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How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Vancouver?

Kim Argosino
Kim Argosino
Bride and groom during their wedding


We all know that planning a wedding can be as daunting as trying to parallel park on Robson Street during rush hour. From choosing between venues that cost an arm, a leg, and possibly your firstborn, it’s enough to make even the most laid-back Vancouverite break a sweat.

But fear not, my soon-to-be-wed friends! We’re here to guide you through the breakdown of the costs of weddings in Vancouver. Every single element of a wedding is laid out here for you.

Let’s go!

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What is the Cost of a Wedding in Vancouver?

According to the Wedding Report, the cost of a wedding in Vancouver is between $14,288 and $17,463 for a ceremony that has 100 to 160 guests. This includes all the expenses like venue rental, food, decorations, and other essentials for making your big day special for you and your guests. It’s important to budget carefully and prioritize what’s most important to you and your partner to ensure you stay within your desired spending range.

Ceremony Location ($500 – $5,000)

Choosing the right venue for your wedding in Vancouver is essential for setting the tone of your special day. Costs can vary widely depending on the type of venue you select, whether it’s a separate location or part of your reception venue, and any additional amenities or services provided.

Ceremony Officiant ($150 – $2,000)

Hiring an officiant to conduct your wedding ceremony ensures that your vows are officiated with care and professionalism. With this, the cost of a wedding in Vancouver will  vary depending on the experience and credentials of the officiant. It can also increase with customization or personalization.

Reception Venue ($0.00 – $10,000+)

Your choice of reception venue affects the cost of a wedding in Vancouver. Costs can range from venues that offer all-inclusive packages to those that require separate rental fees and catering arrangements. It’s essential to consider factors like location, capacity, and ambiance when selecting your venue.

Food & Drinks ($150 – $300+ per person)

Providing delicious food and drinks for your guests is a significant aspect of your wedding budget. Costs per person can vary depending on the menu selections, buffet catering style, and whether you opt for open bar or cash bar options. It’s essential to budget accordingly to ensure your guests are well-fed and hydrated throughout the festivities.

Guests lining up for the wedding buffet

Stationery (Invitations, Place Cards, & Menus) ($1,200 – $5,000+)

Your wedding stationery sets the tone for your event and provides important information to your guests. Costs can vary depending on the design, printing method, and quantity of items needed, such as wedding invitation cards, place cards, menus, and other paper goods. It’s essential to budget for these items early in your planning process to ensure timely delivery.

Welcome/Seating Signage ($150 – $500)

Welcome signs and seating charts help guide your guests during the wedding day and add a personalized touch to your décor. Costs vary based on the materials used, design complexity, and whether you hire a professional calligrapher or create the signage yourself. Budgeting for signage ensures that your guests feel welcomed and informed throughout the event.

Wedding Cake ($6 – $15 per person)

The wedding cake is a sweet highlight of your reception and serves as a focal point of your dessert table. Costs per person can vary depending on the size, design, and intricacy of the cake, as well as any special flavors or fillings requested. It’s essential to budget for your cake and wedding cupcakes early and work closely with your baker to create the perfect confection for your special day.

Ceremony Music ($300 – $2,500)

Choosing the right music for your wedding ceremony sets the tone for this meaningful moment. Costs for ceremony music can vary depending on whether you opt for live musicians or recorded music, as well as the number of musicians and any additional equipment needed. Budgeting for ceremony music ensures that you have the perfect soundtrack for your walk down the aisle.

Flowers & Décor ($2,000 – $25,000+)

Flowers and décor play a crucial role in enhancing the ambiance of your wedding venue and reflecting your personal style. Costs vary based on factors such as the size of your event, venue choice, floral selections, and additional décor elements like lighting and linens. It’s essential to budget for flowers and décor early in your planning process to manage the cost of a wedding in Vancouver better.

Wedding Coordinator or Planner ($1,500 – $15,000+)

Hiring a wedding coordinator or planner can help alleviate stress and ensure that your wedding planning runs smoothly. Costs vary depending on the level of service and expertise you require, as well as the size and complexity of your event. Budgeting for a planner ensures that you have professional guidance and support throughout the planning process and on your wedding day.

Photography ($3,000 – $12,000+)

Hiring a wedding photographer in Vancouver to capture your wedding day ensures that you have beautiful memories to cherish for years to come. Costs for photography services vary depending on the photographer’s experience, coverage hours, and any additional products like albums or prints. Investing in a skilled photographer is essential to preserving the special moments and emotions of your wedding day.

Wedding Dress ($1,500 – $10,000+)

Your wedding dress is a significant part of your bridal attire and reflects your personal style and vision. Costs vary widely depending on factors such as the designer, fabric quality, style intricacy, and any dry cleaning or alterations needed. It’s essential to budget for your wedding dress early and allocate funds for alterations and accessories like veils or jewelry.

Suit/Tux ($200 – $2,500)

Grooms also need to budget for their attire on the wedding day. Costs for suits or tuxedos vary based on factors like quality, designer brand, and customization options. It’s important to select attire that complements the overall aesthetic of the wedding and makes the groom feel confident and comfortable.

Wedding Party Attire ($200 – $600 per person)

Outfitting your wedding party in coordinating attire adds to your budget. Costs per person depend on whether you choose to cover expenses or if members of the party contribute. It’s important to consider the preferences and budgets of your wedding party members when selecting attire and budgeting accordingly.

Mobile Hair & Makeup ($150 – $600 per person)

Professional hair and makeup services ensure that you and your bridal party look your best on the wedding day. Costs per person vary depending on the complexity of the services, experience level of the stylists, and any additional travel fees. Budgeting for hair and makeup ensures a stress-free and enjoyable preparation process on the wedding day.

Wedding Rings ($600 – $3,000+ each)

Wedding rings symbolize your commitment and are an important purchase for you and your partner. Costs depend on factors like the metal type, design intricacy, and any gemstone additions. It’s essential to budget for quality rings that will withstand the test of time and serve as cherished symbols of your love and commitment.

Reception Music ($1,200 – $10,000)

Choosing the best wedding reception songs keeps your guests entertained throughout the evening. Costs for hiring a Vancouver wedding DJ or band depend on their experience, performance duration, and any additional equipment or services provided. Budgeting for reception music ensures that you have a lively and memorable celebration that reflects your musical tastes and preferences.

Favors ($4 – $12 each)

Wedding favors are a thoughtful gesture to thank your guests for attending and commemorate your special day. Costs per favor vary based on the type of gift chosen and any personalization or packaging added. Budgeting for favors ensures that you can provide meaningful tokens of appreciation to your guests without overspending.

Videography ($4,000 – $10,000+)

Videography preserves the memories of your wedding day in motion. Costs for videography services depend on factors like coverage hours, editing style, and additional features like drone footage. Investing in wedding videography in Vancouver ensures that you have a comprehensive record of your wedding day that captures the essence and joy of the occasion.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, planning a wedding in Vancouver entails numerous factors to consider, each contributing to the overall cost of the event. From the ceremony location to the reception venue, food, attire, and entertainment, every detail plays a crucial role in creating a memorable celebration.

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