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Welcome to Photo Kings. We’re Vancouver’s #1 producer of gorgeous, high-converting real estate photography for real estate agents in Vancouver. Our experienced team takes care of the staging, lighting, photography, editing, and delivery. We’re in and out in (99% of the time) less than 120 minutes, leaving you free to design, advertise, and prepare the property as needed. Are you looking for exceptional quality real estate photography to showcase your property and help buy or sell? Request a quote from our Vancouver Real Estate Photographers today and lets get shooting!

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Showcase All of Your Projects With High Quality Real Estate Photography 

PhotoKings is your #1 source for Vancouver Real Estate Photography. We take stunning photographs of residential properties, homes, commercial properties, industrial properties, mixed-use properties, and more. We also take corporate headshots for real estate agents or realtors, and work closely with a number of local agencies in Vancouver to deliver portraits for their entire team.

The most important thing most real estate agents look for in a property photographer is excellent quality in all lighting conditions, fantastic editing skills, and the ability to take twilight photographs to better visually depict the property at all times of day. We’re also fast, independent , and affordable – our team routinely shoots in under a few hours, and our quotes are highly reasonable given that we’re usually in-and-out without ever having to bother you.

If you’re looking for exceptional quality real estate photography at affordable rates, request a quote from PhotoKings today!

Vancouver's Best Customer Service

Our experienced team has worked with hundreds of real estate agents just like you. With that much experience, our photographers quickly learned that the best way to deliver results to the real estate industry is by prioritizing fantastic customer service and offering incredible rates. Today, our company rarely advertises at all – it instead receives amazing reviews and recommendations from past clients that fuel our future growth.

Your Vancouver Real Estate Photographers

After working with hundreds of clients across a number of industries, our local Vancouver Real Estate PhotoKings are an important part of the real estate community. Our team members help local businesses get on the map, and performing 360 tours for charities and nonprofits. Our commitment to excellent customer service goes far past just working with clients for money – to us, it’s about providing amazing value to our community.

Affordable Real Estate Photography That Doesn't Break The Bank

Most real estate agents understand the financial realities of advertising very well. The vast majority of successful realtors have personally spent millions of dollars on brand advertising – everything from billboards to bench ads to online videos. And it seems like the rates are just going up.

With Photo Kings, however, you get the best of both worlds. You get exceptional quality real estate advertising in the form of easily scaleable, sharable videos, and you also get to benefit from our mature production process: we produce more in less time for less money. And like any good company does, we pass those savings on to you!

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Acquire Leads With Stunning Real Estate Photography 

Having fantastic real estate photos on your listing is easily the best real estate investment your business will ever make. The better your property looks on first impression, the more inquiries, calls, and bids you’ll receive. A small up-front investment in your property photography can multiply the value of your listing.

Consistently Reliable Quality 

There’s an unfortunate problem in real estate photography today: the difference between what the real estate agent wants and what the real estate agent gets. After shooting hundreds of properties, our experienced team knows exactly what property buyers are looking for. We shoot, frame, and edit exactly to specifications, and you’ll always get what you want with us. 


Vancouver Real Estate Photography That Makes It Easy To Say Yes! 

As the #1 Vancouver Real Estate Photography company, we’ve shot hundreds of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our team has shot under the scorching sun, in the desert, in the freezing snow, during twilight, and more. We can shoot every kind of environment, every kind of property, and deliver as many photos as you need us to – all in less time and for less budget than the nearest leading competitor. Want fantastic real estate photography in Vancouver? You’ve found the right team. Request a quote today!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine being happier with my results.

Eric Yip, Business Owner

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