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Planning for your Montreal wedding photography can often be stressful. How do you devise a plan that considers numerous cultural traditions and ideas from loved ones and friends? Will everything go according to plan, or will the weather have other plans for us? Montreal is a beautiful city with a rich history and character, making it the perfect place to host your wedding. There are countless photo opportunities throughout the city, so planning your wedding photography is essential to make the most of them. Listed below is Photokings.ca’s ultimate guide to planning your Montreal Wedding Photography. 

The Best Time to Plan Your Wedding Photography: 


The best time to plan your wedding photography is before your big day. This will allow you time to research different photographers and find one you feel comfortable with. It will also allow you to scout out locations and plan your shots ahead of time.


Tips for Planning Your Wedding Photography: 


There are a few things to remember when planning your wedding photography:
  1. Think about the overall style you want for your photos. Do you want formal posed shots or more candid moments?
  2. Consider the time of day that you’ll be taking pictures. Will the light be good in the morning or evening?
  3. Make sure to communicate your expectations with your photographer.

Discuss the type of photos you want, the locations you’re considering, and any other important details.

Montreal’s Top Wedding Photography Locations:


 There are endless possibilities for wedding photography locations in Montreal. Some of the city’s most popular spots include Notre Dame Cathedral, the Montreal Botanical Gardens, and Mount Royal Park.


How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer:


 With so many talented photographers, narrowing down your options can take a lot of work. When looking for a wedding photographer, one must consider their style, personality, and portfolio.


What to Expect on Your Wedding Day:

 On your wedding day, the photographer will arrive early to set up and take pictures. They will likely take shots of you getting ready and candid photos throughout the day. Most photographers will also pose you and your spouse for some formal portraits.


Montreal Wedding Photography. A Candid shot from a Montreal Wedding Photographer. A Perfect shot for the couple

How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Photos: 

You can do a few things to make sure you love your wedding photos:

  1. Be sure to communicate your vision with your photographer.
  2. Relax and have fun on your wedding day!
  3. Take some time to review the photos afterward and provide feedback to the photographer.

Tips for Preserving Your Wedding Photos:

 Once you have your beautiful wedding photos, you’ll want to make sure they’re preserved for years to come. Investing in high-quality prints or digital files is one way to do this. You can also create a wedding album or have your photos framed.

How to Share Your Wedding Photos: 

After your wedding, you’ll want to share your photos with family and friends. The best way to do this is to create a wedding website or blog where you can post pictures and share your story. You can also send out printed copies of your favorite shots.

Montreal Wedding Photography. The best wedding photographer in Montreal.



 Planning your Montreal wedding photography doesn’t have to be stressful. With some planning and helpful tips, you can ensure your photos turn out exactly how you want them. If you want to ensure that your wedding photography is done right, it’s important to hire a professional photographer before the big day arrives. This will allow you to focus on celebrating with family and friends without worrying about how the pictures will turn out.


Photokings.ca has been helping brides plan their weddings for many years. Photokings.ca offer everything from engagement photos to full-service wedding packages, including engagement shoots to albums and prints!

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