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Photo Kings Review: David Alexis And Yuri

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
David Alexis and Yuri after their wedding celebration.

Check out this glowing Photo Kings review of our services from David Alexis and Yuri – truly one for the books! Here’s a quick recap for you! 

Let’s start by stepping back into July 2023, on a particularly chilly morning that saw our Photo Kings Vancouver team up and early to make an analysis and observation of the venue. This helps ensure that they’re ready for another day of making sure a new client is more than satisfied with their experience with Photo Kings! 

Of course, our dashing groom for the day David himself was up early too, eagerly awaiting the celebration as he and his groomsmen laughed and posed for our expert photography team. Yuri did the same, eagerly awaiting and preparing alongside her bridesmaids while our photography team snapped shots all-around. Committed to capturing every moment (and getting a great Photo Kings review along the way), our team made sure the entire journey was documented from dawn to dusk!

David Alexis and Yuri, before they gave our services a 5-star critique.

And as the crisp and chilly air slowly gave way to the gentle warmth of the sun, the ceremony officially began, with David making his way up to the altar to await for his beloved. Of course, to ensure their experience with Photo Kings is great, our team awaited as well, from the lovely bridal walk up the exchanging of vows! No expense was spared, of course, as our expert team made sure to capture every special moment! Everything from the raw emotion shown by each other up to the connection they share shouldn’t be missed!

Following the ceremony, the reception commenced with a delightful cocktail hour, filled with laughter, mingling, and joyful celebrations. The photography service continued to document the festivities, capturing candid moments and the genuine happiness shared by guests. And might we just add, that wedding dinner was really filling in our humble opinion!

One of the highlights of the evening was the speeches made by family and friends, filled with heartfelt words and cherished memories. The photography service was there to capture the emotional tributes, preserving these precious moments for David and his bride Yuri to treasure forever.

As the night progressed, the reception transformed into a vibrant celebration, with guests dancing joyously to the beats provided by the Vancouver wedding DJ. To prove we have no two left feet of our own, our photography service also made sure to stay on time when it comes to capturing everyone’s energy and excitement! And such energy as it was, with the wedding DJ keeping the beat going with an eclectic mix of slower jams, romantic ballads to couples to dance to, and dance floor-stomping singalongs that had everybody smiling and beaming so much! 

We’ve been to plenty of reception parties in our time, and this one is easily one of the most memorable we’ve had! There were also plenty of guests that gave their feedback and opinion not only with the party, but also with our photography services!

Yuri with her mom, who gave us plenty of positive comments for our services.

Once the wedding was done and it was time for everybody to settle down and retire, David remained energetic, saying: “Photo Kings made our wedding day very special! Photo Kings are very professional and they provide excellent service. They paired us with Luis (great job Luis!) who did an outstanding job as our photographer. We could not have asked for a better experience and are overjoyed with the service we received.”

David’s glowing Photo Kings review and Photo Kings testimonials also came with a recommendation, saying: “I would recommend Photo Kings to anyone wanting to make their event memorable and special. Thank you Photo Kings!”

Of course, that Photo Kings review is a true testament to our dedication and passion, and one that mirrors past couple testimonials like that of Carolyn and Jeff, Susan and Kelvin, and Emily and Nemo, just to name a few of them! That said, the best part is still the satisfaction that we see in the faces of the couples that we choose to work with, and everything else, including the high rating and the comments, are just a bonus! 

The newlyweds!

All in all, Photo Kings ratings like that of David’s not only help us keep going, but prove our precision and dedication to the craft, and we can’t wait to help more clients as we go along! And I’m sure we’ve already mentioned it plenty of times, but we’re always honored to be a part of any couple’s big day, and it’s truly a privilege to shoot for them. 

So, if you’re also planning an event yourself, consider working with our team at Photo Kings Vancouver to capture all of your cherished memories. With our unparalleled experience with Photo Kings and our dedication to helping all of our customers, we’ll ensure your big day is captured in the best way possible! Here, we understand the importance of every moment, and we’re always striving to making a seamless and enjoyable experience. 

So, hit us up today and see for yourself the reason behind these Photo Kings testimonials! You can also learn about our 5-star rated services and offerings, and just what we can do to make your big day just a tad bit more memorable. See you! 

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