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Are you an new actor looking to get a head start in your career? A single but-ready-to-mingle high achiever who wants to blow away the competition in online dating with stunning photos? A boss looking for professional headshots of his or her team? Or perhaps a real estate agent that wants gorgeous, representative photos of them and their brand? Whichever your situation, you’ve found the right place. PhotoKings is a team of incredibly high quality headshot photographers in Vancouver that do great work at affordable rates. Request a quote now & receive a call in less than 90 seconds!

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Our headshot photographers in Vancouver offer exceptional quality at low prices! Whether you’re looking for acting headshots, corporate headshots, tinder headshots, or more, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee that blows away the competition. Each session is planned and efficient – we offer a short break for wardrobe and location changes, and we can shoot in-studio or at a designated location around our beautiful city.

Our experienced team brings their own professional camera equipment, high-quality lighting (if necessary), and years of experience doing both portrait and headshot photography for people just like you. 

Want a quote? One of our professional Vancouver headshot photographers will personally reach out to you within thirty minutes. Submit now!

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Incredible Customer Service

We’re not your average headshot photographers – our team has over 8 years of experience shooting thousands of headshot sessions all over Vancouver, and we’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you. With us, you’re getting the best in customer service and reliability. Our offices are open 7 days per week, and because of our highly systematized workflow, our turnaround times for edited headshots clock in at just under 8 days. Have your final product by next week!

High Quality, Low Rates

Let’s be frank – our city, Vancouver, is easily of the most expensive cities to live in on the globe. Additionally, recent economic fluctuations mean that the average actor, real estate agent, and hard working Canadian have less disposable income now than ever before. At PhotoKings, we understand, and that’s why we offer the most competitive headshot rates in Vancouver. We’re redefining what’s possible – with your help! Spend less for more today.

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After photographing over 1,000 headshot sessions over the last 8 years, our talented headshot photographers know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve photographed in every kind of environment – from freezing snow to scalding desert – and we carry over the skills we’ve gained from prior shoots onto every new client experience. Our goal is not just to provide better service, it’s to provide the best service.

Same Day Booking Available 

Most other headshot photographers are one-man-teams. PhotoKings, however, is composed of 15 of the best headshot photographers in Vancouver. We happily offer same-day booking for short notice needs and events, and can expedite the photo editing process for a small added charge. Our incredibly diverse talent pool allows us to accommodate at all ends of the financial spectrum, and we do everything in our power to service you as soon as possible.


We Provide The Highest Quality Headshot Photography In Vancouver For The Lowest Prices

Our team operates by one core mantra: when value exceeds price, people will do business with you. We believe in this principle so heavily that it’s permeated every aspect of our photography pipeline. From systems to people, we offer the hands-down best service for your dollar, and our client service is second to none. It’s not just enough for PhotoKings to compete in headshot photography – we want to dominate it, providing unparalleled results at a fraction of the assumed cost.

Not only are we affordable – we’re also transparent. You’ll get constant updates on editing timelines and estimated delivery dates, and we’ll follow up with you each week until you receive your photos and they’re picture perfect. Need a quote? Don’t hesitate – request one today and receive a call from a local headshot photographer within minutes!


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine being happier with my results.

Eric Yip

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