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Photo Kings Review: Sarah And Dustin

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Dustin and Sarah taking outdoor scenic wedding photos, before giving our services a glowing review.

We received another gracious 5-star Photo Kings review from one of our clients, and we can’t wait to share their feedback to you! Here’s a recap for you to enjoy! 

From the bright sunny day to the shimmering moonlight, Sarah and Dustin’s wedding day felt like it jumped out of a fairy tale, and our Photo Kings Edmonton were there to make sure none of that magic goes uncaptured! So, let us take you through Sarah’s big day, and her experience with Photo Kings that made her give us a glowing 5-star rating! 

In our opinion, Sarah and Dustin's wedding is one of the most gorgeous we've covered!

Of course, the weather on Sarah and Dustin’s wedding day couldn’t be more fitting, as if the sky itself was also in celebration. Bathing everything in their Edmonton wedding venue in a bright, golden light, it felt like something straight out of a fairytale. To that end, our resident Edmonton wedding photographers Lauren and Hannah were already hard at work, capturing every detail and minutiae to make sure Sarah’s experience with Photo Kings is wonderful. Before the event, our photographers also scoured the venue, making a thorough observation and analysis of the best places to shoot from. 

Once everybody started getting ready, it was time to put the couple of the day in front of the lens! First up was Sarah, who looked gorgeous and dazzling in her wedding gown, picture-perfect for some bridal portraits. Then there’s Dustin, who looked just as stunning and handsome in his pressed wedding suit, eager to join his bride at the altar not long from now… but not before giving us some quick positive feedback for our work so far! 

Sarah and Dusting after the wedding, and after giving our services a high rating!

Finally, it’s time for Sarah to walk down the aisle and exchange vows with her beloved. During this, duo photographers Lauren Voisiin and Hannah Jardine tag-teamed to make sure every emotion, glance, and heartfelt promise is captured on tape. Working alongside them as well is Ken Amores, one of our expert videographers, who helped add a cinematic touch to the unfolding love story everyone is currently watching. 

All in all, their keen eye for detail and knack for freezing authentic moments ensured that nothing was left on the table, a fact attested by Sarah’s own Photo Kings testimonial and comments for our service.

After that, it was time to feast and eat! Here, guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner and speeches from some of the couple’s friends and family, raising toasts along the way. Lauren and Hannah seamlessly moved among the crowd, capturing candid moments of joy, laughter, and heartfelt conversations. Meanwhile, Ken’s videography added a dynamic layer, capturing the lively atmosphere and preserving the essence of the celebration. 

This way, our team managed to get rave Photo Kings ratings for their attention to detail and focus, all without intruding on any of the guests that are enjoying at the wedding. There were even some guests who gave glowing opinions of our work! 

Sarah and Dustin taking outdoor wedding photos.

As the night progressed, the reception transformed into a joyous dance party, with the couple’s very own Edmonton wedding DJ setting the rhythm for a night of celebration and uninhibited dancing. Lauren, Hannah, and Ken were there to capture every dance move, every laugh, and every moment of pure joy as Sarah, her groom, and their guests danced the night away under the starry sky.

A real highlight, of course, was the first dance that Sarah and Dustin took as husband and wife. It was real lovely sight to see, and our team made sure to capture all of the important moments and dance moves. 

Reflecting on her experience with Photo Kings after the actual wedding, Sarah was kind enough to leave compliments and appraisals for the entire team, saying: Team provided exceptional client experience. The whole team of coordinator (Rachel Perera), photographers (Lauren and Hannah), and videographer (Ken), were a pleasure to work with. They really focused on client experience which I sincerely appreciate. Rachel had constant touch points to gauge how I was feeling and the timelines for planning. The whole team were accommodating, flexible, professional and went to great lengths to ensure we captured all the precious moments of our wedding. Thank you to Rachel, Lauren, Hannah and Ken!”

Great going, guys! You did a marvelous job covering Sarah and Dustin’s big day, and her sentiments echo that from countless Photo Kings reviews and testimonials we’ve received through the years, proof that our service continues to satisfy all of the clients that gave us the privilege to work with them during their special day. 

In fact, if you do want to read more of these glowing reviews, you can also check the feedback given by Kristen and Brady, as well as Emily and Raqid, just to name a couple of our beloved clients who also gave us glowing critiques! 

So, just in case you’re also in search of a photographer who will capture your wedding day in both photos and videos, then look no further than our services here at Photo Kings and Video Kings. Here, we’re always committed to not only meeting your vision and executing it, but also exceeding all of them in order to deliver breathtaking images that tell the story of your special day! 

Simply connect with us now to chat about your plans, and we’ll see how you can turn that into reality!

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