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Your Complete Guide To Taking The Best Family Wedding Pictures

Kim Argosino
Kim Argosino
Happy family taking their family wedding pictures during the reception


Ah, family wedding pictures – the snapshots that walk the fine line between eternal memories and that one embarrassing pose Uncle Bob insists on striking. We’ve all been there, trying to coordinate smiles, outfits, and avoid blinking like it’s an Olympic sport.

So if you’re having trouble taking the best family wedding pictures, you’re in the right place! Our guide includes tips on taking family wedding photos, picture ideas you can try, and even some insights into who you should include in these snapshots (yes that includes an aunt you may not like so much).

Enough chit-chat, let’s get into the details!

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What Are Family Wedding Pictures?

Family wedding pictures capture the joyous moments shared by loved ones during your big day. They’re the snapshots that showcase your crazy Uncle Bob’s dance moves, Aunt Sally’s infectious smile, and your grandparents tearing up with pride. 

It’s the candid shot of your little niece attempting to catch the bouquet and the group photo where everyone squishes in, trying to fit into the frame. These photos the collective happiness of the people who matter most to you and your partner.

Who To Include In Your Family Wedding Pictures

When it comes to family pictures, you want to make sure you’ve got all the key players in the frame, ensuring that no one’s left out of the shot. So, who should you include in your family wedding pictures?

  • Immediate Family: Your family pictures must kick off with the VIPs—your immediate family. That means parents, siblings, and anyone you’ve shared a bathroom with growing up. 
  • Extended Family: Don’t forget the aunts, uncles, and cousins! Round them up for a group shot that captures the chaos and love (maybe more chaos) that only your extended family can bring.
  • Grandparents: Grandma and Grandpa deserve their own spotlight. Make sure to include your grandparents in the family pictures—they’re the living legends who’ve seen it all and have the stories to prove it!
  • In-Laws: Embrace the new additions to the family by getting your in-laws into the mix. Whether it’s a cozy shot or a big, happy group photo, including your in-laws in your family wedding pictures solidifies the new bond.
  • Fur Babies: For many, pets are family too! If your four-legged friends are part of the clan, don’t hesitate to include your pets in your family wedding pictures. After all, who can resist a photo of your dog in a tiny tuxedo or a cute floral collar?
Bride and groom taking family wedding pictures

7 Tips When Taking Perfect Family Wedding Pictures

It may seem easy to let your teenage cousin take photos straight from a smartphone. But believe it or not, taking family pictures is a bit tougher than you imagine. Here are seven tips to make it a success.

1. Coordinate Outfits, But Don't Go Overboard

When it comes to family wedding pictures, coordinating outfits can add a polished look. Pick a color scheme or theme that complements the overall wedding vibe. Just remember, you’re a family, not a uniformed army! Mix it up with individual styles to keep it interesting in your family wedding pictures.

Pro Tip: Choose a base color and let everyone add their flair. For example, if the base is navy, let one family member rock a stylish navy suit, while another opts for a chic navy dress. It adds cohesion without sacrificing individual style in your family wedding pictures.

2. Time It Right for Happy Faces

Schedule your family wedding photos when everyone is at their prime (nobody should be in a sour mood!). Avoid the post-lunch food coma or the pre-dance floor exhaustion. Aim for that sweet spot when smiles are genuine, and energy levels are high. 

Pro Tip: Consider golden hour for that magical, soft lighting. The warm tones during sunset enhance the glow on everyone’s faces. And honestly, everyone will simply look gorgeous!

3. Assign a Photo Wrangler

Designate someone (preferably not in the picture) to be the photo wrangler. Their job is to corral family members for the next shot to make the process smooth and efficient. Having a photo wrangler ensures you get all the family pictures you want without the chaos.

Pro Tip: Pick someone assertive and organized. Aunt Susan, who always brings her clipboard to family gatherings, could be the perfect photo wrangler. We need a little tough love to get us moving!

4. Include Candid Moments

While posed shots are essential, sprinkle in some candid moments for a true reflection of your family’s personality. Capture Uncle Bob’s infamous dance moves or the kids sneaking a candy break. Candid shots add an authentic touch to your family wedding pictures.

Pro Tip: Have the photographer ready during natural interactions. For instance, capture the laughter during a funny family story or the genuine hugs shared between siblings. Everybody loves these candid shots anyway even if they don’t admit it.

Big happy family taking family wedding pictures

5. Mix Up the Combinations

Don’t stick to the same old lineup. Vary the combinations in your family wedding pictures. Mix grandparents with grandchildren, siblings together, and maybe even the family pets. Playing with combinations adds variety and captures different facets of your family dynamics.

Pro Tip: Get creative with groupings. Instead of the usual family units, try a multi-generational shot with grandparents, parents, and grandchildren together. This will perfectly document your family’s history in a fun, creative way!

6. Choose the Right Location

Select a location that resonates with your family’s style. Whether it’s the scenic outdoors, a cozy living room, or the iconic church steps, the right setting enhances the visual appeal of your family wedding pictures. Make sure it reflects your family’s vibe.

Pro Tip: Consider sentimental value. If there’s a location with special family memories, like a backyard where annual reunions happen, it can add emotional depth to your family wedding pictures.

7. Have Fun and Be Yourself

The ultimate tip for perfect family wedding pictures—have fun and be yourselves. Let your family’s personality shine through. Jokes, laughter, and silly faces are all fair game. When you’re genuine, it just makes things a lot easier. 

Pro Tip: Incorporate a silly tradition. Whether it’s funny faces, goofy poses, or a signature family dance move, letting loose in your family wedding pictures is truly the best way to go.

Top Family Wedding Picture Ideas You Can Try

Remember, family pictures are about celebrating the togetherness of your clan. These fun and creative ideas will help you create a memorable collection of family wedding pictures. Check these out!

Idea 1: Generational Evolution Shot

Showcase the evolution of generations in your family pictures by capturing a series of shots with grandparents, parents, and grandchildren.

  1. Plan the sequence, starting with the eldest members and ending with the youngest.
  2. Pick a location that adds depth to the family wedding pictures and represents the passage of time.
  3. Consider incorporating family heirlooms or items that symbolize each generation for a personal touch.
  4. Make sure everyone’s outfits complement each other for a cohesive look in the family wedding pictures.
  5. Encourage natural interactions between generations for authentic and heartwarming shots.

Idea 2: Timeline of Love Montage

Create a visual timeline of your family’s love story by capturing key moments in a series of family wedding pictures.

  1. Identify significant events like engagements, weddings, and births to feature in the timeline.
  2. Opt for a neutral background that allows the focus to remain on the timeline elements in the family wedding pictures.
  3. Plan the placement of each family member and their corresponding milestone in the sequence.
  4. Cohesively dress everyone, considering the color scheme and overall theme of the timeline.
  5. Integrate props related to each milestone, such as a wedding veil, baby shoes, or anniversary flowers, to add depth to the family wedding pictures.

idea 3: Emotional First Look Reaction

Capture the raw and emotional reactions of family members seeing the bride or groom for the first time in their wedding attire.

  1. Choose a quiet spot away from the hustle of the wedding preparations for an intimate family wedding picture.
  2. Coordinate with the couple to ensure family members are present just before the big reveal.
  3. Instruct family members to express their emotions openly, whether it’s tears, laughter, or surprise.
  4. Have the photographer capture the reactions from various angles for a dynamic set of family wedding pictures. Don’t forget to tip your photographer for their effort!
  5. After the initial reactions, invite the couple to join the family for a group photo.

idea 4: Tribute to Traditions

Pay homage to cultural or familial traditions by incorporating them into your family wedding pictures.

  1. Identify specific traditions that hold significance for your family.
  2. Ensure that everyone is dressed appropriately to honor the cultural or familial elements in the family wedding pictures.
  3. Opt for a location that complements the tradition, whether it’s a family home, a church, or a cultural venue.
  4. Encourage active participation from all family members to showcase unity in celebrating the tradition in the family wedding pictures.
  5. Have the photographer capture close-ups of symbolic items, gestures, or rituals.

Idea 5: Dynamic Dance Floor Freeze

Capture the energy and fun of your family on the dance floor with a freeze-frame action shot.

  1. Pick an upbeat and popular song that resonates with your family’s taste.
  2. Plan a simple and synchronized dance move that everyone can perform together.
  3. Instruct the photographer to capture the shot during a peak moment in the dance.
  4. Make sure the dance move is inclusive of all ages, from grandparents to grandchildren, for a truly inclusive family wedding picture.
  5. While planning is key, allow room for spontaneous moments on the dance floor.

Final Thoughts

Big family taking family wedding pictures at the beach

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