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Photo Kings Review: Chelsea and Raphaele

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
The couple looking gorgeous together.

We’re always happy to receive a new 5-star Photo Kings review, and this one from Chelsea and Raphaele is the latest on our growing list! To celebrate, let’s go take a look at how special it is with this recap!

Taking place in the summer of June 17, 2023, love was everywhere in the air as the couple of the day, Chelsea and Raphaele, finally joined in the altar to exchange vows. As Photo Kings photography services, we’re beyond delighted to be the chosen photographers for their event, ensuring that their memories are captured in the best way possible. So, let’s take you on a tour of that special day!

Chelsea and Raphaele after the wedding ceremony, before they gave our services a glowing review.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect that day. Set amidst the bustling cityscape of Toronto, the couple’s chosen wedding venue is filled with lush greenery illuminated by the warm sunlight, setting the stage for the wonderful event taking place later that day. Our Toronto wedding photographer for the event, David Morris, arrived early as well, eager to get a leg up on the festivities by making his own analysis and observation of the best places to shoot from. 

Of course, the day of the actual couple started with them getting ready. For starters, Chelsea was already preparing with her bridesmaids, her striking blue locks a vivid shade of color that contrasted with her white wedding gown. To that end, David made sure to capture every detail of this scene, from the bridesmaids sharing some laughs, to Chelsea’s moments of solemn preparation for the ceremony.

Up next was the groom of the day, Raphaele, who in turn was busy preparing with his groomsmen. Adjusting his black tie, Raphaele suited up for the event, his red button-down matching the fiery red of his hair, the vivid colors of which are beautifully captured by our very own David as he navigated the space. Every stage of the day, David heard wonderful Photo Kings reviews and comments that applaud his photography skills and dedication.

After all, all of our photographers take our clients’ feedback and opinions to heart in order to provide the best experience possible. 

Once that’s done, it was finally time for the ceremony. As David adjusted his equipment and focused on the tiny but important details, the procession began, with Raphaele eagerly awaiting his bride at the altar. Soon after, the two finally exchanged vows, sealing their union with a tender and loving kiss. David, positioned strategically to capture every angle, immortalized the heartfelt moments, the tender glances, and the promises of forever.

As the sun began to set, the reception party commenced with a sumptuous dinner where guests indulged in culinary delights and shared stories of love and friendship. The speeches, filled with laughter ,touching anecdotes, and candid moments, highlighted the love and admiration for Chelsea and Raphaele, each word beautifully captured by the videographers. We even heard plenty of Photo Kings testimonials and feedback from guests, affirming that we’re on the right track!

Once that is done, the evening finally unfolded into a joyous dance party, with the couple’s own Toronto wedding DJ setting the stage for Chelsea and Raphaele’s first dance as husband and wife! After that, it was time for everybody else to strut their stuff and dance, and our photography team seamlessly captured the energy and excitement from everybody! 

Speaking after the event, Chelsea took aside some to give us a wonderful Photo Kings review. According to her, “Completely Fantastic. The whole team is absolutely amazing, not only are they with you every step of the way, but they are thorough.”

She also gave our photographer David some appraisal, saying, “I had the pleasure of working with Rachel who is just a complete delight, she paired me with David, who was perfect for my husband and I. He was laid back, funny, and very personable. We were shown a few shots as the day went on and they were spectacular.”

Finally, Chelsea ended her Photo Kings review with a glowing recommendation and critique, saying, “I couldn’t be happier with the attention and detail that the team put into making sure we got exactly what we wanted. If you’re looking for a company that really cares about what you want on your special day or occasion, go with photo kings you will not be disappointed I promise you.”

Hearing this glowing review from Chelsea is very wonderful, as it echoes past reviews we got from our previous satisfied clients, like Courtney and Michael, or Anita and Mike, just to name a couple! 

In conclusion, our photography service covering Chelsea and Raphaele’s wedding day went above and beyond, capturing the essence of love, vibrancy, and joy that defined the day. From the early morning preparations to the lively reception party, every moment was documented with care and artistry, resulting in a wedding album that will be cherished for a lifetime! 

So, if you’re ever on the hunt for a photography or a videography service that will take us time to understand your vision and exceed all your expectations, look no further than our team here at Photo Kings and Video Kings!

Simply hit us up for a quote, and we’ll take it from there! See you!

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