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How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Winnipeg? Everything You Need To Know

Feb Cortes
Feb Cortes
The cost of a wedding in Winnipeg is influenced by plenty of factors.


Getting married soon? Congratulations!

Now, we all know that planning a wedding isn’t a walk in the park (or it can be… if the park is filled with sharks and other dangerous things!). Between picking a venue and obsessing over every little detail, it can be a real pandemonium really quick! 

But don’t let that deter you from exchanging vows with your beloved! Because here, we’ve broken down the cost of a wedding in Winnipeg, including all of the details that are easy to miss! 

So, strap in, get that checklist ready, and let’s get right to it!

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Venue rental is one of the biggest factors behind the cost of a wedding in Winnipeg.

What Is The Cost Of A Wedding In Winnipeg?

Now, let’s get right to it: what is the cost of a wedding in Winnipeg? Well, according to the Wedding Report, a quaint Winnipeg wedding with around 50 to 100 guests will cost you around $24,056 to $29,402, especially if it’s during the spring. This estimate already includes essentials like the venue, food, decorations, and other miscellaneous expenses.

As such, it’s important to start the planning as early as possible, especially as prices tend to fluctuate. This way, you can lock in your desired budget, stick to it, and figure out the rest of the wedding and avoid any last-minute mishaps. 

Now, let’s talk about everything you need for your Winnipeg wedding!

Ceremony Location Rental ($0 - $5,000+)

This is easily one of the most important elements of your wedding, as it will help dictate the tone of your wedding. As for costs, it varies greatly, as you can get married in your own backyard for no cost or book an exquisite banquet hall for up to $5,000. Then, there are other factors like exclusivity, amenities, and rental fees. Lucky for you, there are plenty of great Winnipeg wedding venues that should easily cater to your desired budget.

Wedding Officiant ($150 - $1,000)

Next up, the officiant, who will make sure that your wedding vows will be handled with care. As for the cost, it typically varies depending on the customization of personalization, so it’s all up to you!

Reception Venue ($1,000 - $10,000+)

Up next is the reception venue, which also plays a big role in the overall cost of a wedding in Winnipeg. Of course, the actual cost will depend on multiple factors, including location, capacity, and amenities. All-inclusive packages may offer savings compared to à la carte options, but do check what this includes just to make sure it aligns with the type of reception you’re envisioning.

Food and Drinks ($50 - $150+ per person)

Of course, you can’t have a reception without food and drinks, so these also add to the overall cost of a wedding in Winnipeg. Of course, this depends on the type of food you’re looking to get. For example, you can expect to spend anywhere from $50 to $150 or more per guest if you’re going with traditional catering, while a picnic-type dinner or even a potluck and buffet-style dinner will help you save even more! Additionally, adding an open bar will also help drive up the cost, so keep that in mind.

The cost of a wedding in Winnipeg is influenced by the decor as well.

Stationery and Signage ($200 - $1,000+)

These might seem like small details, but keep in mind that invitations, wedding cards, save-the-dates, and signage are essential for communicating with guests. What’s more, it also helps dictate expectations for your wedding, so make sure you spend just as much time on them! As for costs, they usually depend on design complexity, printing methods, and quantity.

Wedding Cake ($300 - $1,500+)

As the focal point and highlight of the reception dinner, your wedding cake is also an important aspect of your wedding! It is, after all, the first food you’ll share together with your partner as newlyweds! As for the cost, it will of course vary based on size, design, and flavors. As such, we recommend working closely with your baker in order to make sure you get real bang for your buck on both the cake and wedding cupcakes.

Ceremony and Reception Music ($500 - $3,000+)

When you think of your wedding, what kind of music can you imagine playing as the bride walks down the aisle? That’s how important music is, and that’s why you shouldn’t be afraid of investing into a professional like a Winnipeg wedding DJ to help tidy up the ceremony and wedding reception. This way, you will have the perfect soundtrack for your big day, whether it’s for the bridal walk, the first dance, or even the reception party to help cap off the festivities.

Decor and Flowers ($1,000 - $5,000+)

Decor and floral arrangements create ambiance and visual appeal. Costs vary depending on venue size, design complexity, and florist expertise. And because it’s one of those little details that you can get caught up in so easily, we suggest planning this early in order to better manage the cost of a wedding in Winnipeg.

Wedding Coordinator ($1,000 - $5,000+)

Need some extra help? Want less stress during all your wedding planning? Well then, a wedding coordinator is what you need. Of course, this will also add to the overall cost, which in itself will also vary depending on the size and complexity of your event. Keep in mind, however, that a coordinator’s job is to lend professional guidance and support through the wedding, which in turn should help make your big day smoother. 

Food and catering is also a big factor behind the cost of a wedding in Winnipeg.

Wedding Photography ($1,500 - $5,000+)

Of course,  you don’t want all of the wedding planning to just go all to waste. You want the memories of your big day captured forever, and that’s where a Winnipeg wedding photographer comes into the picture. As for the costs of your Winnipeg photographer, it will vary based on their expertise, coverage hours, and any additional add-on services like a photo booth or photo prints. Either way, securing a skilled photographer ensures you’ll never lose all of the special moments you’ve had during your big day.

Dress and Suit/Tux ($5,000 - $15,000)

Of course, both the bridal dress and the groom’s suit/tuxedo are also essential pieces of your wedding. After all, you have to make sure you look your best on your wedding day. As for the costs, this will vary depending on your style, designer, alterations, theme of your wedding and other accessories and details, such as jewelry.

Wedding Party Attire ($100 - $300+ per person)

Outfitting the wedding party can be a significant expense. Costs depend on style, fabric, and quantity. What’s more, you also need to consider their preferences when selecting the wedding attire, especially if you’re following a specific wedding theme.

Hair and Makeup ($100 - $500+)

Professional services ensure you look your best on your special day. The cost per person will also vary depending on the complexity of your services, as well as any additional fees.

Reception of a newly married couple in Winnipeg.

Wedding Rings ($500 - $5,000+)

This is easily one of the most important purchases you need to make for the wedding, as it’s the symbol of your commitment to your partner. The cost, of course, will depend on the design, the type of metal used, gemstone additions, and even where you’re purchasing it from. And while you don’t need an expensive ring, we recommend picking a high-quality one that can really withstand the test of time.

Wedding Favors ($2 - $10+ per guest)

If you want your guests to leave with a little something to remember your special day, then wedding favors are an easy and thoughtful gesture to have. The cost for this will vary depending on the kind of gift that you want included, as well as any personalization you want to add. And while this adds to the overall cost of a wedding in Winnipeg, it provides your guest with a meaningful token they will surely remember.

Wedding Videography ($4,000 - $10,000+)

Videography captures memories to cherish for a lifetime. Costs depend on coverage time, number of videographers, and editing services. And while this also adds to the overall cost of a wedding in Winnipeg, hiring a wedding videographer in Winnipeg for your big day guarantees your memories are captured not just in photo form, but also in video!

Final Thoughts

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And that concludes the end of our article about the cost of a wedding in Winnipeg. So, by understanding the expenses that are associated with each of the important elements for your wedding, couples can make informed decisions and create a celebration that reflects their love and personalities.

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