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10 Great Posing Ideas For The Best Engagement Photos In The Winter

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One of our engaged couples out in the snow.


We heard you got engaged recently, so congratulations! 🥂

Between the holidays and Valentine’s day next year, there’s nothing quite like a proposal during the wintertime (so we imagine it wasn’t hard to say yes at all ❤️) 

But, now that you’re about to be hitched, how about we take some engagement pictures in the winter? It might be cold outside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t capture some extra warm moments between you and your partner. Sounds good, yes? 

If you’d like to commemorate the occasion with a wintery photoshoot, we’ve gone ahead and rounded up some of our favorite poses for the best engagement photos in the winter! We added some tips and reminders too, just to make sure you don’t end up freezing outside (hey, love can keep us warm, but not THAT warm okay?) 

So, put on those winter gloves and earmuffs, and let’s get started!

Table of Contents

1. Snowy Embrace

 It’s winter and you’re outside in the snow with your fiancé, so hug it out! What’s great about this particular pose is while everyone does it, it works every single time, especially when your warm embrace contrasts against the cold backdrop. It’s perfect for couples who are new to photoshoots too!

2. Snowball Fight

Don’t quite know how to pose just yet? Well then, it’s time for a snowball fight! Not only is this an excellent way to add humor to your pictures, it also helps break up the monotony of static couple poses, and warms you up on the inside too. Just make sure you don’t throw the snowballs too hard at your partner… or the photographer… 

3. Winter Walk

It won’t be a winter wonderland if you don’t take some time appreciating the surroundings, so why not go for a casual stroll with your partner? 

You can even get candid shots of you laughing or stealing a glance at each other while walking side by side! Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a scene straight out of a Hallmark Christmas rom-com movie.

4. Ice-Skating

If you’re looking for a fun couple’s activity you can do during the winter, then look no further than ice-skating on a frozen lake. 

Not only will you have a blast skating around and enjoying the scenery, but you’ll also get fantastic and unique engagement photos in the winter. Just be careful and don’t get too lost in your partner’s eyes! 🫣

Winter is a great time to take engagement photos thanks to its snowy colors.

5. Winter Reflections

When you’re done ice-skating over the frozen lake, you can also use it to take some reflections of the both of you. With the right photographer (like us at PhotoKings.ca *wink wink*), you can get ethereal and dreamy engagement photos that are more than IG-worthy!

6. Winter Wonderland Silhouettes

Here’s an easy photoshoot idea for you. Go outside during the early winter evenings and ask your photographer to take photos of your silhouettes against the soft twilight glow. Between your darkened outlines as a couple and the colorful wintry sky, we’re sure you’ll get enchanting photos that you will always cherish!

7. Dance In The Snow

If you and your partner are up for it, you can also use the wintertime as backdrop for dancing in the snow! 

Not only is this a great engagement photoshoot idea, but the white snow will make it look like you’re dancing in a romantic and dreamy scene, and doesn’t that sound like a great setting? You don’t even have to dance well, just let loose and enjoy the moment with your fiancé!

8. Falling Snowflakes

If you’re thinking of the best day to take engagement photos in the winter, pick one where there’s a chance of snow. This lets you capture falling snowflakes around you as a couple, which sounds like a fairytale come true, yes? 

Just make sure to ask your photographer to use a shallow depth of field to make the snowflakes the focal point of the photos (or you can just work with us at PhotoKings.ca and you won’t have to ask at all *wink wink*)

9. Snowy Trail

Up for an adventure? Well then, put on those winter boots and opt for an extra warm jacket because we’re hitting the trails! 

What’s particularly great about this idea is that since it’s the winter, there’ll be fewer people on the trail, which means taking engagement photos will be easier! Expect to see some magnificent views (and yes, we mean the landscape and also your partner) and some wonderful snowy trails.

10. Fireside Coziness

Now that we’re all done hiking and playing in the snow outside, it’s time to cozy up with a warm blanket by the fireplace for a more intimate photoshoot! 

Just imagine you and your partner snuggling up on a plush rug, with the warm glow of the fire lighting up your blushing faces. What a way to end the day, yes? 

Engaged couple hiking up the trails.

Tips And Reminders For Winter Engagement Photos

Planning to take the best engagement photos in the winter? Here are some tips and reminders to keep you safe and warm.

  • Dress In Layers: Like we mentioned above, love can’t keep you THAT warm, so make sure to layer up! Of course, that doesn’t mean you won’t have to dress it up too, so wear stylish winter coats, scarves, and gloves that will complement your partner’s outfit. Don’t forget waterproof footwear for walking in the snow too!

  • Stay Hydrated: This should go without saying, but combat the cold weather by staying hydrated. Not only is this healthy, but this will help you feel more comfortable and energetic while taking your engagement photos in the winter.

  • Timing Is Key: Plan your shoot during the golden hour, shortly after sunrise or before sunset, to take advantage of soft, warm lighting. You never know, that lighting might just be the magical touch you need to complete your engagement photos in the winter.

  • Bring Towels Or Blankets: Wipe away any snow that may settle on your clothes between poses, and have blankets on hand for moments when you need to warm up. Easy-peasy.
  • Choose The Right Location: Of course, location also matters in a photoshoot! While snow is always, you know… white, you can also shake it up by picking more diverse backdrops. Examples include the local snow-covered park, the snow-covered city streets, the snow-covered trails, or the snow-covered inside of your house (okay, we’re kidding about the last one… unless you forgot to close your windows or something)

  • Embrace The Cold: See those natural rosy cheeks you’re getting because of the weather? Embrace it, and use the chilly weather to showcase the warm feeling of love you have for each other. AWWWW.

  • Communicate With Your Photographer: It’s important to find a photographer that you can easily communicate with and share your preferences to (like us over at… you get it). This means discussing the poses and locations you have in mind, as well as using their expertise to get new suggestions that you might not have thought of in the first place.

  • Have Fun: Last but not least, have fun! Think about it: you’re engaged and having a winter photoshoot with your beloved, and what could be better than that? (well, getting married probably is… but that comes later!) So embrace the moment and forget about the camera pointed at you for a moment while you showcase the love you have for each other. 
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Final Thoughts

There you have it folks – 10 of our favorite poses for the best engagement photos in the winter, as well as some tips and reminders to make sure everything goes smoothly!

We hope our list has been helpful, and we can’t wait to see your beautiful photos up on your social media (tag us hey!) 

But just in case you don’t have a photographer yet to help you pull this off, consider working with us at… you guessed it, PhotoKings.ca!

Our reputation for excellence and commitment to providing all of our clients with a great photography experience is backed by our years of experience, and we can’t wait to help you take the best winter engagement pictures you can get.

So, simply give us a call at 1 (800) 496-3379 to learn more about our services and get a free quote today! (hurry up, we’re already like, polishing our lens and stuff)

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