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8 Engagement Photo Locations In Vancouver

Kim Argosino
Kim Argosino
guy carrying his partner for their engagement in vancouver


Hey there, lovebirds! First off, a huge congratulations on your engagement – cue the confetti and champagne toasts! Now that you’ve officially said “yes” to forever, it’s time to find the top engagement photo locations in Vancouver! 

So strike a pose, and let’s dive into the most magical engagement photo spots this city has to offer! 📸✨

Table of Contents

1. Golden Ears Provincial Park

couple looking at the skyline for their engagement in Vancouver

Welcome to the crown jewel of engagement photo locations in Vancouver – Golden Ears Provincial Park! This picturesque park, located just north of Maple Ridge, offers everything you could dream of for your photo session. 

From lush evergreen forests to serene lakeshores and majestic mountain backdrops, Golden Ears has it all. For the perfect shot, visit during the spring or fall when the park is less crowded, allowing you to bask in its natural beauty without any distractions. Just don’t forget to snag a park pass from May to September to gain entry!

2. Blackie Spit

couple dancing for their engagement in vacouver

For couples seeking a coastal vibe for their engagement photos, Blackie Spit in White Rock is the place to be. This hidden gem boasts stunning ocean views, sprawling grassy fields, and charming waterfront homes, providing the best Vancouver photography backdrop for romantic and relaxed portraits. 

Whether you’re cuddling up on the beach or twirling in the open fields, Blackie Spit offers endless possibilities for capturing your love story. Just be sure to arrive early to secure parking in this popular spot!

3. Stave Lake

guy kissing his partner in the forehead for their engagement in vancouver

Nestled between Mission and Maple Ridge, Stave Lake is a true hidden gem among Vancouver engagement shoot venues. While it may not be as well-known as some other locations, Stave Lake offers a tranquil setting surrounded by lush greenery and pristine shoreline. 

Perfect for adventurous couples, you can explore the area’s offroading trails or enjoy a peaceful lakeside picnic before striking a pose for your engagement photos. Just remember to plan ahead for parking, especially during the busy summer months!

4.Cleveland Dam

couple hugging for their engagement in vancouver

Prepare to be wowed by the breathtaking beauty of Cleveland Dam, one of the top-notch Vancouver photography spots for engagement. With its sweeping mountain views, lush forests, and picturesque canyon, this location has it all. 

Whether you’re walking hand in hand along the dam or cuddling up amidst the towering evergreens, Cleveland Dam provides the perfect backdrop for capturing your love in all its glory. Plus, with its dog-friendly trails, you can even bring along your furry friend for some adorable photo moments! 

5. Pitt Lake

couple kissing for their engagement in vacouver

Let’s take a journey to the captivating Pitt Lake, one of the best engagement photo locations in Vancouver! Tucked away amidst marshy greenlands and majestic mountains, Pitt Lake is a photographer’s paradise. 

Its stunning backdrop of natural beauty includes crystal-clear waters, verdant forests, and expansive grassy areas, making it an ideal spot for capturing timeless engagement photos. While the drive may be a tad long, the breathtaking scenery makes it totally worth it! Just remember to pack some bug spray if you’re visiting during the summer to fend off those pesky mosquitoes.

6.Lighthouse Park

Prepare to be dazzled by the enchanting beauty of Lighthouse Park, Vancouver’s 5-star-rated photography spot for engagement! Located in West Vancouver, this coastal gem boasts towering evergreens, rugged cliffs, and panoramic ocean views, providing the perfect backdrop for your love story. 

Whether you’re exploring hidden coves, or strolling along trails, Lighthouse Park offers endless opportunities for capturing magical moments with your partner.

guy giving his partner a piggy-back ride in their engagement in vancouver

7. Vedder River

couple looking at the sea for their engagement in Vancouver.

Escape to the tranquil beauty of Vedder River in Chilliwack, one of the best engagement shoot venues in Vancouver! Surrounded by rolling hills and majestic mountains, Vedder River offers a picturesque setting for romantic photo sessions.

 Whether you’re wandering along the riverbank, or simply soaking in the natural beauty, Vedder River is sure to inspire unforgettable engagement photos. Just don’t forget to lace up your walking shoes for exploring the riverside trails and immerse yourself in the beauty of this hidden gem.


8. Pacific Spirit Park

Couple looking by a lake for their engagement in vancouver

Embark on a magical adventure to Pacific Spirit Park, one of the top-tier Vancouver photography spots for engagement! Located near the city, this enchanting park offers a serene escape into nature’s embrace. With its towering trees, lush foliage, and winding trails, Pacific Spirit Park provides a dreamy backdrop for romantic engagement photos. 

Whether you’re cuddling, or simply enjoying a stroll, Pacific Spirit Park sets the stage for a great photo session. Just keep an eye out for passing cyclists and lose yourself in the enchanting beauty of this urban oasis.

Tips To Get The Best Engagement Photos In Vancouver

Now, it’s time to capture the magic with some stunning photos in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Here are some tips to ensure you get the best engagement photos in Vancouver:

guy kissing his partner's hand for their engagement in vancouver

Plan Ahead and Choose the Right Location

First things first, decide on the perfect location for your engagement shoot. With so many breathtaking spots to choose from, it’s essential to narrow down your options based on your personal preferences and style. Whether you prefer lush greenery, urban landscapes, or waterfront views, Vancouver has something for everyone. 

Time it Right for Perfect Lighting

The key to stunning engagement photos is perfect lighting, so make sure to schedule your shoot during the golden hour or hire a proffessional photographer to make your pictures pop. 

Not only will you avoid harsh shadows and squinting eyes, but you’ll also capture the magical glow that makes Vancouver’s scenery truly shine. Keep in mind that the weather in Vancouver can be unpredictable, so have a backup plan in case of rain or fog.

Dress to Impress and Coordinate Outfits

Your engagement photos are a chance to showcase your love and style, so don’t be afraid to dress to impress! Coordinate your outfits to complement each other and the location. Consider the color palette of your surroundings and choose outfits that will pop against the backdrop while still reflecting your personalities.

Relax and Be Yourselves

The most important tip for getting the best engagement photos is to relax and be yourselves. Your photographer will capture the magic as it unfolds naturally, resulting in authentic and timeless images that truly reflect your relationship. 

Whether you’re cuddling on a park bench, dancing in the rain, or stealing kisses under the city lights, embrace the candid moments and let your love shine through.

Incorporate Personal Touches and Props

Make your engagement photos unique by incorporating personal touches and props that reflect your relationship and interests. Whether it’s a vintage bicycle, a bouquet of wildflowers, or a beloved pet, adding meaningful elements to your photos will make them even more special. 

Get creative and think outside the box – after all, it’s your love story, so let it shine in every detail.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Experience

Above all, remember to have fun and enjoy the experience of capturing this special moment in your lives. Embrace the laughter, the silliness, and the joy of being together, and let your personalities shine through in every photo. 

Trust your photographer to capture the magic, and savor every moment of this unforgettable chapter in your love story.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, Vancouver offers an abundance of stunning locations for engagement photos, each with its own unique charm and beauty. From lush parks and scenic waterfronts to urban landscapes and hidden gems, the possibilities are endless. 

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