for you: W Montreal! Located right in the vibrant heart of the city, this elegant wedding venue is perfect for couples who want something extravagant for their big day!

Wedding party in one of our wedding venues in Montreal.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Great Room: A grand, versatile space adorned with chic decor and customizable lighting options, perfect for making your reception party extra lavish and luxurious! 
  • Studios 1 and 2: Intimate settings with sophisticated ambiance, ideal for rehearsal dinners or smaller gatherings

Wedding Amenities At W Montreal

  • Dedicated wedding planner to help bring your vision to life
  • Customized catering menus showcasing exquisite culinary creations by expert chefs
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for seamless presentations and entertainment
  • Stylish bridal suite for pre-wedding preparations and relaxation (perhaps a pre-wedding bridal shoot to avoid all the fuss later?)

2. Auberge Saint-Gabriel

Fancy stepping into a time machine and visiting the past for your wedding? Well then, the Auberge Saint-Gabriel is one of the perfect wedding venues in Montreal for you! Essentially a 300-year-old heritage venue, this inn is the perfect place to celebrate relationships that stood the test of time, much like its historic walls.

Newlyweds in one of our favorite wedding venues in Montreal.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Grand Salon: A majestic ballroom featuring soaring ceilings, intricate chandeliers, and rich wooden accents, creating a regal atmosphere for grand celebrations.
  • The Gardens: A serene outdoor oasis surrounded by ivy-covered walls, ideal for romantic ceremonies or enchanting cocktail receptions under the stars. Perhaps some Frank Sinatra music for an even lovelier atmosphere?

Wedding Amenities at Auberge Saint-Gabriel

  • Gourmet catering services showcasing culinary expertise and local flavors
  • Luxurious on-site accommodations for guests, ensuring a seamless and memorable experience
  • Vintage-inspired decor options to complement the venue’s historic charm and make for wonderful wedding photos 
  • Professional event coordination to manage every detail with precision and care

3. La Toundra Hall

Want to hit two birds with one stone by marrying your beloved and also spending time in nature? (science says its good for you) Then Montreal’s La Toundra Hall is perfect for you! Offering you breathtaking views and lush gardens, this venue will make your wedding dreams come to life.

Wedding party riding a carriage.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Grand Ballroom: A spacious, light-filled venue adorned with contemporary design elements and panoramic windows, providing a stunning backdrop for elegant receptions and parties
  • Outdoor Terrace: A charming al fresco space overlooking lush gardens and water features, perfect for romantic ceremonies or sophisticated cocktail hours

Wedding Amenities at La Toundra Hall

  • Tailored wedding packages to suit your preferences and budget, including customizable menu options
  • Exclusive use of the venue for privacy and personalized service
  • Valet parking services for guests’ convenience
  • Private bridal suite with luxurious amenities for pre-wedding preparations

4. Le Mount Stephen

Looking for a mix of old-world charm and modern luxury? If so, then Le Mount Stephen is also one of our favorite wedding venues in Montreal to recommend! Housed in a historic mansion that was first built during the early 90s, this venue offers sophistication down to a T, making it ideal for couples that want something vintage without compromising on the modern amenities.

There are plenty of rustic wedding venues in Montreal like this one.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Grand Salon: A sumptuous setting featuring ornate ceilings, intricate moldings, and opulent decor, creating a timeless ambiance for elegant receptions.
  • Rooftop Terrace: A hidden gem boasting panoramic city views and a romantic atmosphere, ideal for intimate ceremonies or chic cocktail parties. Plus, we’re sure the views would look great on your wedding photos!

Wedding Amenities at Le Mount Stephen

  • Customized wedding menus curated by award-winning chefs, showcasing culinary artistry and premium ingredients
  • Luxury accommodations for guests, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay
  • Complimentary honeymoon suite for the newlyweds to unwind and celebrate
  • Professional event coordination team to oversee every aspect of your wedding journey

5. Ritz-Carlton Montreal

Now, if you’re looking for absolute extravagance in your wedding venues in Montreal, there’s no better option than the Ritz-Carlton Montreal! Renowned for its legendary hospitality and timeless sophistication, this hotel is as grandiose as it could get for your big day.

Wedding Spaces

  • The Oval Room: A majestic ballroom adorned with crystal chandeliers, gilded details, and classic elegance, setting the stage for grandiose celebrations.
  • The Palm Court: A chic and intimate space featuring lush greenery and natural light, perfect for stylish cocktail receptions or intimate gatherings.

Wedding Amenities at Ritz-Carlton Montreal

A couple taking photos on a boat in Montreal.
  • Michelin-starred catering services offering unparalleled culinary experiences and personalized menus
  • Exclusive use of the venue for privacy and seamless event flow
  • Customized wedding cakes crafted by master pastry chefs
  • VIP treatment for the bridal party, ensuring a pampering and memorable experience

6. The Windsor Ballrooms

Want to dance the night away after your wedding ceremony? Then make sure you do so with style by booking Montreal’s very own Windsor Ballrooms! Situated within the iconic Windsor Station, this venue boasts historic charm and modern sophistication, so make sure your very own Montreal wedding DJ is ready to start the party!

Wedding Spaces

  • The Grand Windsor Ballroom: A stately venue with soaring ceilings, intricate moldings, and timeless elegance, creating a regal ambiance for grand celebrations.

    The Courtyard: An enchanting outdoor space featuring a fountain and lush greenery, ideal for romantic ceremonies or elegant cocktail receptions.
A couple entering their ceremony.

Wedding Amenities at The Windsor Ballrooms

  • Flexible event packages tailored to your preferences and vision
  • On-site event coordination team to assist with planning and execution
  • Valet parking services to ensure convenience for guests
  • Spacious ballroom spaces for your wedding reception party

Tips for Choosing From Our Wedding Venues In Montreal

A newlywed couple taking outdoor photos.
  • Vendor Relationships – Build strong relationships with reputable vendors who can enhance your wedding experience with their expertise and creativity. This includes finding a great florist, hiring a professional Montreal wedding photographer and videographer, and even looking for a great baker to take care of your wedding cake and cupcakes, among other wedding essentials.
  • Customization Options – Seek venues that offer flexibility and customization options to bring your unique wedding vision to life. This way, you also have more leeway when it comes to any last-minute changes, should there be any.
  • Guest Experience – Prioritize guest comfort and convenience by choosing venues with ample amenities and inclusive services. This way, everybody will end up having a good time.
  • Logistics and Coordination – Consider logistical aspects such as parking, transportation, and event coordination to ensure a stress-free celebration. Keep in mind that if your venue is out of the way, then you may also need to spend on the transportation and accommodation of your guests.
  • Budget Allocation – Allocate your budget wisely, focusing on key aspects such as venue, catering, and entertainment to create a balanced and unforgettable wedding celebration. This also stops you from overspending on any unnecessary elements for your wedding.

Final Thoughts

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That ends our list of top wedding venues in Montreal to check out for your big day! While there are more wedding venues in Montreal to discover, we guarantee that these are the best of the best, so we hope we’re able to help you find the perfect place to say your “I dos.”

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