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10 Fun Poses To Try For The Perfect Wedding Photoshoot With Your Dog

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A newlywed couple with their dog.


Getting hitched soon? We’re pawsitively thrilled for your upcoming big day! 

Of course, the next step is to celebrate with a photoshoot, and the only thing better than that is to make sure good ol’ Fido (why do these articles always name dogs as Fido btw?) is included in the photos!

But between finding the perfect pose and managing your little (or big) furbestie, we know it’s not as easy as it sounds! So, to help make sure the pictures turn out… well, picture-perfect, we rounded up our best poses for the best wedding photoshoot with your dog! We even included some tips at the end for you.

Ready? Time to leash the day! (sorry we just wanted to put that pun somewhere)

Table of Contents

1. The "Canine-did" Moment

Okay, we’ll stop with the dog puns for a moment (or will we…) to tell you about our first idea for your wedding photoshoot with your dog: just capture candid moments! Now, remember that these moments happen naturally, so just advise your photographer to stay alert as you lounge around and do unscripted interactions with your dog and partner!

2. The Puppy Kiss

We all know the usual couple-kissing-photo, so how about this time, we let your dog give your and your partner a gentle kiss on the cheek! This pose is especially perfect if you have a playful or affectionate dog, as we’re sure they would love to cover you with kisses if given the chance! As such, it’s easily one of our favorite poses when it comes to having a wedding photoshoot with your pet.

Woman giving her dog a kiss.

3. Walking Down The Aisle Together

Instead of having your dog just watching at the sides during your big day, why not have them walk down the aisle with you? After all, it’s not only you and your partner that’s stepping into a new life together, your furbaby is included too! What’s more, it creates an unforgettable visual for the photographer to capture!

4. "Paw'some" Family Huddle

Let’s pretend the dog pun above doesn’t exist because here’s another wedding photoshoot with your dog pose: a family huddle. Simply embrace your partner with your dog in the middle, and let the photographer capture the heartwarming moment. And for our money… we think it’ll look better if your dog starts kissing the both of you again!

Shake things up by having a wedding photoshoot with dog.

5. The Paws And Rings

Dogs may not have wedding rings to go along with yours, but they do have cute little paws! So, have the photographer take close-up shots of your wedding rings alongside your dogs’ paws. Not only does this add a personal touch to the photos, but it also showcases how big of a role your dog plays in your journey as a couple!

6. The Formal Portrait

If your dog is trained enough or is comfortable with posing, consider a more formal portrait for the three of you! You can even go the extra mile by dressing your dog up in a cute outfit that matches with your partner. Then, strike a simple but elegant pose in front of the camera and you’re good to go!

A formal family portrait with pets.

7. The Confetti "Paw-Fect" Shot

Swear we didn’t even know how that pun got there 🫣, but for your wedding photoshoot with your dog, why not have them play around with some confetti and/or flower petals? Not only will your furbaby ABSOLUTELY love playing with the falling confetti, but it will also instantly up the liveliness of the atmosphere around the sheet. That’s always a win in our book!

8. Under The Veil

If you’re donning a veil, you can also use it as a prop to create an endearing and intimate photo. Just let your furbaby peek out from under the veil, symbolizing the shared journey you have up to this point. Plus, we think it just makes for a really cute photo!

A couple strolling during sunset with their pet dog.

9. The Sunset Stroll

Golden hour peeking through the window? Take advantage of it by having your wedding photoshoot with your dog during sunset! Not only will the warm, soft lighting create a romantic ambiance for you and your partner, we’re sure your dog will also appreciate the walk by your side!

10. The Ring Bearer

Enlist your dog as the ring bearer wayyyy before the actual wedding for some real heart-melting photos! You can do this in plenty of ways, but our favorite has to be simply securing the rings to a small decorative pouch around their neck before they pose in front of the camera. And when the actual ceremony starts, have them proudly deliver the rings!

A dressed-up dog ready for the wedding ocassion!

Tips For Including Your Dog In A Wedding Photoshoot

Need some extra tips to pull off your wedding photoshoot with your pet? Here are our insights. 


  • Come Prepared: Before the photoshoot starts, make sure that your dog is comfy with the environment! You may also practice some of the poses at home in order to familiarize them with the process and reduce any doggy anxiety on the big day.


  • Assign a Dog Handler: Dogs can be a handful sometimes, so we also recommend designating a responsible friend or family member to be your dog’s handler during the photoshoot. This person can keep your pet engaged, manage their behavior, and ensure their well-being.
  • Incorporate Their Personality: Pick poses that reflect your pet’s personality! If they’re energetic, go for playful poses; if they’re more laid-back, opt for serene and contemplative shots. 
  • Timing is Everything: When scheduling the wedding photoshoot with your dog, pick days when they’re typically relaxed. A well-exercised and fed dog is more likely to cooperate and be in a good mood.


  • Bring Treats and Toys: Need to get your dog’s attention? Well, it’s time to bring out the big guns… aka the treats and toys. After all, your pet deserves a reward for their good behavior! Additionally, make sure you reward them with breaks too.


  • Be Patient and Flexible: Finally, you and your partner should understand that working with animals (even sweet ol’ Fido) may not always go as planned. So be patient, stay calm, and go with the blow. Besides, don’t the most memorable moments come when they’re the least expected?
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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – the top poses you can do for a perfect wedding photoshoot with your dog! 

Between you and your partner, we’re sure the extra set of (furry) legs are appreciated, especially when those belong to a pet that has always shown you true love right from the start. ❤️

And just in case you’re ready to pose with your furbaby, let our seasoned team here at Photo Kings help! 

As seasoned photographers with years of experience, we’re more than ready to turn your furry photoshoot ideas into memories that will stay with you forever. From candid moments to carefully planned poses, we have what it takes to capture the love between you, your partner, and your furbaby. 

Contact us today at 1 (800) 496-3379 to start planning your furry photoshoot. We can’t wait to hear from you, and may your wedding be as sweet as your puppy’s kisses!

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