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What Should You Include In Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

Kim Argosino
Kim Argosino
Couple planning their wedding day emergency kit


Are you feeling the pre-wedding jitters? Worried about potential mishaps that could put a damper on your special day? Fear not, because we have your back!

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential items to include in your wedding day emergency kit.

So, let us help you assemble the ultimate wedding day emergency kit to ensure that your big day goes off without a hitch!

Table of Contents

Personal Care Essentials

Pamper yourself and stay picture-perfect from dawn ’til dusk! Here are personal care essentials you’ll want to have on hand to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous throughout your big day.

Wedding day emergency kit containing personal items
  • Band-Aids and Blister Protectors: Ah, the dreaded wedding shoe dilemma. Whether you’re rocking heels or white shoes, there’s always a chance for a pesky blister to sneak up on you. That’s why having a stash of band-aids and blister protectors in your wedding day emergency kit is an absolute must. Trust me, your feet will thank you later.

  • Tissues: From heartfelt vows to touching speeches, weddings are full of emotional moments that can bring tears to your eyes. Make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand to dab away those happy tears and keep your makeup looking flawless.

  • Breath Mints or Mouthwash: With all the excitement and nerves swirling around on your wedding day, it’s easy for your breath to take a backseat. Keep things minty fresh with some breath mints or a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash. Your partner will appreciate the extra effort when you say your “I dos.”

  • Deodorant or Antiperspirant: Let’s face it – weddings can be sweaty business, especially if you’re dancing up a storm on the dance floor. Stay cool, calm, and collected with a swipe of deodorant or antiperspirant to keep any unwanted odors at bay.

  • Pain Relievers: A headache is the last thing you want to deal with on your wedding day. Be prepared for any unexpected aches and pains with some pain relievers stashed away in your wedding day emergency kit. You’ll be back to feeling like your best self in no time.

Wardrobe Malfunction Fixes

Picture this: you’re gliding down the aisle in your dream dress, feeling like an absolute vision of perfection. But suddenly, disaster strikes – a loose hem here, a popped button there. Don’t panic! With the right items in your wedding day emergency kit, you’ll be able to handle any wardrobe malfunction like a pro.

Wedding day emergency kit containing sewing materials
  • Safety Pins and Sewing Kit: When it comes to wardrobe malfunctions, safety pins and a trusty sewing kit are your best friends. Whether it’s a loose button or a ripped seam, these lifesavers will have you covered in no time. Just a few quick stitches or a strategically placed safety pin, and you’ll be back to looking picture-perfect in a flash.

  • Clear Nail Polish: Who knew clear nail polish could be so versatile? Not only does it keep your nails looking fresh, but it’s also a secret weapon for fixing runs in stockings or preventing small tears in fabric from getting worse. A quick dab of clear nail polish and your wardrobe mishap will be nothing but a distant memory.

  • Fabric Tape: Say goodbye to wardrobe malfunctions with the power of fabric tape. Whether you need to secure a loose hem or keep a stubborn neckline in place, this handy adhesive will save the day. Just stick it on, press firmly, and voila – problem solved!

  • Stain Concealer Stick or Powder: Accidents happen, especially when you’re wearing white. But fear not – with a stain concealer stick or powder in your wedding day emergency kit, you’ll be able to tackle any spills or stains with ease. Simply dab on the concealer and watch as the stain disappears before your eyes.

Health and Wellness Essentials

Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint. From the early morning preparations to the last dance of the reception, you’ll want to make sure you’re feeling your best every step of the way. That’s where your trusty wedding day emergency kit comes in handy, packed full of essential items to keep you healthy, happy, and ready to party

Wedding day emergency kit containing medicines
  • Snacks and Water: With all the excitement and adrenaline pumping through your veins, it’s easy to forget to refuel. Keep your energy levels up and avoid any mid-ceremony hunger pangs by packing some snacks and water in your wedding day emergency kit. Trust us – your stomach will thank you later.

  • Mini First Aid Kit: Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean they have to derail your big day. Be prepared for any minor mishaps with a mini first aid kit stocked with essentials like adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, and gauze pads. A little bit of TLC goes a long way when it comes to staying healthy and happy on your wedding day.

  • Medication: Whether it’s allergies, headaches, or just a case of pre-wedding jitters, make sure you have any necessary medication on hand in your wedding day emergency kit. From antihistamines to pain relievers, having these essentials close at hand will give you peace of mind knowing that relief is just a pill pop away.

Beauty and Grooming Tools

Your wedding day is your time to shine, quite literally. With all eyes on you, you’ll want to make sure you look and feel your absolute best from the moment you walk down the aisle to the last dance of the night.

Wedding day emergency kit containing beauty items
  • Hairpins and Hair Ties: Whether you’re rocking an intricate updo or letting your locks flow free, hairpins and hair ties are essential for keeping your hairstyle in place throughout the day. Trust us – a few strategically placed hairpins can work wonders when it comes to taming unruly strands and keeping your ‘do looking fresh.

  • Compact Mirror: When it comes to touch-ups on the go, a compact mirror is your best friend. From checking your lipstick to fixing any stray hairs, having a mirror on hand will ensure you’re always looking your best for photos and selfies alike.

  • Breathable Fabric Tape: Wardrobe malfunctions happen, but they don’t have to ruin your day. Keep a roll of breathable fabric tape in your wedding day emergency kit for quick fixes on the fly. Whether it’s securing a loose hem or fixing a broken strap, this versatile adhesive will save the day and keep you looking flawless.

  • Stain Concealer Stick or Powder: Spills and stains are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they have to ruin your wedding photos. Keep a stain concealer stick or powder in your wedding day emergency kit to quickly cover up any makeup mishaps or clothing stains. A quick dab and blend, and you’ll be back to looking flawless in no time.

Practical and Miscellaneous Items

From unexpected emergencies to last-minute hiccups, having a well-equipped wedding day emergency kit filled with practical and miscellaneous items is essential for keeping the day stress-free and full of joy.

Wedding day emergency kit containing practical items
  • Phone Charger: In today’s digital age, your phone is your lifeline – especially on your wedding day. Keep a phone charger in your wedding day emergency kit to ensure you stay connected and capture all the memorable moments. From snapping selfies to coordinating with wedding vendors, you’ll want to make sure your phone stays charged and ready to go.

  • Emergency Contact List: When it comes to emergencies, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Keep an emergency contact list in your wedding day emergency kit with the names and numbers of key individuals like family members, wedding vendors, and wedding planners. That way, if anything goes wrong, you’ll have all the necessary contacts close at hand to help resolve the situation quickly and efficiently.

  • Extra Cash: From tipping photographers to covering unexpected expenses, having some extra cash on hand can be a lifesaver on your wedding day. Keep a stash of cash in your wedding day emergency kit to ensure you’re prepared for any last-minute surprises or emergencies that may arise.

  • Super Glue: When it comes to fixing broken decorations or accessories, super glue is your secret weapon. Keep a small tube of super glue in your wedding day emergency kit for quick fixes on the fly. Whether it’s reattaching a broken shoe heel or fixing a broken centerpiece, a dab of super glue can work wonders and save the day.

Weather-Specific Considerations

Your wedding day forecast may be unpredictable, but with a little preparation and a well-stocked wedding day emergency kit, you can weather any storm – literally. From scorching sun to unexpected showers, it’s important to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way on your special day. 

Sunhat and kindle for a wedding day emergency kit
  • Umbrellas: Rain on your wedding day may be considered good luck, but that doesn’t mean you want to get soaked. Keep a few umbrellas in your wedding day emergency kit to shield you and your wedding party from any unexpected showers. Bonus points if you can find umbrellas that match your wedding colors – talk about stylish and practical!

  • Sunscreen: If you’re saying “I do” under the bright rays of the sun, sunscreen is a must-have item in your wedding day emergency kit. Protect yourself and your guests from harmful UV rays by lathering up with SPF before heading outdoors. Trust us – your skin will thank you later.

  • Sun Hats or Parasols: For outdoor weddings in hot and sunny climates, sun hats or parasols are a stylish way to stay cool and shaded. Keep a few on hand in your wedding day emergency kit to offer to guests or members of the bridal party who need a little extra protection from the sun.

  • Warm Wraps or Blankets: For chilly fall or winter weddings, warm wraps or blankets are a cozy addition to your wedding day emergency kit. Keep your guests comfortable and warm during outdoor backyard weddings or receptions with these thoughtful additions. Plus, they make for great photo props!

Additional Items to Consider

Remember, your wedding day emergency kit is your secret weapon for handling any last-minute emergencies or hiccups with ease and grace. So pack it with care, keep it close at hand, and rest easy knowing that you’re prepared for anything that comes your way. Here’s a checklist of additional items to consider including  in your kit:

First aid kit used for a wedding day emergency kit
  • Mini sewing kit
  • Spare earring backs
  • Static-cling spray
  • Lint roller
  • Mini bottle of hairspray
  • Nail file
  • Tweezers
  • Small scissors
  • Eye drops
  • Allergy medication
  • Antacid tablets
  • Portable stain remover pen
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip balm
  • Dental floss
  • Disposable toothbrushes
  • Clear adhesive tape
  • Extra pairs of socks
  • Portable fan or hand-held fan
  • Mini flashlight
  • Safety whistle
  • Compact umbrella
  • Disposable rain ponchos
  • Extra set of wedding vows or speeches
  • Spare contact lenses or glasses

Final Thoughts

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By packing your wedding day emergency kit with care and including essential items you can rest assured knowing that you’re prepared for anything. Whether it’s a sudden wardrobe malfunction or a surprise bout of allergies, your emergency kit will have you covered!

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