At PhotoKings, we take pride in our product photography and ensure that every product is shot with the utmost attention to detail. With over 10 years in the photo industry, we understand the importance of professional photography.

Photography is a great way to express an artist’s feelings and emotions. While most people use their phone or point-and-shoot cameras to capture their family memories and events, others prefer to have a professional photographer capture their special moments. For example, for wedding photos some people prefer a photojournalistic style while others want posed photos. Event photos are taken during a variety of events such as concerts, sports games, parties, or graduations. A unique photo shoot can be created for a variety of occasions such as senior portraits to capture the senior’s personality or engagement photos that show two people in love with each other. These types of photos are usually professionally done by photographers who specialize in this particular area of photography. Some photographers specialize in weddings while others focus on children’s photography and even pet photography, which is becoming more popular these days as many pet owners want professional shots for their pets rather than selfies taken on mobile devices.

Professional photographers have many great qualities which make them stand out from amateur photographers and laypeople who only take photos occasionally when they are capturing an important event or moment in time for themselves or relatives and friends. Professional photographers are highly trained in different areas of photography including lighting techniques, composition tips, camera equipment, how to pose subjects correctly so they look natural and not forced or awkward in photos, how to effectively direct subjects during photo shoots (such as when taking senior portraits), editing skills (digital enhancement), how to retouch images (often referred to as Photoshop), how to deliver edited images back to clients online or through physical delivery methods (such as CD/DVD).

They also know how important it is for their clients that they see sample images prior to getting started on the actual photo shoot so they can provide feedback and suggestions if necessary before the actual shoot takes place. They also know that it is important that they get back all of the digital rights from clients so they can sell images online through stock sites such as Shutterstock which provides them with another source of income coming from selling used images that were originally taken for specific clients but now can be sold over and over again by the photographer who owns the rights once they obtain them after completing a photo shoot/project at a location/event/wedding/etc.

Product photography is very important to the success of your ecommerce store. When you are selling a physical product on your site, you need professional quality photos that showcase your products in a way that makes them look attractive and appealing to potential customers. Customers want to see what they are buying before they decide to buy it, so the way your product photos appear will play a big part in whether or not they decide to make a purchase on your site or not. If you want to make more sales from your ecommerce store then I would highly recommend taking advantage of our premium service and having us shoot professional quality photos for you.

That is why at PhotoKings we offer different options for our customers depending on their budget and needs. When it comes down to it, the most important thing is that you’re able to get professional quality photos for your products no matter what kind of budget you have available. Our most basic level of service starts at just $229 which includes up to 10 images taken by one photographer up to 12″x12″. It also includes some other features like image retouching or adding text overlays on top of an image for example – as well as a short description about what each image represents so that there’s some context for each image in a gallery or slideshow format (a slideshow is included with any package).

This package also includes an image management system where all images are edited into black & white and color versions as well as black & white high contrast “vintage” versions which can be used if desired – plus some additional options like resizing and cropping where needed too. A short description is included with every image so that people can understand what they’re looking at since many images are stock images taken from royalty free sites which wouldn’t necessarily mean anything unless explained otherwise.

A slideshow is also included with this package but only contains 2 slides showing each individual product (upgrades can be purchased separately if wanted). After all this has been done, we will deliver all files via FTP access so that they can be used right away by uploading them straight onto your site without any additional work needed!

Our next level up from there costs $349 & includes up to 20 images from one photographer – plus some other features like another set of retouching options including removing blemishes off faces etc – unlimited color or black & white versions per image – unlimited black & white high contrast “vintage” versions per image – cropping & resizing options etc.

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