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#CoupleGoals: 10 Of The Best And Creative Couple Photoshoot Ideas

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A couple photoshoot set in nature.


Let’s hear it for couple photos! 🎉

Some might think it’s a silly idea, but we think it’s one of the most beautiful ways to capture the pure essence (oooh!) of love. After all, how else will you show your kids in the future how you were during your younger days?? 

A great philosopher once said (or maybe it’s just my deskmate John) that time is fleeting, so freezing a moment in time is one of the best ways to remember it (yeah, definitely sounds like John), so couple photoshoots are deffo the way to go! 

Thaaaat said, pulling off that perfect pose can be a bit tricky sometimes, but that’s exactly why we’re here. To help you take that perfect #CouplePic, we listed down 10 of the most creative couple photoshoot ideas you can try today.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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1. Outdoor Adventure Shoot

If you and your partner love the great outdoors as much as you love spending time with one another, then why not opt for an outdoor-themed photoshoot?

The great thing about this is that since you’re already outside, why not take it to the next level by also hiking, picnicking, or simply enjoying a loving stroll while hand-in-hand. Some great locations include the Rouge National Urban Park and the Waterfront Trail, just to name a couple. 

There’s also a variety of locations to pick from, whether it’s the woods, the beach, or even a mountain range! Add some natural light to enhance the warmth and authenticity of the photos, and you’ll have yourself some real #CoupleGoals pics that you can’t wait to post on social media!

Tip: The outdoors can be unpredictable! That’s why we recommend scouting the location beforehand in order to not only pick the best photo spot, but also gauge the weather in the area. Make sure to bring extra props like blankets, umbrellas, and sunscreen too!

2. Cityscape Photoshoot

If you and your partner’s idea of the outside is the bustling cityscape, then there’s no need to go far to snap some real IG-worthy photos. After all, the urban landscape still makes for a great contemporary backdrop!

You can, for example, pick iconic city locations, like the Casa Loma Castle, the CN Tower, Gooderham Building, or perhaps even the exact place where you met? 😍 For extra points, utilize the city lights for a captivating night shoot or bask under the warm sunrise against the city skyline, 

Tip: Who says a romantic couple photoshoot can’t have some urban flair? You can do this by simply incorporating reflections from glass buildings or experimenting with street photography techniques. The sky (or in this case, the city) is the limit!

3. Time-Traveling Photoshoot

There’s something oddly romantic about looking back into a bygone era, making them the perfect backdrop for a couple photoshoot!

Simply pick a specific time or era, wear your most classic clothing fits, and throw in some sepia tones to enhance the nostalgic feel! You can even go the extra mile by visiting a historical setting, which by itself is also a great bonding experience for the both of you!

Tip: Research the chosen time period for accurate styling and embrace props like typewriters, classic books, or record players to enhance the vintage vibe. Remember, #oldschool is still #cool.

A great couple photoshoot doesn't always have to include faces.

4. Foodie Photoshoot

They say that food is the way to a man’s heart, but we think that it’s also the way to a good couple photoshoot! Some of the best moments we have with our loved one is by sharing food, after all. 

So, here’s the deets: choose a beautiful kitchen, a cozy café, or even a farmer’s market as your backdrop. And then, cook together, share a meal, or enjoy a picnic in a scenic location while your photographer takes care of everything else and voila! You have yourself a real gastronomic (woah, big word right there) adventure! Oh, and don’t forget the traditional “open your mouth while I give you a nice spoonful of food” shot, that’s a classic! 

Tip: Use close-up shots to capture the details of the food, and be prepared to take breaks to better capture the moment… and also the food (again).

5. Enchanting Photoshoot

Make like Taylor Swift and opt for an #Enchanted photoshoot where your love story takes center stage! Simply pick a dreamy location (like a garden or a forest) and dress up in your most fairytale-inspired outfits! (think flowing dresses and dapper suits) And because it’s supposed to be magical, you can also utilize natural light to enhance the atmosphere and add an extra ethereal effect.

…Oh, and we heard that playing “Enchanted” by Taylor Swift also helps up the mood, so don’t forget that! This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go~

Tip: Experiment with props like fairy lights, smoke machines, or mirrors to add an extra touch of magic to your shots.

6. Paint Or Graffiti Photoshoot

Artsy couple, are we? Then how about we use all that artistic talent for a truly unique and colorful photoshoot? Whether you love the urban flair of graffiti-covered alleys or feel more at home in a messy and lived-in studio with paint splatters, there’s countless ways to both show off your artsy selves while also accentuating your relationship!

And since it’s an artsy photoshoot, use this opportunity to get messy and create dynamic, visually-striking images! Remember, this photoshoot is your canvas, and you are the paintbrushes… or something to that effect. 

Tip: Either coordinate the couple’s outfits with the color scheme of the chosen location for a more cohesive aesthetic, or choose contrasting colors for a more chaotic (but loving) vibe.

An example of a great couple photoshoot idea.

7. Travel Photoshoot

This one might take some time, but if you’re already a couple who loves to discover new places and travel the world, why not capture your love story in various locations around the world? Plan a series of photoshoots in different cities or landscapes, making for a visual narrative that reflects their journey together.

From bustling cityscapes to serene beaches, we’re sure that each of these locations will not only make for great memories, but contribute a chapter to your love story. Now THAT’S hard to beat. 

Tip: Consider the logistics of traveling between locations, and plan your itinerary to maximize the available natural light!

8. Intimate Indoor Photoshoot

You don’t have to go far to capture the most meaningful moments between you two, because a lot of times, it happens right within the comfort of your home.

If you want a shoot that’s more intimate and comfortable, then a cozy indoor photoshoot will do wonders. Not only will this setting allow for genuine moments, such as cooking together, reading a book, or cuddling on the couch, to be frozen in time, but it’s also perfect for couples who are shy when it comes to posing in front of a camera. Just be your natural selves, and let the photographer work their magic!

Tip: Use natural light from windows and enhance the ambiance with soft, warm colors to create a homely and inviting atmosphere.

9. Photoshoot In Nature's Palette

As people, we’re all constantly changing and evolving, which is why we think it’s a wonderful subject to touch upon when listing down our best couple photoshoot ideas, especially when viewed through the lens of the seasons.

Whether it’s the vibrant colors of fall, the snowy landscapes of winter, the blossoms of spring, or the warmth of summer, nature will never let you down when it comes to providing a stunning backdrop for you and your partner. 

Tip: Coordinate the couple’s outfits with the season’s color palette for a more cohesively-themed shoot! You can even experiment with complimenting colors, like you wearing orange and your partner going for more olive green tones during an autumn photoshoot.

10. Beach Or Lake Photoshoot

Who says a couple’s photoshoot can’t also be a mini vacation? If you’re still stumped on the couple photoshoot ideas, you can always count on a waterfront location as a romantic pick. Whether it’s a sandy beach, a tranquil lake, or a rocky coastline, water settings provide a timeless backdrop!

For this, you can play with the reflections, incorporate the movement of waves, or simply use the natural beauty of the water as the foreground while you get sweet in front of the camera… right before jumping in the water and enjoying yourselves once that final photo is taken. 

Tip: Plan your photoshoot during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the soft, flattering light.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a seasoned couple looking to make new memories in front of the camera or just getting started, we hope our list of the best couple photoshoot ideas gave you an inspiration or two for your own partner. 

Just make sure to have fun, and use the shoot as a unique bonding moment between you and your loved one.

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