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As a Vancouver wedding photographer, I’ve learned that there are so many things to consider when planning your wedding. And while it’s true that the most important thing is that you’re marrying the love of your life and making memories with the people who mean the most to you, there are still some things you’ll want to consider before booking your photographer.

I’ve put together this list of tips for choosing a Vancouver wedding photographer. Whether you’re just starting or have been working with photographers for years, these tips will help you choose the right one.

Make sure to research your photographer before hiring them.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of finding your perfect venue, picking out your wedding dress, and planning all of the little details that go into planning a wedding. But one thing that often gets overlooked is how important it is to hire a good photographer. If you don’t do your homework first and do some research on photographers in Vancouver, you could end up with someone who isn’t suited to your needs or vision. Make sure to research your photographer before hiring them.

They should have experience working with the type of wedding you are planning or at least a similar style of event. You want someone familiar with the types of lighting, poses, and locations you will want for your big day. A good photographer will also be able to answer your questions during their initial meeting so that you know what to expect from them on your wedding day.

Vancouver wedding photographer

Have a clear vision for your wedding photography and communicate this with your photographer.

The clearer you are about what you want, the better your chance of getting it! Let’s face it, there are hundreds of wedding photographers in Vancouver, and they all do things differently. Some will be super into shooting candid photos, while others prefer posed ones. Some will focus on details, while others will get creative photos that tell the story of your wedding day.

Whatever your preferences are, communicate them to your photographer so they can work with you to make them happen.

Many couples don’t know what they want from their wedding photos until they see them, so it’s important to know what style you’re looking for and how you want it to feel. Ask yourself: do you want your photos to be bright and colorful? Or maybe more neutral and natural? Do you want them to be candid or posed? Do you want lots of candid’s or more formal poses? Are there specific moments that are important to capture? These things will help you communicate with your photographer so they can get the exact shots you’re hoping for.

Make sure you are comfortable with your photographer and that they understand your vision.


It’s essential to ensure that you are comfortable with your photographer and that they understand your vision for the day. You will be spending a lot of time together, so it’s important that you like the person in front of the camera as well as behind it. The last thing you want is a wedding photographer who isn’t going to listen to what you want or need.

Plan and give your photographer plenty of notice.

Getting caught up in the details when getting married is easy, but your photographer must be organized. Give them as much notice as possible about when you’d like to take pictures so they can plan accordingly.

Let them know if you’re eloping or having a destination wedding, so they don’t have to rush. If it rains during an outdoor ceremony or reception, give them enough time to reschedule!

Vancouver wedding photographer

Have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Weather surprises are a wedding photographer’s worst nightmare. If you live in Vancouver, you know how unpredictable the weather can be! To avoid this situation, make sure you have a backup plan in case of bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

For example, you may want to consider having your ceremony indoors if it’s raining. Or perhaps you could get married at an outdoor venue but still, include indoor shots during cocktail hour or at the reception. If other potential obstacles might prevent you from getting the shots you want (like rain), consider hiring an assistant who can take photos. At the same time, you’re focused on capturing essential moments between bride and groom.

Beautiful Bride in Vancouver

Be prepared to be flexible on your wedding day.

 Being prepared is always the key to success in any situation. And this is especially true on your wedding day. Every Vancouver wedding photographer has their style and approach to photography, but they all have in common: they want to make you happy. So if there’s something that you’d like to see or do during your session, don’t be afraid to ask!

Your photographer will want to capture all aspects of your day, so if you want a few moments alone with your partner before the ceremony starts or if you want portraits taken at a particular location, let them know. The more they know about what you’re looking for, the better they can tailor their services to meet your needs.

Be aware of the lighting conditions at your wedding venue and plan accordingly.

If you’re getting married in a hotel, ensure your photographer has adequate light to take beautiful photos without flash. The photographer can capture shots in direct sunlight or overcast at an outdoor wedding.

Meeting with your Vancouver wedding photographer to discuss lighting is the best way to prepare. Some photographers prefer natural light, while others prefer artificial lighting (or even flash). This will help them know what equipment they need to bring with them on the day of and how much time they’ll have available for set-up before guests arrive.

Vancouver wedding photographer

Make sure your photographer is familiar with your wedding venue.

 When you book a Vancouver wedding photographer, you must ensure that the person you hire is familiar with the venue where you’ll be getting married. It’s easy for a photographer to take beautiful pictures of an unfamiliar location, but it can be difficult if they don’t know the ins and outs of where they’re shooting. If possible, ask your photographer to visit the site ahead of time so they can get some great shots when it comes time for your wedding day.

Give your photographer a list of must-have shots.

Your Vancouver wedding photographer is there to capture every moment and create something beautiful out of the chaos of a wedding day. That’s why giving them a list of must-have shots ahead of time is essential. This will help them stay on track and capture your favorite moments in their best light.

If you don’t have time to write down your must-haves before the big day, try making an app with your photographer so they can get all the details straight from you!

Trust your photographer and let them do their job!

This is the most important tip of all, so listen up! When you’re getting married, it’s easy to get wrapped up in all the planning, from picking out your dress to choosing the perfect cake. But at some point, you must remember that your photographer is there for a reason: to capture those moments that will make your day stand out. So leave them alone! Let them do what they need—it’s their job, after all—and relax and enjoy yourself.

Vancouver wedding photographer


This list gives you a good idea of how you can create excellent wedding photography. It doesn’t have to be all about the outside; it can be about the intimacy that unfolds inside.

So if you are in Vancouver and looking to book a photographer, I highly suggest you speak to They will want to make sure this day is unforgettable, so they make sure you always feel comfortable, enjoy being able to relax when taking pictures with them, and, most importantly, have a complimentary couple’s shoot so you can see how your stylist works with your photographer.

If you want to know more about what we do or how much it costs, contact us today at (647) 699-1994 or check out our website!

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