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How To Say No-Kids At A Wedding: A Full Guide

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
A couple getting married.


Getting hitched soon and planning on having a child-free wedding? We get you, and it’s totally fair!

After all, finalizing your guest list for your big day is not an easy task, and while you don’t have the intention to leave everyone out, you simply can’t invite everyone and their dog if you want to be practical… or feasible. 

Whether your venue only has a limited number of people it can allow or you’re just hoping to save some pennies after all of that planning (for the honeymoon, perhaps?), you might not want to invite kids at the wedding and for an adults-only ceremony.

That said, it can still be tricky, so how do you say no-kids at a wedding? Well, included below are some tips, as well as examples on what to say and a few etiquette reminders in case you get some push back. 

Let’s get right to it!

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How to say no-kids at a wedding? First step is to be polite and cordial.

Is A No-Kids Wedding Right for You?

First off, is a no-kids wedding right for you? The answer, of course, ultimately lies with your needs and preferences.

Of course, there’s the most obvious reason that you don’t have any little ones in the family, or that you simply don’t love kids and would rather not have them during the big day, and both of these reasons are totally fair! 

However, there are still reasons that can make you decide on an adults-only wedding (your wedding outfits will have to wait for a bit!) Here are some of them: 

  • Consider Your Vision for the Day – Before making a decision, reflect on your vision for the wedding day. Do you picture a formal, sophisticated affair, or is a family-friendly atmosphere more aligned with your dreams? Or perhaps you’re planning to turn your reception into a fun night out where adults can let loose and don’t have to worry about minors? Or maybe you just don’t want to hear any screaming or crying while on the dance floor (which is also fair!) In such cases, then yes, a no-kids wedding is recommended.

  • Venue Constraints – Some venues may have restrictions or limitations when it comes to accommodating children. If your dream venue is not conducive to a child-friendly environment, this could be a determining factor in opting for a no-kids wedding.

  • Budget and Guest List Size – As we already mentioned above, excluding children from the guest book if you’re working with a limited budget or have a specific list size in mind can be a practical choice. By doing this, it also lets you focus all your resources on making the best wedding for you and your partner, all while also curating an unforgettable experience for your adult guests.

  • Guest Preferences – Consider the preferences of your guests. Some may appreciate the opportunity to attend a child-free event, enjoying an evening of relaxation and celebration without the responsibilities that come with parenting.

  • Cultural and Regional Considerations – Finally, there are also some cultural and regional norms that can also influence your decision. In some cultures or regions, it might be customary to include children in weddings, while in others, adult-only celebrations are more prevalent.

In the end, it all comes down to your own preferences, so make sure you go through all of these reasons first before you make your final decision! 

30 Examples Of How To Say No-Kids At Your Wedding

Make sure you finalize whether your wedding will be no-kids during the planning stage.

Now that we’re done with the reasons, here’s a list of 30 direct statements on how to say no-kids at a wedding that you can place on the wedding invitation:

  1. “We request the pleasure of your company at our adults-only wedding celebration.”
  2. “Kindly note that our wedding is an adults-only affair.”
  3. “Join us for an evening of elegance at our adults-only wedding celebration.”
  4. “In the spirit of a formal occasion, we kindly request an adults-only celebration.”
  5. “Please be advised that our wedding is exclusively for adults.”
  6. “To maintain a grown-up atmosphere, we request no children at our wedding.”
  7. “In celebration of love and to honor a mature ambiance, we kindly request no guests under the age of 18.”
  8. “We look forward to celebrating with you at our adults-only wedding.”
  9. “Join us for a night of celebration reserved for adults only.”
  10. “For an intimate affair, we kindly request no children at our wedding.”
  11. “You’re invited to an evening of elegance at our adults-only wedding celebration.”
  12. “To create a romantic setting, we request the company of adults only at our wedding.”
  13. “Please leave the kiddos at home – our wedding is an adults-only event.”
  14. “Join us for an exclusive celebration, reserved for adults.”
  15. “In consideration of a sophisticated setting, we kindly request no little ones at our wedding.”
  16. “Come celebrate with us at our grown-up get-together – adults only, please.”
  17. “Our wedding celebration is strictly for adults. We appreciate your understanding.”
  18. “To maintain a mature and refined atmosphere, we request no children at our wedding.”
  19. “To fully enjoy the festivities, we kindly ask that you leave the children behind for our adults-only wedding.”
  20. “Join us for an adults-only affair as we celebrate the union of two hearts.”
  21. “An exclusive evening awaits – kindly note, our wedding is for adults only.”
  22. “Join us for a mature celebration; we kindly request no children at our wedding.”
  23. “To ensure an adult atmosphere, we regretfully request no kids at our wedding.”
  24. “In honor of an elegant affair, we request the company of adults only at our wedding.”
  25. “Come be part of our grown-up gathering – an evening reserved for adults.”
  26. “For a romantic reception, we kindly ask that our celebration be adults-only.”
  27. “As we embark on this formal affair, we kindly request no children in attendance.”
  28. “Our wedding celebration is solely for adults. Your understanding is appreciated.”
  29. “Join us for a toast to adulthood – please, no little ones at our wedding.”
  30. “To make it an adults-only occasion, we look forward to your presence at our wedding celebration.”

Feel free to choose the one that resonates most with the tone and style you envision for your wedding invitation!

A person writing the wedding invitation for their upcoming no-kids wedding.

Tips On How To Say No-Kids At A Wedding

Of course, communicating a no-kids wedding is more than just making a direct statement on your wedding invitation. So, here are some tips to keep in mind when stating your wishes to make sure it’s appropriate and polite.

Make Your Request Early

Start by making your no-kids request early. We know that finalizing the guest list itself can be a real chore, so make sure you state your wishes and send out the invitations as early as possible, all while being clear. This lets your friends and family plan accordingly, and gives them ample time to make child-care arrangements if they have some little ones. It also just communicates the type of wedding celebration they’ll be attending right from the get-go! Additionally, telling your wedding vendors that you’re opting for a no-kids arrangement is also a great idea.

If you're wondering how to say no-kids at a wedding, a good way is to include it in the invitation.

Personalize Messages, But Avoid Citing Personal Reasons

Next, personalize your communication for close family and friends, explaining your decision and expressing hope for their understanding. However, don’t make it personal, and certainly don’t single a child out! So, instead of listing reasons why you don’t want a specific child, make sure your wording applies to the general population of your friends and their children.

Use Polite Language

Much like the statement examples we listed above, make sure to choose polite and respectful language to convey your message, and focus on the adults-only arrangements instead of lingering on the no-kids policy. This communicates that part of the reason the wedding is for no-kids is for their enjoyment!

Be Clear

Now, since “kids” itself can apply to every age demographic of youngsters, make sure to specify the age group that’s not allowed to attend your wedding. For example, some people might think kids means under 18, when in reality, you only want 13 and below kids to be left at home. Of course, all of this is up to you.

An adult-only wedding can help you save overall costs.

How To Say No-Kids At A Wedding: Etiquette Tips On Handling Pushback

While we’re sure plenty of your guests will understand that you don’t want kids at your wedding (some of them may even prefer it!), there are also cases where you get some pushback or a negative response. So, here are some tips on how to deal with it in a polite and non-dramatic way

Stay Calm and Composed

 If faced with pushback, remain calm, composed, and polite. Remember that it’s your special day, and your decisions should be respected.

Offer Alternatives

If possible, provide alternatives or solutions for guests with children, such as recommending a local babysitting service or organizing a kids’ event during the celebration. You can even take this a step further by actually booking the babysitting service for the night! 

Reiterate the Venue Policy

If venue restrictions are a factor, reiterate that the decision is influenced by the venue’s policies rather than a personal choice.

This should help your guests understand that you’re making the wedding no-kids not because of them, but because of a more valid reason. 

If your wedding has plenty of alcohol, then not having kids present is a good idea.

No Exceptions

Sometimes, a guest might ask for some exception made specifically for them. In such cases, stick to the rule! Otherwise, some guests might learn about this and ask for exceptions as well. Additionally, helping the guests understand the atmosphere you want for your wedding might also help them understand better.

Enlist Support from Close Family

If pushback is expected, enlist the support of close family members to help communicate and reinforce the decision.

Offer a Compromise

If the issue persists, consider offering a compromise, such as allowing children at certain parts of the celebration or organizing a separate family-friendly event. However, only do this as a last resort, and stick to the rule as much as possible.

Lean On Your Wedding Planners

 In case you have hired some professional wedding planners, leaning onto them for assistance is also recommended, especially if one of the guests takes offense with your no-kids rule. Your wedding planner might hash it out over the phone in order to help them understand better.

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding involves countless decisions, and whether or not to include children is a significant one. As such, going for a no-kids wedding requires careful consideration, clear communication, and a dash of tact. 

So, by sticking with our suggestions, we hope you learned a thing or two on how to say no-kids at a wedding, especially if that’s what you decide to go with as well! 

Of course, all of that stressful planning should lead to a wonderful wedding, and what better way to forever remember all that hard work (and the union you’re celebrating, of course!) than some great wedding photos! 

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