Every Year, We're Part Of Over A Thousand Special Events

From the vast 5,000+ applicants, we picked only the top 1% of Etobicoke photographers.

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Whether big or small, clients put their trust in us.

Capturing Every Type Of Wedding Under The Sky

Couples from diverse backgrounds find representation in our photos, celebrating various cultures, traditions, and preferences.

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Across 9 cities in Canada, our Etobicoke photographers are known for 1,000+ annual events, all with 5-star reviews.

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Heena & Darius’ Wedding

Accomplished Mastery

Having trouble finding the right photographer? We got you covered! Our team only works with the top 50 Etobicoke photographers from over 5,000+ applicants.

What’s more, a 5-star rating is the key to staying on our photography team.

Enjoy an incredible experience, and help us reach our goal of a 5-star rating.

We’re skilled in shooting weddings for all couples, embracing diverse cultures, traditions, and personal choices.

Your Wedding, Our Commitment

Leave it all to us – from choosing Etobicoke photographers, planning, meetings, snapping pics, editing, revisions, delivery, and more. Our focus is on making the process stress-free and straightforward for you.

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Frank & Saia’s Wedding

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dive into our array of packages, offering options from basic coverage to all-encompassing choices, with pricing based on coverage hours, photographer count, and supplementary services like engagement shoots. Our commitment to customization ensures that each package is tailored to your specific preferences. When you inquire, our team will promptly provide you with detailed information, including pricing, service offerings, our portfolio, team details, and any other relevant details to assist you in making the right decision for your wedding photography.

Our team takes pride in its versatility, offering a spectrum of photography styles to capture your unique vision. Utilizing our custom software, you actively engage in the creative process by selecting favorite photos, editing style, and team members, ensuring a personalized and memorable representation.

Sure thing! Your wedding story, told your way. Let us know the shots you’re scripting, and we’ll capture each scene with cinematic flair.

Photo Kings has a skilled team of photographers ready for any event. Check out our team page to find the right fit for your occasion. Your photographer will be selected based on your preferences and our availability. It’s wise to book early to secure the photographer you desire.

Absolutely, we’ve got a written contract ready for your signature. Sign it and add a 50% deposit, and your wedding date, services, and our team are officially booked.

Don’t stress if the main photographer can’t come; we’ve got it covered with a backup photographer, and it won’t cost you extra. They’re well-versed in your event.

Locking in your wedding date is a breeze – sign a contract and drop a deposit. Payments divide into two equal installments, and the final payment is due two weeks before your wedding. Cancel within three months prior to your event for a full deposit refund.

Expect your final edited wedding photos in about 4-6 weeks. We’ll share a sneak peek of a few images within days of the wedding. Easily access and download your pictures through our online gallery.