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Winter Wedding Photos: Top 10 Poses You Should Try Today!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple getting married in the winter.


Getting hitched during the wintertime huh? Congratulations! 

Now, aside from letting you save some money with an off-season wedding (June gets a lot of mushy romcom hubbub anyway), did you know that winter offers some of the best atmosphere for a wedding?

And we’ll do you one better, with the right lighting conditions and photographer, winter offers some of the most panoramic backdrops for a wedding photoshoot! 

So, in case you’re ready to get down (and snowy), we’ve listed our top poses for your winter wedding photos, complete with some extra dos and don’ts to make sure your powdery photoshoot goes smooth (in other words, go ahead and bookmark this article thanks) 

Let’s get started!

Table of Contents

A closeup shot of a couple taking winter wedding photos.

Snowy Embrace

Let’s start with the classic: a snowy embrace between you and your partner. Now, there are countless ways to go about this simple pose, but we personally suggest being bundled up in an elegant winter attire to make the atmosphere more cozy and intimate.

Winter Stroll

Next, take advantage of your surroundings! Seek out vistas, snowy mountains, and moody forests and stroll hand-in-hand through them. 

And if you’re still in the venue-searching phase of your wedding photoshoot, consider venues like: 

Of course, if these venues are out of the question, you can still pull off that “winter wonderland” photos with some snow and trees. The important trick here is to have genuine moments while walking together!

Taking winter wedding photos while walking in the snow together.

Mistletoe Kiss

We know you want to 🫣 so seize the opportunity to steal a kiss under a strategically placed mistletoe! It’s sweet, it’s easy, it’s a classic tradition, and it makes for a really good photo opportunity!

Fireside Romance

Have access to a fireplace? If so, then it’s time to get really cozy! Just sit close together, share a warm blanket (and maybe some healthy hot cocoa?), and let the fire cast a romantic glow on the both of you. Neat! 

Taking winter wedding photos by the fireside.

Blanket-Wrapped Love

Don’t have a fireplace you can snuggle up beside to? No problem, you can still bundle up in a cozy blanket and just share an intimate moment together (maybe this time, love is enough to keep you warm?) 

For an extra rustic and wintery charm, bundle up beside the window and look out at the snow-covered surroundings… all while thinking about your upcoming life together! 

Snowy Silhouette

Now, one of the best things about taking winter wedding photos is the unique and vibrant lighting (all thanks to science!) For one thing, the golden hour is muuuuch longer, giving you more flexibility when taking different poses for your silhouette photos against the landscape! This is even better if you’re in a particularly high spot, as you’ll have access to a more panoramic backdrop for your shots.

A couple throwing snowballs at each other while taking their winter wedding photos.

Snowball Fight Fun

What’s a winter wedding photoshoot without a silly snowball fight or two? If you’re up for it, why not ditch the serious poses for a minute or two and just have fun in the snow! Lightly throw snowballs at each other, make some snow angels, or even have a snowman competition. The key here is to have fun, all while your photographer captures your genuine emotions for your winter wedding photos.   

Winter Toast

You might not be Becca Tobin and Zach Martin from Glee (anybody else get that reference??), but there’s no reason not to pop some bubbly in the snow before sharing a champagne toast together. The best thing? You’ll not only get a great shot (both as a drink and as a photo), but you won’t even have to worry about any clean-up afterward… so keep the champagne flowing, thanks!

A couple playing with a sled together.

City Love

Hey, we can’t all run to the mountains for our winter wedding, but if you think an urban environment wouldn’t make for great winter wedding photos, think again! For the best effect, wait for a mild snowstorm and go for a romantic stroll on the streets while hand-in-hand. Now, how’s that for some moody winter wedding photos?

Go On A sled Ride

If you’re looking to add an extra layer of fun to your winter wedding photos, then we suggest letting loose and going for a sled ride together! Trust us, you’ll want to capture these laugh-out-loud moments together forever… even if it means potentially landing face first in the snow (we’re kidding, but stay extra safe out there, mmkay?)

A couple taking indoor winter wedding photos by the fire.

FAQs About Taking Winter Wedding Photos

How can we stay warm during outdoor winter photo sessions?

Love will keep us warm… but it’s unfortunately not enough in this setting. So, make sure to dress in layers! Consider thermal undergarments, faux fur wraps, and stylish winter accessories to keep warm. Additionally, schedule outdoor photos during the warmer parts of the day, and take breaks indoors (where your love, alongside the thermometer, will be enough to keep you warm). 

What colors work best for winter wedding attire?

Deep, rich colors like burgundy, emerald green, navy, and metallic tones complement the winter season. Of course, classic white goes well too if you just want something simple. However, don’t be afraid to go against the grain by adding pops of color to stand out against the snowy backdrop.

Can we incorporate winter props into our photos?

Absolutely! Props like sleds, skis, or even festive winter decorations can add a whimsical touch to your photos. In fact, we recommend it, especially if you want to add some personality in your wedding photos in the winter. Just ensure they complement the overall theme and don’t overshadow the main focus—you and your partner! 

A newlywed couple running together with snow in the background.

Dos and Don'ts When Taking Winter Wedding Photos


  • Do Embrace the Season – Embrace the winter theme by incorporating seasonal elements like snowflakes, evergreen trees, or twinkling lights. Destination winter wedding or not, these elements should make your winter wedding photos more flattering to the eye.
  • Do Use Natural Light – Take advantage of the soft, natural light that winter often provides. Like we mentioned above, winter gives you unique and flexible lighting opportunities, so use that to your advantage by scheduling outdoor photos during the golden hour for a warm and flattering glow.
  • Do Communicate with Your Photographer – Discuss your vision with your photographer beforehand. Make sure they understand the style and atmosphere you want to capture in your winter wedding photos. Don’t be afraid to ask for suggestions too, they are the experts after all!
  • Do Choose the Right Footwear – Opt for warm, stylish boots that complement your wedding attire. This ensures you stay comfortable while trekking through snow-covered landscapes. Nobody wants frostbite!
  • Do Have a Backup Plan – Winter weather can be unpredictable. Have a backup indoor location in case the weather decides to spoil the fun by taking a turn for the worse.


  • Don’t Neglect Weather Preparations – Check the weather forecast and prepare accordingly. Bring umbrellas, blankets, and any other essentials to keep you and your wedding party comfortable and safe!

  • Don’t Forget About Indoor Photos – While outdoor shots are beautiful, don’t forget about the cozy charm of indoor settings. Utilize fireplaces, cozy corners, and other indoor features to add variety in your winter wedding photos!

  • Don’t Overlook Safety – Be cautious of slippery surfaces. Choose footwear with good traction, and avoid locations that may pose safety risks, especially in icy conditions.

  • Don’t Overwhelm the Scene – While props can enhance your photos, be mindful not to overwhelm the scene. The focus should remain on you and your partner, with the props just there to add some pizzazz to the overall aesthetic.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative – Winter weddings (and winter wedding photoshoots) offer tons of room for creativity. Don’t be afraid to try unconventional poses or experiment with different angles to make your shoot more unique! 
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And that concludes our top poses for a magical winter wedding photoshoot! 

Like we mentioned above, a lot of people might choose a warmer wedding instead of an off-season ceremony, but by choosing the right poses, considering frequently asked questions, and adhering to our dos and don’ts, you can ensure that your wedding album screams how much this is all worth it!

Buuuut, have you already found a photographer to pull off your winter wedding photos? In case you’re still looking, then consider working with us over at Photo Kings!

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