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Photo Kings Review: Sabrina And Augustus

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
Sabrina and Augustus sharing a kiss.

Here’s a gracious 5-star Photo Kings review from one of our previous satisfied clients, and we can’t wait to share what they had to say! So, without further ado, here’s a recap for you! 

Of course, all this wouldn’t be possible without Sabrina and Augustus, whose wedding was nothing short of magical… and our Photo Kings Ottawa team are simply along for the ride! So, as their preferred photography services team, we had the privilege of capturing their special day in all of their glory, ensuring none of it ever goes missed, and that they’ll only have positive feedback and opinions in their Photo Kings review. 

So, let’s take you on the magical journey that is their big day, and what we did to make their wedding just a tad more special. 

Sabrina taking bridal portraits, before giving us high-rated opinions on our work.

For starters, the day unfolded like a dream bathed in golden sunshine, casting a warm glow over the outdoor wedding venue where Augustus, the dapper groom, and his lovely bride Sabrina, was about to embark on a journey of love and celebration. Behind the lens, of course, was our resident expert Nick Li, who actually arrived early and stood ready to document every fleeting moment that day and earn a glowing Photo Kings review!

As the morning rays danced across the venue, Nick Li arrived with all of his high-quality camera equipment to capture the essence of the day, making an analysis and observation to find the best spots. Everyone was already busy at this point, putting up the decorations and adding some final touches, and Nick was already up and about taking photos without ever intruding.

Then, the air was quickly filled with excitement and anticipation as Augustus and his groomsmen prepared for the festivities ahead. Nick’s keen eye caught every detail, from the groom’s heartfelt moments with his best men to the intricate details of the wedding attire, even all the way down to the groom adjusting his tie to make sure he looks as sharp (and as handsome) as he wants to! 

Sabrina and Augustus walking together at the ceremony.

The same can be said, of course, for Sabrina, who was nothing short of dazzling in her lovely wedding dress, perfect for taking bridal portraits! Of course, her bridesmaids looked lovely as well, and the room was abuzz with giggles and excitement as the ladies went on to work, while our photographer took charming photos, both candid and posed. During this, one of the bridesmaids gave us positive opinions about our work, and we appreciated the feedback very much. 

Once everyone was ready to go, it was time for the actual wedding ceremony, where our expert photographer Nick Li captured the raw emotions and tender glances given by Augustus as he stood watching his bride walk down the aisle. After all, these are the types of moments you wouldn’t want to miss, and we want to ensure Sabrina and Augutus’ experience with Photo Kings is well worth his time.

Once the two met on the altar, Nick carefully positioned himself to capture all of the important moments, snapping away as the couple looked at each other with all the love in their eyes… a detail that Nick made sure to preserve perfectly! 

The couple's wedding decor at their highly-rated wedding venue.

After the vows have been exchanged, some of the guests even managed to sneak in some Photo Kings reviews and Photo Kings testimonials to us before the lavish wedding dinner commenced! There, guests indulged in both great food and great conversations, all while Nick Li continued to bob in and out to capture candid moments of joy, laughter, and heartfelt conversations that filled the air with warmth and happiness. It’s by tradition, of course, to throw in some wedding speeches, and as friends and family members gave out kind words to the couple, our photographer made sure they also have wonderful memories to look at later! 

Finally, it was time for the reception party! Armed with a playlist of feel-good tunes and romantic hits, the wedding DJ opened the dance floor for everyone, and Nick made sure to capture everyone’s energy and excitement, whether it’s Sabrina and Augustus grooving together, or all the other guests showing off their best (and wackiest) dance moves! 

A real highlight, of course, was the first dance that Sabrina and Augustus shared as husband and wife, a moment that’s perfectly captured by Nick as the two swayed with each other and wowed the guests with their chemistry. It was truly a wonderful first dance, and a great way to start their wedding’s reception party. 

Following that, Augustus took some time to thank us for our services! In his own words, Augustus gave us a wonderful critique, saying: Great photographer, responsive and professional agency.Fantastic photographer Nick Li, quick on his feet to get a large number of shots, creative and fun suggestions for shot positions, personable and upbeat personality. 10/10 very professional.”

All in all, Augustus’ glowing Photo Kings testimonial is a reflection of our commitment and dedication to giving you the best service possible for your own celebration, and we are honored to add him to our growing list of satisfied clients who gifted us with a high-rating. After all, we at Photo Kings believe that every couple deserves to have their own unique love story told. 

And if Augustus’ kind words aren’t enough, you can learn more about our services through our past satisfied clients, like Brittney and John for example, or Courtney and Michael, both of which had a fantastic experience with us and gave us great feedback of their own!

So, in case you want the same exceptional service for your own wedding (or anniversary party, birthday celebration, or even a corporate event!) don’t hesitate to drop us a call here at Photo Kings Ottawa, and we’ll get to planning that dream event in no time!

But just in case photos aren’t enough for you, our experts over at Video Kings are also just as excited to meet with you to talk about how we can turn your event into a cinematic masterpiece. 

So, don’t hesitate to give us a call or ask for a quote to work with all of our top-rated photographers and videographers!

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