Photographing The Love At 1,000+ Weddings Per Year

From 5,000 Penticton wedding photographers, our elite top 1% is chosen.

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We Look After Everything

Let’s go through your checklist together:

From big companies to small businesses, our clients trust us

Capturing Various Wedding Styles

Our photos feature couples from different backgrounds, various cultures, traditions, and preferences.

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In 9 cities across Canada, we’ve built trust by managing over 1,000 events per year, maintaining a perfect 5-star rating.

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Skilled Work

It’s tough to find a good Penticton wedding photographer, like really tough. That’s why we only picked 50 from over 5,000+ photographers.

Staying on our team is tied to maintaining a 5-star rating.

Enjoy an incredible experience, and help us reach our goal of a 5-star rating.

Our team excels at capturing weddings for every couple, appreciating a mix of cultures, traditions, and personal preferences.

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Heena & Darius’ Wedding

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Frank & Saia’s Wedding

All In One Wedding Support

We’ll handle everything – finding the right Penticton wedding photographers, planning, meetings, capturing moments, editing, revisions, delivery, and more. We’re here to make the entire process stress-free and simple for you.

Find Out How Much It Costs For Wedding Photography In Penticton

Look forward to our complete portfolio and pricing arriving soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our packages provide a spectrum of choices, from basic coverage to all-inclusive options, with pricing influenced by factors like coverage hours, the number of Penticton wedding photographers, and extras such as engagement shoots. We prioritize personalization, ensuring each package is uniquely designed to resonate with your vision. Upon inquiry, our team will promptly share detailed information, including pricing, service offerings, our portfolio, team information, and any other pertinent details to guide you in choosing us for your wedding photography.

Our photography services are characterized by their adaptability to different styles, allowing your vision to shine through. Utilizing our custom software, you can actively participate in curating your wedding memories by selecting your favorite photos, editing style, and team members, resulting in a bespoke and cherished outcome.

Absolutely, we’re here to make your day special. Provide us with a list of shots you want, and we’ll make sure they’re included in your wedding album.

Photo Kings has a skilled team of Penticton wedding photographers to cover all kinds of events. Check out our team page to find the right fit for your event. Your photographer will be selected based on your preferences and our availability. It’s wise to book early to secure the photographer you desire.

For sure! We provide a written contract for your peace of mind. Sign it and make a 50% deposit, and your wedding date, services, and our dedicated team are all set.

In case the main photographer can’t make it, no problem. We’ve arranged a backup photographer, and there’s no additional charge. They’re familiar with your event details.

It’s simple to book – sign a contract and pay a deposit to lock in your wedding date. Payment comes in two equal parts, and the final payment is due two weeks before the wedding. Cancel anytime up to three months before the wedding for a full deposit refund.

Normally, it takes about 4-6 weeks to receive your finalized wedding photos. A sneak peek of a few images will also be sent within days of the wedding, and you can access the full collection through our online gallery.