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What Do You Bring To A bachelor Party: What You Need For A Rocking Celebration!

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Men partying during a bachelor party.


Wondering what do you bring to a bachelor party? We got you! 

As one of the most anticipated pre-wedding celebrations, the bachelor party is essentially a single night of partying before the groom dives headfirst into marriage, so it should be memorable! 

But unless you’re some bachelor party expert, then it can be tricky to know what to bring, especially if this is the first time that you’ll be attending one! 

Fear not, however! Because whether you’re the best man, a close friend, or even a distant cousin, we’ve listed down some of the must-haves for a bachelor party to ensure you’re well-prepared to… well, party. 

Alright, the clock’s ticking, so let’s get right to it!

In terms of what do you bring to a bachelor party, make sure to always come in high spirits!

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What to Bring to a Bachelor Party: Essential Gear for an Unforgettable Weekend

If you’re wondering what do you bring to a bachelor party, it ultimately boils down to what you and the bois~ have planned together! Is it a night out at the bars? Are you going to the games? Or maybe you’re even planning a short trip altogether? 

Still, it wouldn’t hurt to have these at the ready, so keep scrolling!

Still wondering what do you bring to a bachelor party? Come in appropriate or even matching attire, like these boys.

High Spirits and Positive Vibes: The Ultimate Essentials

Before you start packing your bags, the first and most crucial item to bring to a bachelor party is your infectious enthusiasm and positive energy!

Sure, sure, it’s not exactly an item (you can’t exactly buy enthusiasm in a bottle, right?), but the bachelor party is essentially a celebration of your buddy’s last night as a single person, so make sure you bring your A+ game when it comes to attitude, positive energy, and your enthusiasm for trying new things (as long as they’re safe!) So be sure to turn that frown upside down before you party!

Appropriate Attire for Every Occasion: Dress to Impress (or Not)

Whether you’re just going out for a few drinks or going on a short trip altogether, make sure you pack some versatile clothing choices, taking into account the various activities planned! (And whether those activities include barfing after a few drinks is totally up to you). 

From casual day adventures to swanky night outs, having the right attire tells everyone that you’re ready for anything (including barfing… we’re sorry). Of course, make sure to include some comfortable clothes in that bag too, as well as a themed costume if you have planned anything of the sort!

BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverages): Cheers to the Groom!

Now, now, it wouldn’t be a party without the booze (well… it can, but it’s just one night okay!), so make sure to bring a selection of your favorite adult drinks! Whether it’s some local craft beer you’ve always wanted to try, some expensive wine you totally didn’t just absentmindedly pick from the store, or some top-shelf spirits that you’ve been saving for such an occasion, bringing your own beverages definitely adds to the fun!

Of course, some mixers and garnishes for crafting signature cocktails would be great too! And don’t forget some snacks for the designated driver. Don’t drink and drive sir… or maybe just take an Uber after.

When thinking of what to bring to a bachelor party, you can't go wrong with a good mix of beverages.

Portable Speaker: Jam to Your Favorite Beats!

Aside from the booze, any party also wouldn’t be complete with some music to jam to! So, unless you’re going to a bar or a club, then make sure you bring along a portable speaker that’s loaded with a playlist filled with you and your friends’ favorite jams! 

Sure, it’s not your very own wedding DJ (we’re saving that for the actual wedding!), but with the right tunes (and maybe some pretend DJ scratching), we’re sure the bachelor party will be just as memorable. So get to making that bachelor party playlist, fam! Maybe some electronic music to keep everybody pumped? How about some John Mayer to show off your air guitar skills?

Snacks to Fuel the Fun: Keep the Energy High

When it comes to bachelor parties, it’s incredibly important to keep everyone fueled… and we don’t mean just from the adult beverages! 

Big boys doing big boy stuff need snacks too, so make sure to bring a mix that will cater to everyone’s different preferences! Some of the best options include energy bars, chips, and finger foods like gummy bears. It’s incredibly IMPORTANT that you don’t forget the gummy bears!!

Make sure to bring only the essentials when packing for a bachelor party.

Games and Entertainment: Keep the Party Alive

Of course, you can’t just stare at each other during the bachelor party… as exciting as that may sound. So, make sure you bring tons of activities to keep everybody engaged! Consider the location as well – outdoor games like cornhole can be great for a weekend getaway.

Camera or Smartphone: Capture the Moments

Unless you’re hiring the wedding photographer as early as now (which means they’re invited to the party toO!), make sure you bring along a reliable camera or smartphone to take photos of the entire event! After all, these photos will end up becoming some of your most cherished memories with your buddies, so be ready to snap candid shots all through the night… like the groom-to-be barfing in a corner after having one too many drinks (okay that’s it we’re stopping with the barfing) 

While unconventional, you can also bring your friends to a hike for the bachelor party.

Hygiene Kit: Stay Fresh Throughout the Festivities

Just because you’re having an adventure doesn’t mean you should smell like one too… especially if there are any ladies around! So, make sure to bring a small hygiene kit filled with essentials like toothpaste, deodorant, and wet wipes, especially if you’re on a weekend getaway. 

In terms of what do you bring to a bachelor party, this is a no-brainer! Plus, staying fresh helps you fully enjoy the activities too!

Comfortable Footwear: Dance the Night Away

Whether it’s a night on the town or a casual gathering, comfortable footwear is key. Pack a pair of shoes suitable for various activities, ensuring you can dance the night away or hike through the day without any discomfort. If you’re going on a weekend getaway, then some comfy slippers or sandals would also work great!

Chargers and Power Banks: Stay Connected

In the age of technology, keeping your devices charged is crucial… lest you miss one of your buddies barfing their stomach out (that’s the last time, I swear!) So, bring chargers and power banks to ensure your phone and other gadgets stay powered up, because how else are you going to book a carpool when you’re all too wasted to walk in a straight line!

Having a small get-together and playing video games is also a good way to spend your bachelor party.

What NOT to Bring to a Bachelor Party: A Shortlist of Party Faux Pas

Now that we’v talked about what do you bring to a bachelor party, it’s equally important to know what NOT to bring. Here are a few items that might kill the vibe with your bros: 

Drama and Negativity: Leave the Baggage at Home

A bachelor party is no place for drama. Check any personal grievances at the door and focus on creating a positive and celebratory atmosphere for the groom. After all, it’s supposed to be a celebration for them, and for your friendship! 

Excessive Technology: Live in the Moment

While a smartphone is essential for capturing memories, avoid excessive screen time. Engage with the group rather than burying your face in social media, allowing for genuine connections and shared experiences.

Of course, be ready to take some photos of barfing if needed… (we can’t stop) 

Overpacked Luggage: Keep It Simple

Avoid overpacking! Stick to the essentials to ensure your luggage doesn’t become a burden, especially if you’re headed to a destination bachelor party. Besides, men only ever need one t-shirt to wear, and an extra in case somebody… sighs barfs… 

You can also have a photoshoot with your buddies for your bachelor party.

Tips for Maximizing the Bachelor Party Experience

Plan Ahead: Avoid Last-Minute Surprises

Coordinate with the party planner and the groom to ensure everyone is on the same page. Planning activities, accommodations, and logistics well in advance minimizes last-minute stress and ensures the whole celebration is smooth from start to finish! 

Respect Boundaries: Know When to Pull Back

While the goal is to have a good time, it’s crucial to respect everyone’s boundaries. Be mindful of alcohol consumption, activities, and ensure that the celebration is enjoyable for everyone involved. Remember, you still have a wedding to attend afterwards so make sure that groom is in tip-top condition! 

Capture the Moments: Take Fun Photos 

Designate someone to capture the highlights of the bachelor party. Whether it’s photos or videos, having a record of your fun times makes for a good story. You can even share it during your speech if you’re the best man! 

Plan for Downtime: Balance It Out 

While the goal is to celebrate, it’s equally important to plan for downtime. Whether it’s a relaxed afternoon by the pool or a casual evening around the bonfire, make sure you also have some time to mellow down!

Be Flexible: Embrace the Unexpected

No matter how well you plan, unexpected surprises are part of the adventure. Be flexible and open to spontaneous moments – like your friend barfing on your shirt!! (okay, that really is the last one) 

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And that concludes our list on what to bring to a bachelor party, along with some extra tips and reminders. 

As a celebration that doesn’t happen all that often, attending a bachelor party is a privilege! So, make sure you bring the right attitude and essentials in order to avoid any pitfalls and ensure everybody ends up enjoying! 

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