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Picture-Perfect: 30 Of Our Favorite Couple Poses For Pictures

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A newlywed couple looking out in the distance.


Close your eyes and imagine for a second: it’s a nice day, and you and your partner are both dressed to the nines when a buddy of yours whips out a camera and asks to take a photo of you. Surprised, you take your partner’s hand and quickly smile, resulting in a photo that just… looks like every other couple photo ever. 

Now, not that there’s anything wrong with the classic hand-in-hand pose, but it’s also not a bad idea to shake it up, especially when cameras today can basically take unlimited shots! 

So, to help you out, we went ahead and listed the 30 best couple poses for pictures, so that you can be professionals at posing for any event (an engagement or wedding, perhaps…👀)

Let’s get right to it!

Table of Contents

1. Classic Embrace

Hey, you can’t beat the classics! Just have you and your partner facing each other in a warm and intimate hug. Simple as that, and it works every time! Best of all, this pose is perfect for camera-shy couples who don’t quite know how to pose just yet.

2. Forehead Kiss

For something more affectionate, how about we go for an intimate forehead kiss? For our money, this pose is all about showing a sense of protection and care, like saying “I’ll always keep you safe, baby” without even saying a word. Awww.

3. Dancing In The Sunset

Make like an old Hollywood film and dance under the warm glow of the golden hour! For extra points, have the couple do wide and open dance moves with their arms stretched out, as this will really accentuate the sun setting behind them!

4. Piggyback Ride

Let’s have some fun now, shall we? There’s so many ways to do it in a photo, but our favorite goes to the classic piggyback ride! It doesn’t even have to be a perfect or smooth piggyback ride, because the fun and laughter couples often show during moments like this are already suuuuper photo-worthy! Just make sure none of you falls over!

When thinking of couple poses for pictures, a simple walk together works great.

5. Candid Laughter

You can’t beat candid shots, especially when it’s a couple sharing a laugh with each other. This can be done by sharing an inside joke with your partner or reminiscing about a funny memory, before letting the photographer do their magic with your natural chemistry and happiness! Easily one of the easiest couple poses for pictures.

6. The Stolen Glance

Here’s another classic but easy pose: just have you and your partner standing side by side while looking in the same direction, before one of you “steals” a glance at the other. Talk about an unspoken romantic yet playful connection!

7. Whispering Secrets

Create an intimate moment by having one partner whisper something sweet or funny into the other’s ear. This pose not only captures a private exchange but also showcases how close you are together!

8. The Promenade

For an elegant and sophisticated look, have the couple take a leisurely stroll together. What’s great about this particular pose is not only is it very natural to do, but it also works very well in different settings, whether in urban landscapes or more nature-filled spots. It’s all up to you and your partner!

9. Hand-In-Hand

Simple yet powerful, the hand-in-hand pose symbolizes unity and partnership. Whether walking or standing still, this pose is easily one of the best ways to showcase to the world that “hey, I’m their partner! And we’re together!” Powerful stuff, really, and one of our personal favorite couple poses for pictures. 

10. Reflections In The Water

Time to get creative! There are so many ways to go about doing this, but posing near a clear body of water (not the swamps, okay) so the photographer can capture your reflections is a fantastic touch to any couple photo. Think depth and symbolism, and you’re already halfway there!

11. The Lift

Ever wonder why so many iconic movie scenes show a person lifting their partner? It’s because of how breathtaking and romantic it looks, especially in real life! Now, just make sure to do some stretching and physical coordination beforehand okay? We want everybody safe out there, folks!

12. Silhouette Embrace

Is that the sun setting and casting a beautiful, warm glow over the horizon? Quick, embrace each other and use it as a colorful backdrop! And here’s a fun fact: this pose emphasizes the contours of your bodies, which is great for showing off all the hard work you put in at the gym together!

13. Nose-To-Nose

And while we’re still embracing (well… you, you’re embracing, we’re not included), how about asking the photographer to get close so they can capture a cute nose-to-nose moment? It’s just one of those photos that’s incredibly simple yet still so tender and affectionate. 💕 No wonder it made our list of our favorite couple poses for pictures!

14. Playful Splash

Is there a pool or beach nearby? Then how about we start getting playful in the water? Playful splashing is always a great choice for couples… just make sure you splash at each other, and not the photographer!

15. Gazing Into The Distance

It’s time to tone it down for a moment, which means it’s time to stand (or sit) beside each other and gaze into the distance together as you silently share your dreams together. Adds a touch of unity to any photo, which always translates well to couple photos.

16. Back-To-Back

Symbolizing support and partnership, the back-to-back pose showcases the strength of the couple’s bond. This pose works well in various settings, from urban environments to natural landscapes. You can even look back at each other while doing this pose!

17. Proposal Moment

Even if the couple is already engaged or married, reenacting the proposal moment can capture a beautiful and emotional scene. BUUUUT, if your partner hasn’t proposed yet, well… there’s already a photographer right there with you… 👀👀

A couple being casual together is also great for couple pictures.

18. Intertwined Fingers

For another classic close-up shot, why not skip the faces for a moment and focus on capturing your intertwined fingers? You might think it’s a common pose, but we think it helps emphasize the small gestures that really speak volumes about your relationship. 🤝

19. Blanket Picnic

For a cozy and intimate atmosphere, we suggest a blanket picnic pose. This works well in outdoor settings, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for the couple to enjoy each other’s company. And at this point, why not just share an actual picnic with each other, right?

20. Window Frame

Next, find a picturesque window and use it as a frame for you and your partner. This creative pose adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the photos, especially if the window overlooks a really scenic view!

21. Face-To-Face Sitting

Seated face-to-face, the couple can share a quiet moment of connection. You can even touch hands or touch foreheads together! This pose is perfect for capturing genuine expressions and the subtle nuances of their relationship, especially if you end up smiling or laughing with each other!

22. Leafy Canopy

If you’re still looking for more creative couple poses for pictures, then look for a spot (preferably in nature) with overhanging branches or leaves to create a leafy canopy. With the right lighting and angle (leave that up to your photographer!), this pose easily adds a touch of enchantment to the photos, framing the couple in a natural and romantic setting.

23. Mirror Reflection

Here’s one of our favorite couple poses for pictures: incorporate mirrors into the photo! Just think of the reflections-in-the-water pose we suggested earlier, but more dynamic and creative because you can move the mirrors around. When it comes to couple poses for pictures, this is easily one of the more out-of-the-box setups. 

When thinking of couple poses for pictures, always think of capturing genuine moments.

24. Side-By-Side Reading

Couple of bookworms? Or bookworm couple? Either way, use your favorite books as props for your next couple photoshoot to show how quirky you both are! Plus points if you’re sharing a book together, or if your partner is reading to you! (we’re totally not jealous, totally 😡)

25. Urban Exploration

Explore the cityscape together for a series of urban poses. You can pick between alleyways, rooftops, or even your favorite hangout spots together (which can also be an alleyway or a rooftop). Either way, these urban environments often work as great backdrops for photos that show off your adventurous sides!

26. Casual Backdrop

Plenty of times, the best photos come from simple, candid moments. So pick a casual backdrop, like a coffee shop or bookstore, and interact naturally with your partner (totally not minding the photographer working their magic in the background).

27. Head Resting On A Shoulder

This tender pose involves one partner resting their head on the other’s shoulder. It conveys a sense of comfort and security, highlighting the emotional support within the relationship. Plus, it’s just really, really nice to do ❤️

28. Nose Kiss

A playful and adorable pose, the nose kiss involves the couple lightly pressing their noses together. It’s whimsy and playful, and is an easy way to add a touch of sweetness to your photos!

29. Beach Sunset Stroll

For a beach setting, capture the couple walking along the shore during sunset. After all, there’s nothing like watching a couple walking hand-in-hand by the beach, leaving footprints in the sand while the sun casts a warm hue over them. Totally picturesque, right?

30. Frame Within A Frame

Experiment with framing by incorporating architectural elements or natural surroundings. Capture the couple within an archway, doorway, or between tree branches to create a visually interesting, an oftentimes unique, composition.

Tips Before And During The Photoshoot

  1. Communication is Key: First and foremost, discuss preferences, comfort levels, and any other specific ideas you have in mind before the shoot! Just like in any healthy relationship, effective communication is key, so keep that in mind!



  2. Coordinate Outfits: If you want to, you can also coordinate your outfits to complement each other. Matching isn’t necessary, of course, but you can pick colors that match well with each other, especially if you’re going for a themed shoot.



  3. Bring Props: This depends on the nature and theme of the shoot, but bringing props can add a great personal touch to any shoot. They don’t even have to be big props, just little ones (like maybe your favorite stuffed toy together!) will do.



  4. Encourage Natural Interactions: Nobody wants stiff movement, especially in a photoshoot involving a couple. Our advice? Let loose and interact naturally with your partner! When it comes to capturing your moments together, being spontaneous is the key to success!



  5. Be Mindful of Poses: Of course, we always encourage couples to be mindful of their comfort levels. After all, there’s no need for overly complicated or physically demanding poses if they’re already causing discomfort. Remember, this is supposed to be fun!



  6. Post-Processing: After the shoot, invest time in post-processing to enhance the visual appeal of the photos. Adjusting colors, contrast, and sharpness can elevate the overall quality of the images. This could be a personal hobby of yours, or if you don’t want to invest the time into learning post-processing, we recommend checking out Up Work, where you can hire someone to post-process for you for cheap!



  7. Have Fun! Last but not least, have fun! Keep in mind that this is a photoshoot meant to capture your best moments together, so relax, look your partner in the eyes, and enjoy it!
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Final Thoughts

With that said – those are all of our favorite couple poses for pictures! Feel free to try them out the next time someone brings out a camera, or make a day out of it and plan everything if you want to take it to the next level.  Taking photos with your partner is easily one of the best ways to freeze those moments forever in time, and the poses we listed here are just the tip of the iceberg! So experiment and have fun! And just in case you’re looking for a talented photographer to help take your photos, considering working with us at Photo Kings. Our reputation for excellence and commitment to providing a satisfying photography experience is backed by our years of professional experience, making us the ideal choice for couples looking to have a great photoshoot session.  Simply call 1 (800) 496-3379 to learn more about our services and get a free quote today!

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