Each Year, Over 1,000 Events Are Seen Through Our Cameras

Only the elite top 1% of Niagara Falls photographers have been chosen from over 5,000.

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Every Detail Is Our Top Priority

We’re here to share the load of your checklist:

We've built trust with clients, both big and small

Documenting Various Event Types

We capture the stories of clients from different cultural backgrounds, traditions, and preferences.

Watch Our Niagara Falls Photo Shoot Testimonials On Video

Trusted across 9 cities in Canada, we handle 1,000+ events yearly with a consistent 5-star rating.

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Professional Skills

It’s really hard to find a good Niagara Falls photographer, like really, really hard. We only found 50 from over 5,000+ photographers.

It’s all about those perfect 5-star ratings for our team.

We both succeed – you with an amazing experience, and us with a 5-star rating.

We’ve captured events for clients of all kinds, respecting diverse cultures, traditions, and individual preferences.

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Heena & Darius’ Wedding

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Frank & Saia’s Wedding

Total Event Assistance

We’ve got it all under control – finding the perfect Niagara Falls photographer, planning, meetings, capturing moments, editing, revisions, delivery, and more. Every step of the way, we make it stress-free and easy for you.

Check The Price For Niagara Falls Photography

We’re sending our full portfolio and pricing to you ASAP.


Frequently Asked Questions

Uncover the diversity inherent in our packages, providing choices from uncomplicated coverage to all-embracing options, with prices contingent on factors such as coverage hours, photographer count, and supplementary services like engagement shoots. Our dedication to personalization guarantees that each package is conscientiously fashioned to harmonize with your vision. Reach out, and our team will promptly supply you with detailed information, including pricing, service offerings, our portfolio, team information, and any other discerning insights to steer your decision about your photography.

With a commitment to adaptability, our photography style encompasses a broad range to meet your specific vision. Through our user-friendly custom software, you can choose your favorite photos, editing style, and team members, actively shaping an album that reflects your personal style.

Definitely! Your input is crucial. Share the shots you want, and we’ll make sure they’re included in our photography plan.

Need a Niagara Falls photographer for your event? Photo Kings has the right team for you. Visit our team page to find your perfect match. We’ll choose your event’s photographer based on your preferences and our availability. The sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting your preferred photographer.

Absolutely, we offer a written contract. Just put your signature on it and make a 50% deposit to confirm your event date, our services, and our committed team.

If the main photographer can’t attend, it’s okay. We provide a backup photographer at no extra cost, ready to step in and handle your event. They know the ins and outs.

It’s simple to book – sign a contract and pay a deposit to lock in your event date. Payment comes in two equal parts, and the final payment is due two weeks before the event. Cancel anytime up to three months before the event for a full deposit refund.

Expect your photos in about 4-6 weeks. We’ll also provide a sneak peek of a few images within days of the event. Access and download your pictures through our online gallery for convenience.