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Are you looking for intimate Vancouver boudoir photography? Welcome to Vancouver’s top rated Boudoir Photographer. Our experienced team shoots hundreds of intimate boudoir sessions across the Lower Mainland each year, and we’re widely regarded as the premier provider of boudoir photography services in Vancouver. Looking for a quote? Request one with the button below, and get your Vancouver Boudoir Photographer within minutes!

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We’re Vancouver’s #1 Boudoir Photography provider for a reason. Our exceptional team has shot hundreds of intimate boudoir sessions for men and women just like you, and we take a special approach to every shoot. We place incredible emphasis on high-quality, ambient lighting, perfecting the mood of your boudoir shoot, and utilizing the highest-quality camera equipment to capture the beauty & form of our subjects.

However, our fantastic team doesn’t just stop there! We offer industry-leading customer service, and do everything in our power to make you feel safe and well taken care of. Our client support team is available 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, and our staff has an average response time of just forty five minutes. You could have your boudoir photography session booked within the hour! Request your quote today.

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Our customer success team believes in one simple premise: if you treat your customers right, your customers will treat you right. We’ve found that when we overdeliver, our clients overdeliver back – in the form of sterling reviews, fantastic recommendations, and plentiful referrals. We also guide you through every aspect of the photography process. With Photo Kings, you’ll get a deep understanding of the video production process, and our boudoir photographers will continuously confirm and ensure that we’re shooting 100% to your vision.

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Our Vancouver Boudoir Photographers are an integral part of the Vancouver Boudoir community. After working with hundreds of fantastic clients in our area, we’ve found that price is often one of the biggest concerns. For that reason, we do everything in our power to ensure that our services are affordable and reasonable. Boudoir is a constantly evolving art, and every person on our team cares more for the advancement of the field than we do a few extra dollars here or there. If you need someone accommodating, you’ve found the right place! 

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Professional Boudoir Photography Vancouver

Our stellar team has photographed over 100 boudoir sessions, and if you’ve spent any time in the industry, you’ll know that it’s not easy to get to that point unless you provide excellent services. We truly believe that our photography is the best in the city, with our experienced photographers having put in thousands of hours on perfecting their lighting, ambience, and customer service. Boudoir is all about form, lighting, and ambience, and when you choose a Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, you need to ensure that they know their stuff.

With Years Of Experience, We Bring Quality Every Time

When you work with PhotoKings, you don’t just work with one photographer. You have a minimum of two people on every shoot, including a complimentary shoot coordinator (involved in planning, logistics, and administration) and a primary boudoir photographer. Our talented team does everything in their power to make you son get-togethers to colossal gatherings of 3000+. Suffice to say, if you’re on this page looking for Vancouver Event Photography, we’ve probably done hundreds of events just like yours.


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One thing that we always like to remind our clients is that today’s generation is qualitatively different from those that came before us. Consider this: in the past fifty years, photography technology has been predominantly film. Film breaks down after a certain amount of time in storage – if you’ve ever seen grainy-looking photos of your parents or grandparents, you’ll know what we mean. Today, however, we have digital storage mediums like your hard drive computer and the Internet.

Because of these digital methods, information breakdown is no longer an issue (in our lifespans, anyway). Barring a terrible disaster, the pictures on the Internet today will be seen by all of the future generations of society – including your children, their children, and potentially their children as well. This means that your photos have the potential to live on hundreds, if not thousands of years into the future.

Our exceptional Boudoir Photographers have worked hands-on with hundreds of clients just like you. We’ve shot tens of thousands of intimate, boudoir photos, and our photographers have been delivering excellent results for over 8 years. If you need a Vancouver Boudoir Photographer, call or request a quote today and be in touch with one of our consultants in minutes! 


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Top notch customer service with precise knowledge and detail oriented follow up. The entire team was very knowledgeable and I couldn’t imagine being happier with my results.

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