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Photo Kings Review: Taylor And Evan

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
According to their testimonial, Taylor and Evan had a fantastic experience with us.

We’re more than excited to share this 5-star Photo Kings review from one of our beloved clients, so here’s a recap for you to check out today! 

Thanks to the professional touch of our Photo Kings Ottawa expert, Olha Tykhon, every moment of Taylor and Evan’s big day is filled with love, laughter, and memories that will be cherished for years to come! Starting with the early morning preparations up until the last song at the reception party, our team was there to ensure her experience with Photo Kings was well worth the price! So, let’s step back into this special day of hers, and let’s see how we earned that glowing Photo Kings review and feedback she gave right after! 

Taylor posing for some bridal portraits before giving us great feedback.

The morning dawned with a radiant warmth, the sun casting its golden rays over the outdoor wedding venue where Taylor, the stunning bride, was about to start one of the best days of her life! Present at the scene were our Photo Kings photography services, ready to make sure none of the important moments of the couple’s day goes unnoticed. 

Of course, our team also made their own observation and analysis, looking for the best spots and places to take photos from. 

So, as Taylor and her bridal party got ready for the day ahead, our photography team was there, documenting  every detail of the bride’s transformation, from the delicate lace of her gown to the sparkle in her eyes. And just to further enhance the experience with Photo Kings, our team also took some lovely bridal portraits that received high ratings from her! 

Taylor and Evan taking outdoor wedding photos before giving us a high rating!

As the ceremony hour approached, the sun’s gentle warmth enveloped the outdoor setting, creating a picturesque backdrop for Taylor’s walk down the aisle. Of course, the photography expert Olha captured the anticipation in the air, the flutter of emotions, and the heartfelt exchanges between Taylor and Evan. We have to earn those Photo Kings reviews after all! 

The ceremony itself was a breathtaking affair, with vows and candid moments exchanged under the radiant sky. Our resident expert Olha, with a keen eye for emotion, immortalized every tender moment, every loving glance, and every tear of joy shed by the couple and their loved ones.

Right after the ceremony (and all the tears that were shed), it was time for dinner! Here, guests enjoyed delectable dishes, raised toasts to the newlyweds, and shared some speeches filled with touching words, all while our photography team mingled seamlessly to capture candid moments of laughter and heartfelt conversations, the kind that has become a hallmark in Photo Kings testimonials. To that end, many guests also gave us wonderful opinions and feedback of our work, and we’re more than happy to see all of these praises in the Photo Kings critique they contributed in.

As the night progressed, the reception transformed into a joyous dance party, with the wedding DJ setting the rhythm for a night of celebration. Taylor, Evan, and their guests danced under the starlit sky, the photography service capturing the energy and happiness that filled the air… all while busting a move or two here and there!

Once the festivities and celebration has winded down, Taylor also took some time to give us her own glowing 5-star rated Photo Kings review, saying: The company was very quick to respond and had a very in detail planning form. I was also able to have a meeting with my photographer to go over everything I wanted. She captured all my picture requests and had ideas of her own that were amazing. I am not someone who takes pictures often so I needed some guidance as to what to capture. She was great at capturing the atmosphere while not getting in the way!” 

Of course, these sentiments also echo those of our past clients’, proving that Photo Kings will always go above and beyond even before your wedding day begins! 

And if you want an example of that, just check out the reviews given by client couples like Emily and Nemo, or David and Yuri! We can safely say that for both of these weddings, we managed to knock it out of the park! That’s why, whenever we recap these celebrations, we’re always filled with pride! 

All in all, these glowing Photo Kings reviews, testimonials, and appraisals are a clear reflection of our commitment to providing exceptional service to all of our clients through and through. So when you work with our team, you’re working with someone who understands the importance of not just positioning a camera and capturing a moment, but making an experience that you will remember for a long time. 

After all, we always pride ourselves in making all of our customers and clients smiling with satisfaction, and everything else is just a bonus for us!

So, just in case that you’re also seeking to elevate your own wedding with professional photography services and customer service that will always put you first, look no further than Photo Kings Ottawa

Or, if you want a more comprehensive wedding package beyond just photos, head over to our team at Video Kings, where we are in the business of turning your big day into a cinematic masterpiece that you can enjoy as many times as you wish, and all for great prices!

Either way, our team can’t wait to hear from you! 

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